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WriterJWA -> Considering buying ... need comparison! (4/22/2011 4:01:22 PM)

Hi! I'm considering buying this game. I have AGEod's American Civil War, and though I enjoy it, I'm a BIG fan of Grigsby's games because of the level of detail he offers. How does his Civil War game compare to AGEod's Civil War game?

mikeCK -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (4/24/2011 5:53:43 AM)

Wow...well first, you can find 101 different threads comparing GGWBtS, AGEODS ACW and Forge of Freedom. In the end, one is not clearly better than the other so dont think I am telling you that. Now, having said that, i am an AGEOD fanboi for sure...I have 'em all. I will tell you that I find GGWBtS to have the better AI. AGEOD has more involvment and detail regarding organizing your forces...much more micro. More sub types of units and such. I think this makes it harder for the AI to properly organize forces. Also, although AGEOD has more territories, I think this can create a problem for the AI as well. In the end, I think AGEODS game has more detail and micromanagement but is more suited for PBEM.

I havent played GGWBtS in years but just fired it up after trouncing the AI in ACW. I prefer GG's map and I like the concept of theater commanders. Sometimes, its nice to worry about the big picture. With AGEODS ACW, I watch the big picture but Im also screwing around with independent divisions here and there. Put it this way, in GGWBtS, you are Grant post March 1864. In AGEODS game, you are every general from Grant on down.

So, basically, AGEODs ACW offers more detail but GG is certainly not lacking in that area....its just more macro. If you like strategic ACW play, you will like GGWBtS. I will tell you it is NOT as complex as Gary's other games like WiTP and WiTE. Thats a good thing.

michael1776 -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (4/30/2011 4:59:03 PM)

I have played both, and will say straight away that both are very enjoyable. I love the AGEOD map, it has a great look to it. What I often find frustrating with ACW, however, is that I sometimes find myself involved with serious micromanagement of troop movement to combat cavalry in my rear. I find that AGEOD's games focus upon troop movement, and praying that you don't lose too many units to desertion and disease between turns. It can be very annoying when playing out the larger campaigns.

Grigsby's WBTS takes a different approach to managing the war. I find that it really comes down to using leaders effectively. Concentrating on the right combination of leaders to manage your forces is key. Understanding the leader activation system for turns is imperative to making a solid effort of fighting the war. Having said that, there is some abstraction that you must come to understand in said system. Getting these mechanics down can make your first few efforts frustrating, but once you understand the engine it is very enjoyable. Although, you will find that there are times when a commander just won't activate -even though all the requirements for him to do so are met- and it subsequently completely spoils a well prepared attack. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you can deal the Confederacy a serious blow, only to find that some general just won't budge; rendering his troops useless for a turn. This is somewhat realistic, though, as all commanders during the Civil War have made complaints about this actually happening on one battlefield or another.

All in both are great games. You can't go wrong with GGWBTS.


laramieela -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (10/19/2011 3:44:00 AM)

Jay, Did you buy WBtS? You post is old enough I kind of feel like I am too late to add anything new. I was worried that the game was 'so old.' I am in a perpetual search for the 'perfect' strategic level Civil War game. This one is very close to that goal. I would like some simplicity, however, the leader rules are prime, and the game functions so very well.
It is a joy.

WriterJWA -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (10/31/2011 12:57:24 AM)

I have bought it and I like it... though I have a few questions about how things work in the game.  I'm glad I bought it!!  

laramieela -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (10/31/2011 2:29:01 AM)

What questions do you have? I may not be the most expert player of this game, but others will chime in if I am not sure.

WriterJWA -> RE: Considering buying ... need comparison! (10/31/2011 3:10:53 AM)

I just put up a post for some of the stuff I was having problems with:

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