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gnmad -> textiles (4/30/2011 12:23:08 PM)

not sure if this is WAD or a bug. i think its a bug cos if designed this way its stupid.

ive been happily going along keeping my end of turn textiles below a hundred but suddenly my pop wants them.ive been back over previous turns and the only change is my NM has hit 1000.

assuming i was the one at fault i ran an experiment.
my textile production runs at 47. i used textiles to get my end of turn level to 51. 51+47= 98 textiles at start of next turn. i used no textiles at all meaning 98+47=145 textiles for next turn.enough to purchase a diplomat or merchant(UIC). instead my population used 42 textiles leaving me with 103. this continues every turn making diplomats and merchants impossible to buy.(ive already bought 4 merchants and 2 diplomats and never had this problem.

up until now the game seems to have counted end of turn textiles as the base for population consumption but it now seems to count end of turn+ production as the base. could someone please tell me if this is WAD or a bug.[&:]

evwalt -> RE: textiles (4/30/2011 6:19:54 PM)

Yes this is WAD however I believe this will be fixed (unsure how) in the patch.

06 Maestro -> RE: textiles (4/30/2011 6:46:11 PM)

Yep, it is WAD. If I understand your question, I would add there is no problem. What you are experiencing is double consumption.

If you are already at 1000 NM, then that double consumption is partially wasted. If you are well below 1000 then it is a great help as it accelerates NM gain. Even if you are at 1000 NM, the double consumption adds a considerable boost to Glory. Check you Glory History in the Economy or Overview pages. Depending on consumption, you can gain zero in glory each turn or gain up to 8 points each month. To get 8 it is necessary to have double consumption in each category.

One way of avoiding your current problem in not being able to build certain things is to avoid inflation or UCI increases. I know that at times it is very difficult to do so-especially if in a war and you must have replacement units. However, much of the remaining time such expenditures are not required for national survival. You might want those units/diplomats, but you don't "need" those-at that time anyway. What I'm advising is to avoid needed expenditures until the UCI is low enough so you can order your new diplomat-and avoid further builds until the UCI is back to zero. It might take a year or more to reach that point, but the wait is worth it-for most nations.

If your UCI is already impossibly high so that it is not possible to wait until it is at zero, there are other ways to approach the situation. You can allow your population to increase to a point where the added textile production will not cover the cost of a double consumption. From the numbers given it looks like your nation has a population of between 105 and 109. If you increase the population to 120 the 47 new textiles will not be enough for the double consumption. Twenty four textiles would then be consumed and 23 would be added to your stocks. You could also drop your production of textiles to 40 per month and accomplish the same thing. The above is based on the assumption
of a 105-109 population. If you have a population of 210-there are some troubles in your future. :)

Double consumption is a good thing-it can be a game winner almost on its own. The trouble with the textiles is that it is needed to build various things. I try to schedule production to get double production across the board for a time. When I know that I will be building things that require textiles I will let most everything slip until the builds are done.

The economy can be pushed to do what you want to do. It might take a little micromanaging for a while, but once it is flowing it is easy to keep going in the direction you want-that is until some mega maniac attacks you. :)

Hope that helps a bit.

gnmad -> RE: textiles (4/30/2011 9:05:21 PM)

thx for the replies. ive done further experimenting on my own and what i have found is this:-

your population will not use any textiles if at the end of the turn:-
your stockpile+production is less than your populations expectations+100. ive used this for a few turns now and it seems to work fine.

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