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kam99 -> Scenario Design - Armor (5/4/2011 9:19:36 PM)

The manual gives a guide to working out AntiTank Strength and Armor Ratings. However, how do you relate this to working out Attack and Defence Strengths?

For example, a full 3 hit Sherman (75) unit would have an AT strength of 12, and an Armor Rating of 45. What would be their Attack and Defence Strengths? Is there a formula for working this out, or does it depend on other factors?

A more comprehensive guide to unit creation would be really useful. I'm sure it would lead to more scenarios being created, and increase the popularity and longevity of this game.

Overall I am very impressed. Given the features and playability, I am amazed at the small download size and low system requirements. I can highly recommend this game.

Many thanks in anticipation of a reply.


hank -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/4/2011 10:50:15 PM)



Max 86 -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/5/2011 1:48:34 PM)

Total attack and defense strength are explained in the manual. I can't remember exactly because I am at work but I believe it is Base Str*Unit Quality*Disruption Penalty*Supply Penalty.

Of course no disruption and/or supply problems means zero penalty. Other things are unit posture at time combat occurs and terrain for defense, range to target for direct and oppurtunity fire.

All of this is in the manual if you care to take a look.

kam99 -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/5/2011 4:45:07 PM)


Thanks for your reply. I did care to take a look in the manual before I posted, and couldn't find the information. I have just checked again and still can't find it.

Any help on either how to work out the attack and defence strength, or where precisely to look for the answer would be greatly appreciated.


PirateJock -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/5/2011 6:06:04 PM)

Hi Kam

As far as I'm aware there is nothing in the manual on setting/calculating the Attack and Defense Strengths for a unit. The information in Section 9.6 is only referring to the Anti-Tank and Armour values for individual vehicle/ATG; to allow you to calculate values for your own units and benchmark for other items not included in the table.

I must admit that looking through the manual there are some inconsistencies and typos for terms used that may cause confusion - have a look through Section 4 (Units). Nothing major and will just need some head scratching to work it out.

I would agree some expansion on unit creation would be very helpful.


kam99 -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/5/2011 7:44:42 PM)


Thanks for your reply. I have read the manual cover to cover and done various word searches. As you detail, the subject does not appear to be covered.

I have loaded various scenarios in the editor and tried to work out if there is any relationsip between Anti-Tank/Armor Values; and Attack and Defense strengths. I can't find one. It appears to me that it may well be a subjective decision made by the scenario designer.

I woould like to have a go at designing scenarios, but need more information to do so.


Max 86 -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/9/2011 7:14:08 PM)

I have been giving this some thought and I remembered the old Panzer General stats and how they are somewhat similar to CC and might provide a reference point.  You might want to review PG stats for Hard Attack (AT), Soft Attack (HE/Small arms), Ground Defense for a relationship between tank types. Just an idea because some historical modeling was done to represent these. If you cannot find them I can post them later after work.

Darn work, always getting in the way of something more important like wargame stuff![:D]

Fred98 -> RE: Scenario Design - Armor (5/9/2011 11:48:22 PM)



I would like to have a go at designing scenarios, but need more information to do so.

You could start with the values used in game and then tweak from there.


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