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jrcar -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/29/2012 12:06:32 AM)

I agree on the small Coy's and the Rufe as a 4E killer, for some reason it does good!





ORIGINAL: obvert

Its hard to put AVs close to 4E range, as it draws a lot of attention, like above at Woodlark.

Those little AF Coy units work as my forward seaplane support units, and there are enough to fill bases in both the So Pac and SRA areas.

Learned that from you and it does work. Might also try some 4E traps using AV + Rufe's. Rufe has decent range for Search (so you don't lose your picket completely and the disguise is in place) and enough firepower to take down a 4E or two. He can't afford too many losses like that until '44.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/29/2012 1:06:00 AM)

Noted. We have bored Rufes at Rabaul and now Tulagi (foreshadowing, hehe).

As for the 'Boys and the 'Horns, I'm tired of pulling for such indisciplined and poorly coached squads. Not that the G-Men have a lot to cheer about after that game, either. Ugly by both sides, but we out-uglied them. Time for the paper bags... [8|]

princep01 -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/29/2012 2:37:34 AM)

I'm pretty sure the University of Texas doesn't have a men's football team.

Also, as long as Jerry is running the l Cowgirls, it just isn't going to get any better, my friend.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/29/2012 5:47:58 AM)

True that, Princep.

As for the war, tomorrow we load for Operation Whirlwind!

temagic -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/30/2012 1:27:50 AM)


Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (10/31/2012 11:27:08 PM)

January 7, 1943

Victory at Tulagi!


Escorts chase off O-24 near Buka. First sighting of a Dutch sub in the SE Fleet AO in ages, if ever. Pogo duds on an SC in an ASW TF near Formosa. We are pleased to note that CF continues to heavily patrol the empty strait south of Formosa. All he will find here are ASW TFs and patrol planes.

SE Fleet

We DA again at Tulagi and force the surrender of the A element of the US 2nd Marine Division. Banzai! Odds were 384:1, casualties 1677(263) vs 26(0). A great VP haul and a nice counter to the first serious attempt at breaching the perimeter.

The enemy's abortive Tulagi invasion has thus cost him 1/3 of a Division, two good CVEs and their air groups, possibly a CA (although we have our doubts, Minneapolis just got on the sunk list near Eureka Oregon - perhaps she sank on the way home?), at least one DD, and several assault transports. Not a bad month's work, especially as it was accomplished by local assets with only nominal assistance from a single CVL.

Southern Army

Our harassment raids near Daly finally draw enemy fighters, and P-38s on LRCAP shoot down 5 Helen Is. Bound to happen eventually. We will re-purpose this particular small bomber group as an ASW unit and hold off on further air efforts here for now. Frankly it's great to see the fork tailed devils used in such an out of the way theater.


Tomorrow we will load for Operation Whirlwind. There is a lot of nervous excitement at Cribtop HQ.

In somewhat disturbing news, recon today shows a 7th LCU at Chittagong. Thus, those ships really were xAPs dropping off a new unit. It is marching south toward Akyab and smack into the LZ for Whirlwind. Whatever it is, it didn't materially increase the troop, gun or AFV numbers at Chittagong. Cribtop Intel's preliminary assessment says this is either a base force or engineers seeking to re-open the closed airfield at Akyab. However, if CF places a big combat unit at Cox's Bazaar, we may have to abort. Best guess is we are fine, however.

Chiang Mai goes to airfield 3. We are building the Thai bases in preparation for someday seeing the front line at Moulmein.

zuluhour -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/1/2012 12:54:24 AM)


we may have to abort

Not on your life, I'm looking forward to it with my morning tall bold from Starbucks.[:D]

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/1/2012 3:13:55 AM)

I love the spirit! We estimate odds we are still a go at 90%. Keep in mind we are just loading at Singers, we're still 7 to 10 days out from the actual landings.[;)]

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/3/2012 7:44:43 PM)

January 8, 1943


ASW DCs O-20 near Malacca. Today we will order every ship at Singapore that carries a depth charge launcher to sortie into the Malacca Strait to clear the way for the Operation Whirlwind fleet. On the other side, Georgetown empties of IJN subs that will form a picket line in the Bay of Bengal.

A Glen near Pearl spots both a big TK convoy and a big xAP/xAK convoy, but the sub itself fails to attack. Additional subs will vector to Pearl's door step to try for an intercept.

