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MoldyJacket -> Battle Scenes. (3/10/2011 4:39:32 AM)

Because Iím looking for a blatant excuse to test my profile updates and Iíve already sucked you in with the title subject anyway, why not have a little semi off-topic fun for those of us still hanging around while everyone else is Warring in the East?

Nothing spoils a battle scene more for me than seeing people hide behind normal walls or wooden creates during a gun fight. Even a .22 cal will penetrate drywall!

Discounting plot, actors and other such ancillary things (TFIC), what movie combat scenes would you consider the most realistic? I might want to see them, if I havenít already.

Off course Saving Private Ryanís opening scene bears mention, as does Black Hawk Down and Full Metal Jacket. Apocalypse Nowís ambush on the river where Clean bought it sounded pretty good with those bullets pecking the metal. But what about something like the beginning of Gladiator? I know the ending of Bonnie and Clyde needed more blood and flesh tearing, but those bullets did penetrate into the car!


pyguinard -> RE: Battle Scenes. (3/16/2011 2:30:33 AM)

This scene was pretty cool and it featured East Front combat with T-34s:
Stalingrad : Battle Against T 34 Tank In The Snow

pyguinard -> RE: Battle Scenes. (3/16/2011 2:45:20 AM)

An other movie of the battle of Stalingrad but from a Russian POV:


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