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junk2drive -> BA Updated (4/30/2011 2:16:23 PM)

Just in case you missed it elsewhere, BA has been updated to 1.5.3 and to fix a problem with MP games and custom maps 1.5.4

Make sure that your firewall and antivirus allow BA to communicate and start the game. Then allow it to check for updates.

New orders for Reversing Tanks and Scout, which trades increased sight distance for action points on that turn.

Richie61 -> RE: BA Updated (5/1/2011 12:43:30 AM)

Nice update! Can't wait till the next two addons come out [:D]

tomar -> RE: BA Updated (5/4/2011 10:31:38 AM)

Nice update... The "reverse" move and even more so the "Scout" changes a lot of things in MP game play....

One minor gripe... You guys changed the font but that makes some of the numbers on screen difficult to see (especially the morale of troops)

And a question: since a prior update every time I launch a game the first click on a unit gives me the pop unit description window... which I then have to cancel.......It is annoying (though not a big deal)

Finally, could you let us in on your secret plans for next updates and new modules ? I especially would like to see new MP scenarios

Still good job, keep it up!

PirateJock -> RE: BA Updated (5/4/2011 12:31:59 PM)


One minor gripe... You guys changed the font but that makes some of the numbers on screen difficult to see (especially the morale of troops)

From the Slitherine BA Forum

ORIGINAL: pipfromslitherine
Unfortunately the old font (which we loved) didn't have any foreign characters in it. But I will add in an option to use the old font in the next update, provided it doesn't break anything (which I don't imagine it will).


junk2drive -> RE: BA Updated (5/4/2011 2:17:21 PM)

To get the info panel you have to hold the ctrl key then left click a unit. If you get it without holding the ctrl key then something is up with your keyboard or driver or accessibility settings.

bundybear -> RE: BA Updated (5/4/2011 11:24:52 PM)

Does anyone else have the problem where the campaign games don't load up after the 1.5.4 patch has been installed?

I can only play the next game in a campaign after exiting the game and playing each mission as a one off game, which is disappointing as the notes for the 1.5.4 patch mention troops from the previous mission can be used in the next game, and with the problem with the update I can't do this :-(

junk2drive -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 1:28:24 AM)

To use the carryover feature a campaign has to be designed with it. None of the existing campaigns have it.

bundybear -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 1:42:11 AM)

That still doesn't allow for the fact that when you finish one mission you can not advance onto the next mission. I have to go to the main menu and start again to play the next mission... I can no longer click on the tick once I have finished a mission to play the next one.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 2:03:14 AM)

That's very odd. It's not something we've had a report of elsewhere. Does this happen on all campaigns?

Just to be clear about what is going on - if you complete a mission, the next mission select button is greyed out? Is there any tooltip?



bundybear -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 3:11:18 AM)

When I finish a mission the next mission screen comes up, the "tick" button is not greyed out, but it doesn't work when I click on it.

So far it has done this to the Desert and DDay missions... I have started the Bulge campaign to see if it will do it with that one too.

If I exit the mission selection screen to the main menu and then go back to choose a campaign mission there isn't a problem when loading a mission until I finish that mission.

Not sure about the tool tips.

junk2drive -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 3:20:25 AM)

What OS do you have and did you install in the default location? Sounds like the end battle save info is going astray.

bundybear -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 3:25:35 AM)

I am using windows XP, and I installed the game to the default location.

I have played all the missions previously, and the problem only started last night when the 1.5.4 update was installed.

junk2drive -> RE: BA Updated (5/5/2011 3:32:46 AM)

This sounds like the problem with having to finish the tutorial to unlock the campaigns only different.

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