DD Wakatake, recently torpedoed in the South China Sea, makes Cam Ranh Bay despite 77 Float damage. This is a pleasant surprise and preserves a useful escort.

SE Fleet

We are re-setting the defense in the aftermath of repelling the enemy at Tulagi. Today, two enemy recon flights are spotted above Shortlands. They will report the presence of the IJAAF bombing wing that was assisting at Tulagi. Anticipating a visit by 4Es, we pull out the bombers and set a CAP trap with Nicks and Rufes.

Buka makes airfield 2.

Southern Army

Babar makes airfield 1.


At Singapore, we load for the big Op. Two good China divisions are loaded in the first wave. The second wave will load in a separate amphibious TF with two armored divisions, 17th Army HQ and four very elite infantry divisions (2nd, 5th, 16th and 18th). 16th is the rookie unit with "only" 87 EXP. The other three are well into the 90s. Yikes.

In Burma itself, for reasons unknown the main enemy stack is taking forever to cross the river near Mandalay. They may be hesitating while the three enemy divisions near Katha finish the long jungle march onto the plains, but whatever the cause the delay is playing into our hands.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/3/2012 9:36:38 PM)

PS - Just realized we forgot to load 14th tank regiment, which will load tomorrow and join the 2nd wave TF.

Crackaces -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/4/2012 5:42:26 PM)


In Burma itself, for reasons unknown the main enemy stack is taking forever to cross the river near Mandalay.

I wonder if Cuttlefish is using "follow" I have seen this behavior with "follow" ...

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/10/2012 4:16:27 AM)

January 9, 1943


I-176 is DC'd without effect 1 hex from Pearl. No sign of the enemy convoys. I-31 misses an APD in an ASW TF SW of Pearl and takes a DC hit in return. Back to Kwaj.

SE Fleet

No air raid at Shortlands. Pity.

Suva goes to airfield 9, Adelaide to AF 8.


The enemy at last crosses the river to arrive at hex 58, 46 near Mandalay and Magwe.

The two British Divisions easily seize Myitkyina from retreating RTA forces, odds 124:1, casualties 46(1) vs 634(95). We will fall back to a prepared position at Bhamo. It will be interesting to see whether CF pursues. Cribtop HQ hopes he does as that would pour 2-4 divisions further down the rabbit hole. If these forces move straight to the Toungoo front it could be trouble.

The first wave of Whirlwind troops is loaded at Singers. Second wave and supplies begin loading tomorrow.


Ichang makes airfield 5. An oopsie as we meant to stop at 4.

We are considering an offensive aimed at Kweiyang. Extensive recon bombing shows that only Chungking is still putting up flak. The KMT's supply situation must be somewhere between dire and disastrous.


BB Oklahoma shows up on the sunk list.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/10/2012 4:27:09 AM)

January 10, 1943


Still nothing near Pearl. The enemy got away.

Southern Army

Saumlaki makes airfield 2.


The Whirlwind 2nd wave is almost fully loaded at Singers. MKB and Indes Fleet receive a warning order to expect to sortie on 13th January, estimated D-Day 20th January.

In accordance with previously set plans, the last base forces pull out of Magwe, Mandalay and Meiktila by rail today.

The IJAAF continues to hit the main enemy stack daily. Today's casualties of 308(6) are typical. That will add up. Cribtop Intel is amazed that no base forces are spotted in any of the advancing enemy forces. This concedes air supremacy in Burma to Japan, at least for now.


An air raid on Tuyun finds no flak bursts, and thus no supply, even at this base. Hmm...

jrcar -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/10/2012 4:48:07 AM)

Been looking forward to an update :)

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/10/2012 6:55:00 AM)

January 10, 1943

Then here are a few more to catch us up...


Pompano duds on an xAK near Wenchow. Happy to see duds continuing in '43 at times.

SE Fleet

We launch Sawa Force (4CA and 4DD) to escort an amphib TF to Tulagi to retrieve the 20th Division.

Hollandia goes to port 3.


Schwebo is occupied by the 6th Aussie Division, which entered the hex yesterday.

Bombing inflicts 313(5) casualties on the main enemy stack, now marching on Magwe.


No flak over either Kunming or Ankang. The case for a drive on Kweiyang is becoming powerful.


