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CaptDave -> Opportunity for Opponent With a Life Outside AE (POSITION FILLED) (3/7/2011 9:50:21 PM)

Heresy, right? A life outside AE? Unfortunately, that's reality until retirement!

Here's the poop.

Me: Allies. Average skills with game mechanics, below-average military skills. Looking to improve! Usually able to do a turn per day, vast majority of the time skipping no more than one day, but can't promise that schedule 100% of the time. Will always respond as soon as possible; first turn could be up to a week depending on exactly when the game starts.

You: Japanese. Skills somewhat less than those that would eliminate me in a week, but I don't expect you to roll over and play dead, either! Tolerant of delayed responses now and then, as I am.

Game: scenario 1 or 15 (I think that's the 8 Dec start -- AE won't load while I have Firefox and Thunderbird open, so I can't check). Latest release, no betas. All settings the most historical (except variable replacements; 15/60 days negotiable). PDU on. One- or two-day turns.

House rules: negotiable; as few as we can live with. Request that for first game week Japanese highest-level strategy be somewhat true to real life, just to make up for the lack of intelligence that was really available to the US before the fact -- even if they didn't believe it.

Anything I didn't think of: negotiable.

PresterJohn -> RE: Opportunity for Opponent With a Life Outside AE (3/7/2011 10:12:46 PM)

ha, excellent post. My post title a few days ago was going to be "Average Player seeks Mediocre opponent for fun time" but teh Internet doesn't always carry humour in the way it was meant.

Apologies but i've not got the spare time to play atm, hope you find a good opponent!

Give Reluctant Admiral a look, naval toys for the Japanese and i'm only a day in but it looks good (yes i'm"jfb")

best regards

John 3rd -> RE: Opportunity for Opponent With a Life Outside AE (3/8/2011 1:30:57 AM)

Thanks for the plug on RA.

We are in the process of changing to RA 3.0, however, it will be a while before the work is completed.

Have a good time with your game!

CaptDave -> RE: Opportunity for Opponent With a Life Outside AE (position filled) (3/8/2011 4:19:00 AM)

Thanks, guys. Lately I've only been looking at Mandrake's AAR -- as I mentioned, I do have a life outside AE! Maybe I'll take a look at Reluctant Admiral, as well.

I've found an opponent, so this request is now closed.


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