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gnmad -> starting morale (5/8/2011 2:43:37 PM)

i know that NM,training time,no of barracks and feudal dues are supposed to affect starting morale but are their others and,more importantly, do the ones i know about actually work?

the reason for my question is that the starting morale of my units has increased only 0.2-0.3 depending on where i recruit despite having 1000NM,16mth training time and feudal dues of 1(instead of 4).my calculations suggest starting morale should be 5.2-5.3 at least instead of 4.2-4.3. that suggests theres something i dont know about involved or that something is broken. can anyone enlighten me?[&:]

evwalt -> RE: starting morale (5/8/2011 3:21:31 PM)

In my experience,

Unit morale (which you can see when you look at the units specificall) is affected by the number of barracks in the area in which the units are built.  This number will move up and down depending on battle experience and arrival of replacements.

More training time increases the morale of replacements.

NM does affect morale but this is a temporary adjustment made during battles.  It is like the bonus received for Patriotism.

I don't think feudal level affects morale.  It does provide bonus replacements (but only if your replacement level is at the minimum).

The above works much the same with ships.  Ship morale is affected by docks and barracks in an area.  The numbers in the rulebook as far as the bonus are NOT correct, it is something lower.  I know there was some discussion of changing how ship morale was done in the patch.

gnmad -> RE: starting morale (5/8/2011 4:15:00 PM)

didnt know about how NM affected morale.thx.

im playing the start of the game i had lvl5 barracks and was getting units with 4 morale. i now have lvl7-8 barracks,16 mth training time and am getting only 4.2-4.3 morale.ive also adjusted draft age which should give a slight increase.

i read somewhere(will have to see if i can find it again)that every 2 lvls of feudal dues reduces starting morale by 0.5.

gnmad -> RE: starting morale (5/8/2011 10:14:38 PM)

have run an experiment. with lvl 5 barracks and 12 mths training i get 4.00 starting morale.changed training time to 16mths and flicked thru a dozen turns to allow the change to affect replacements,then recruited a new unit again.still only 4 morale. training time is definatly broken for russia in the 1792 scenario. with a broken feudal levy as well it makes russia hardly worth bothering with!

does training time work for other countries or is it broken completly?

evwalt -> RE: starting morale (5/9/2011 3:13:17 PM)

Training time and age adjustments affects the morale of REPLACEMENTS not units.  If you want to get those morale 4.0 units higher, start killing off its members (strange, I know).  As replacements are dispatched (at 4.5 morale at their highest) to the unit to replace the missing members, morale will rise.

I don't know (and never remember seeing) that feudal level affects units morale.

The only thing that affects the starting value of built divisions is the number of barracks.  For ships, it is number of docks and barracks.

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