2 SBD-3s show up as Ops losses. This is not the first time this has happened in recent weeks. Evidence of an aggressive training program or a sign the USN CVs are on the move? Criptop Intel assumes the latter and predicts two options. First, the enemy is moving harmlessly from Perth to Captetown. Second, the enemy is moving into position to raid Palembang or assault Port Hedland. In this event, we activate a defense plan, moving Zeros, Tojos and Nells into place at Palembang, Singers and Denpasar.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/10/2012 7:04:21 AM)

January 12, 1943


Tough day as Trigger first misses a DD in Sawa Force and then torpedoes a DD in the following transport TF. DD Hatakaze goes down. We cannot afford DD losses and thus will switch to a paradigm of large gathering convoys escorted by expendable PBs and SCs. These TFs will follow DD ASW TFs, which presumably move fast enough to avoid disaster.

Haddo torpedoes a small TK near Talaud-Eilanden. Mercifully, the TK is empty and thus should survive.

4th Fleet

TB goes to forts 6 and the engineers will shift to Tulagi. A TF to lift them is 1 day out.

Mili goes to forts 4.


Loading complete. We sail tomorrow for Operation Whirlwind. Banzai!


Shaoyang makes forts 4.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/13/2012 11:09:23 PM)

January 13, 1943


Perch sinks an xAKL returning from a re-supply mission at Taberfane.

Southern Army

Daly Waters goes to forts 5. Ruteng goes to airfield 1, Waingapoe to airfield 3.

For the past week or so, off and on, SBD-3s, Seagulls and Walruses (Walrii?) keep showing up as Ops losses. The enemy CVs and what appeared to be a battle fleet were last seen headed due West out of Perth. Is CF up to something? We have also noted an increase in the number of SigInt hits for big ports on Ceylon and SE India, including Cochin, an AFB favorite staging base for mischief in SEAC. What if the enemy instead turned East and has plans in the Pacific? No sign from extensive pickets, subs or air search of any issues, but there is "chatter."

We initiate a few moves to position air assets near Java and Palembang in case it's a raid (our house rules allow attacks on captured industry beginning in 1943). If it's an invasion, MKB is in position to respond. This could be very interesting if something's up. It could also be that CF was pulling the CVs off map to upgrade at Cape Town. Do you suffer Ops losses when moving off map?


A truly massive fleet has departed Singapore and safely transited the Straits of Malacca over a carpet of ASW patrols. All transports are of the "8 hex" variety, so progress is rapid. We estimate D-Day on the 21st.

Whatever the unit moving between Chittagong and the front is, it may pass through Cox's Bazaar around D-Day. However, recon shows it's tiny and thus not a threat.


HI reserves go to just over 903,000 today.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/19/2012 7:38:34 PM)

January 14, 1943

One of several quiet days as the invasion fleet sails toward India.


Herring duds on an SC near Aogashima. We've been lucky with duds so far this month.


We send in every available IJAAF bomber to ensure Akyab stays suppressed. We don't want bombers or even recon operating here during the upcoming weeks.

Recon confirms the unit marching south near Cox's Bazaar is a small light AA regiment. No threat to our plans.

Magwe is occupied as Indian troops march into the abandoned base. This is good as the infrastructure is unharmed. We hope to someday take it back. CF is fortunately choosing to move slowly, occupying the central Burma bases one at a time. He is also dividing his forces and so far has not moved the British divisions south from Myitkyina. Basically exactly what we want him to do so far.

At Lashio and Toungoo, Japanese paratroopers prepare for their drops, which will occur on D-Day. The invasion fleet will reach Rangoon on the 16th to pick up some base forces allocated to the operation. The storm is brewing, and Cribtop HQ believes the course of the war for 1943 will be set in the next 14 days.


Hirosaki makes port 6 to help out with resource movement. Hordes of base forces arrive in the Home Islands. This is excellent as we need them to fill out the perimeter.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/19/2012 7:54:15 PM)

January 15, 1943


Enemy convoys steam harmlessly over I-33 near Pearl. The sub then takes a shot at an ASW TF and eats a DC in return. Sigh.

4th Fleet

Majuro makes forts 4.

SE Fleet

Munda makes forts 6, freeing up an engineer group (3 LCUs) to build up Bougainville next. Milne Bay, Buna and Gasmata are all right on the cusp of forts 6 as well. The Pacific is getting downright nasty as far as defenses go.

Southern Army

Darwin makes forts 4.


We steam on toward our goal. The invasion fleet arrives at Rangoon tomorrow. MKB will loiter in a shallow hex nearby. No detection yet.

Moulmein makes forts 1 as engineers get to work on a layered set of defensive lines in northern Thailand and southern Burma.

