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Zakhal -> Dealing with mines (5/16/2011 10:37:27 PM)

Is the best way to deal with them to move slowly as possible (advance) and hope for the best? Can infantry discover anti-tank mines? Can infantry disable mines?

I lost two of three vehicles to mines in the bootcamp scenario. Im just barely making through it. I hated that scenario in previous PC too! :)

Erik Rutins -> RE: Dealing with mines (5/16/2011 10:42:40 PM)

Infantry is much better at spotting mines than vehicles are, so having infantry ahead as scouts helps, but it helps you avoid the minefield. There are no clearing charges, so clearing minefields is outside of the scope of these scenarios, but you can certainly try to spot them and avoid them by maneuvering around them. The goal in that scenario is to try to find where the mines are not.

Moving slowly and carefully through a minefield is better than rushing through it, in terms of the game rules.


- Erik

Joselillo -> RE: Dealing with mines (1/24/2013 10:51:40 PM)



I'm playing the boot camp 3 and I can not pass the bridge.The infantry does not detect mines. what steps should I run?

EDIT: OK! now I understand

Mobius -> RE: Dealing with mines (1/24/2013 11:30:52 PM)

You can spot them?

Joselillo -> RE: Dealing with mines (1/25/2013 8:31:14 AM)



You can spot them?


No, but I understand the purpose of the mission and successfully completed.

PCO great game!

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