Our sub picket line in the Bay of Bengal ups the DL of an enemy supply convoy to the point that G3M3s from Port Blair strike them at 19 hex range and sink two ships, one xAKL and one big xAK. This is also part of the run up to Whirlwind - we have turned our carefully hidden IJNAF bombers loose so that the approaching fleet is protected by LBA support. Cribtop Intel is pleased at the frequency of these supply runs from Madras to Chittagong. We believe they are evidence that CF is having trouble keeping his front line units in central Burma in the white. Great news once we close the door on his LoC (we hope).


Bombing at Kienko to test supply levels shows no flak. The only city still putting up flak bursts in China is Chungking. Nice.


Today marks the end of the "quiet period" for resource/fuel/oil convoys. Numerous tankers and xAKs form up and begin loading - they will sail in different configurations on different routes than we used in 1942. Intention is to escort the convoys with fast patrol ships with DD ASW TFs leading the way. This way, we hope to avoid losing DD escorts to subs.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/19/2012 8:12:30 PM)

January 16, 1943


Gar duds on an xAKL near Toyohara.

4th Fleet

I may have already mentioned this, but TB went to forts 6 recently. The engineer group here has been lifted and will arrive tomorrow at Tarawa, which is already at forts 4. Every occupied base in the Gilberts and Marshalls is at forts 4 about to go to 5 or at 5 about to go to 6. The second line at Kusaie - Eniwetok - Ponape is approaching forts 4.

Southern Army

With the strong evidence that CF is using Perth as his main convoy hub in Oz, we have a horde of subs watching the approaches. We have also strengthened pickets and patrols from Timor to Sumatra because we continue to see the occasional SBD or capital ship floatplane as Allied Ops losses and wonder if something's up. A descent on Sumatra or the Andamans about now with the whole IJN a days' sail away would be... Interesting!


The invasion fleet makes Rangoon and will load two base forces tomorrow. Then we begin the final run into the beach.

Pegu makes airfield 2. We are going to use Pegu and Bassein as fighter bases to protect Rangoon.

Daily, unopposed bombing of the enemy's main columns in central Burma continues. Average daily casualties range from 200ish to 400ish with 2 to 7 squads destroyed. I suspect the Indian and Aussie footsloggers are a bit peeved at AHQ over the lack of air support.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/19/2012 8:33:31 PM)

As Allies, I always move the two PBY-4 groups from Luzon to Diamond Harbor and Colombo. Those little 6 plane groups the Commonwealth get are not enough. [:(] Either you got lucky or CF hasn't sent enough subs to patrol between Rangoon and Georgetown/Sumatra area for you to run over. This may be an expensive lesson for him.

OT - Your Cowboy's play will give you an ulcer or heart attack by the end of the season. [:D]

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/19/2012 10:52:40 PM)

His subs are sticking to the deep water hexes, and I intentionally stationed a horde of Jakes at nearby bases so he is used to being spotted by them. He doesn't have good air search out of Ceylon - I know this because my pickets are only spotted when they get within about 10 hexes of Trincomalee.

As for the 'Boys, well, barely beating a 2-8 team in a sloppy manner does not bode well. And yet, par for the course this season. They will either just miss the playoffs or just make them only to extend their streak of playoff losses. I'm glad the Spurs have started up again - they remind me what a disciplined and well coached organization with good management and ownership look like. Sigh.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/24/2012 9:19:39 PM)

PS noticed from Tracker that Hilo hit airfield 6 on the 16th.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/24/2012 9:47:14 PM)

January 17, 1943


We have a scare as S-41 is engaged by escorts of a convoy of stragglers for Whirlwind near Rangoon and only one hex away from KB. (Note - many AAR writers have decided to use the abbreviation MKB for mini-KB. Thus, to avoid confusion I'm going to switch from using MKB for Mega KB. I'll just refer to KB and, until further notice, KB includes all available flight decks except for Ryuho, which is completing repairs at Kure.) Fortunately, KB is unspotted.

4th Fleet

Eniwetok makes forts 4.

SE Fleet

Perhaps reacting to SigInt or coast watcher reports, today CF heavily recons Tulagi and spots our TFs loading 20th Division. We will abort the loading and pull back in case the enemy is up to something.

Efate goes to airfield 4.

Southern Army

Convoys are re-worked and begin to operate on their new routes.


The two UK Divisions cross the river and are one hex from Bhamo. An RTA infantry division and the RTA Cav division are at Bhamo with X3 terrain and level three forts. Mission is strictly delay.

Meiktila is occupied by Aussies. Dacca goes to airfield 9. I wonder what CF would think if he knew this rear area base is threatened?


The fleet finishes loading base forces and departs Rangoon. Today we will round the point nearby and turn for the target. Tomorrow will be D minus 2. Landing on the 20th. From this day forward, Operation Whirlwind will have a separate section in the AAR. We begin final recon for airborne assaults behind the lines and today the transport groups fly into the launch bases. Everything is as ready as we can make it. Banzai!

temagic -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/25/2012 12:00:05 AM)

Great update! Keep them coming...

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/28/2012 2:33:39 AM)

I owe y'all a few days worth of entries, but wanted to give a quick update from the front as I issue the orders to hit the beaches.

There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but I can report almost complete operational surprise has been achieved. We are four hexes off Cox's Bazaar with DL 0/0. Banzai! [&o][X(]

obvert -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/28/2012 10:24:32 AM)

Looking forward to the next few days. Nice work sneaking them in there. Banzai!


Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/29/2012 10:54:12 PM)

January 18, 1943


Gar duds on an xAKL near Toyohara. This sub is having really bad luck with duds.


Sinabang goes to airfield 2.


A lucky enemy recon plane spots the CVL task force of KB as we round the point near Rangoon, complete with the "spotted enemy carriers" message. At first this causes concern, but then we realize that CF has spotted some CVLs entering the Bay of Bengal and a large convoy spotted by sub heading into Rangoon. He is likely to interpret this as cover for a major reinforcement of Burma, perhaps combined with a CV port raid of the type we have engaged in often in this game. The Op is on.

Recon confirms Tezpur is empty. Cribtop HQ decides to "go paras" on D minus 1 just in case CF is properly reading the tea leaves and rails something in at the last minute.

jrcar -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/29/2012 11:08:56 PM)

Great job!



Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (11/29/2012 11:18:34 PM)

January 19, 1943

A blessedly quiet day with air losses 0:0 for the first time in the war. Not what we expected but excellent news.


Escorts DC Snapper near Singers.

I-164, manning the sub screen near Viz, is DC'd for one penetrating hit by UK ASW. Two sub minelayers drop an offensive minefield at Chittagong in the night. One of the new 500 endurance midgets sails into the Noumea hex searching for prey.

SE Fleet

We will switch to a combination of air transport and small, expendable TFs to pull 20th Division out over time. CF continues to recon the place and it's too hot to risk major surface assets.


D minus 1. Paras capture an undefended Tezpur, cutting the rail line into Assam.

We sail KB and the invasion fleet TFs into a position 4 hexes SSW of Cox's Bazaar. CAP is layered at 80% as we assume CF will put what LBA he has (B-25s and Blenheims) on nav attack with a big air search percentage. Instead, Admiral Nagumo is amazed to have a quiet day, with the DL for all TFs dropping to 0/0! How can this be? The enemy has allowed us to move into position without opposition. Nice.

Orders for D-Day. Two capital ship SCTFs and one DD only SCTF will provide close cover. Two infantry divisions will move into position and unload. KB will provide layered LRCAP to deal with the expected LBA. The Carrier TFs will remain in a hex carefully chosen to minimize the number of potential string bag attacks on the jewel of the IJN. That said, per the latest reports there are no enemy torpedo bombers in theater.

The die is cast. We run the replay tonight. Honestly, the biggest risk is that disruption from the landing may make it dicey to take Cox's Bazaar even with overwhelming force. It things go wrong, the huge second wave will simply divert to Rangoon for a conventional defense of Burma. However, if the base is taken, ideally on the 21st or 22nd, we will pour more divisions ashore and march on Chittagong and Dacca.

It is possible CF will sortie a fleet from Ceylon to interfere, but we would welcome this. We have hordes of subs, multiple LBA groups and the full might of KB to resist. Cribtop Intel doubts this scenario will come about.

We do believe the revelation of KB could trigger a move elsewhere, and put the Empire on alert for an invasion. Biggest fear is a move out of Perth toward Java or Timor, but by the time CF can arrive we should have re-positioned Combined Fleet to the area. As further support, a new CVE and the Yamato/Mushashi TF will arrive at Singers tomorrow.

After going over the orders three times, they were sent to Cuttlefish last night. We await the decision of the gods.

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