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Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/6/2011 8:47:37 PM)

Nashvillen, that is a closely guarded state secret! [:D]

She's with the SCTF covering the Malaya invasions and would have engaged Force Z if I had left the fleet at Kota Bharu.

It will be a sad irony if/when Cuttlefish's forces sink the plucky IJN DD he made so popular.

bradfordkay -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/6/2011 9:06:09 PM)

I am worried that if you sink the submarine USS Cuttlefish then his AAR will stop... [;)]

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/6/2011 9:17:58 PM)

At last a true path to victory for Japan! I'm off to amend my Grand Strategy post... [;)]

nashvillen -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/6/2011 10:07:14 PM)

I know of a certain torpedo officer from the Hibiki that would have been very excited to encounter Force Z! In my game with rjopel the Hibiki is stuck escorting a convoy (read, boring).

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/7/2011 2:16:11 PM)

Hehe, agreed Nash.

A quick note to let you readers know I've updated the Dec 8th entry to add a combat report excerpt for the day two Pearl Harbor raid. Hopefully some of that stuff sinks - would be interested in what you think is a goner and what is just laid up for a year.

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/7/2011 8:57:52 PM)

Dec 9, 1941


No contacts for either side except that air ASW patrols spot lots of subs in the Formosa Straits. We begin ASW patrols off both Cam Ranh Bay and Saigon to hunt the dangerous Dutch subs.

4th Fleet

KB sails East and disengages from the Pearl Harbor battle. Unfortunately she is spotted by a Catalina and thus we probably won't sneak up on anyone with our southern U-turn. Then again, being spotted sailing due East may cause concern in Cuttlefish HQ that we are headed to raid the West Coast and thus delay reinforcement convoys.

SE Fleet

We will invade Guam in a few days. Hollandia, Aitape, Wewak and Manus fall and supplies pour ashore. These bases, taken with tiny forces for now, will slowly build into powerful airfields for use in the long defensive struggle ahead.

14th Army

Troops land at Aparri and we invade and seize Batan Island. Nates and recon can now base forward and cover our main landing site at Aparri. The second wave, containing the bulk of 14th Army, should begin landing here in about two days' time.

We used Tainan Air Group to LRCAP the Aparri landings and thus didn't sweep ahead of an airfield attack on Manila. This is a mistake as the enemy still is able to field 30 P-40s. Although our escort downs eight, a few get through and shoot down bombers for a disappointing 1:1 exchange when all losses are considered. Back to sweeping tomorrow. We will alternate bombing Manila (where the enemy planes are based), Clark and Bataan. The latter two are mostly targeted to prevent or slow fort building.

Unlike our last PBEM opponent, CF has nothing on nav attack as our large TF at Aparri is unmolested. Early evidence he has moved the Cats to build up Palembang? We shall see, but it's at least probable for now he wanted to get the Catalinas and B-17s somewhere more useful than Luzon. Contra evidence for this thought is that our TFs in the area as far away as Pescadores are spotted by enemy search planes, so perhaps he left at least one unit of Catalinas on nav search?

16th Army

KBL sinks four xAKLs, two in AM with torps and two in PM with bombs, revealing to CF we are out. The TF comes under attack by 3 B-17s, but the brave Claudes and flak gunners damage all three several times. Tracker shows that two were lost! BANZAI!

KBL will retire to re-arm while the three CAs on escort will break off to prowl the waters of the southern PI for more victims. In related news, CVLs Hosho and Zuiho have completed aircraft upgrades and sortie from Kure to join KBL.

The bad news is the reef striking xAK Igasa Maru sinks at Manado and Dutch bombers get lucky, sinking an xAKL unloading supply at Ternate. The very good news is that both Ternate and Manado fall. At Manado, we thought at least two attacks would be necessary but get the requisite 3:1 against level 1 forts by a whopping two AS. We thought it would be close and even ordered the base forces to attack. Their piddling AS probably made the difference. At Ternate the enemy base force surrenders. At Manado, casualties are 594(64) vs 71(0).

We have now completed Phase 1 of the 16th Army's advance. Air HQs will load at Takao for Jolo and Manado to create an LBA umbrella, at which point Phase 2 will commence with attacks on Ambon, Kendari and Sorong.

25th Army

We pound Alor Star from the air to keep forts low while the army continues to unload at the invasion beaches.

Sinkawang falls easily, odds 70:1, casualties 551(44) vs 21(0). As a bonus, enemy planes were still present and we may have gotten a few on the fields. We will detach light surface units from the covering force at Singora to form an FT TF to quickly shuttle an Air HQ, engineers and supplies here to interdict enemy naval movements between Batavia and Singapore. Minelayer subs, having finished their initial drops, will be used to supply Sinkawang as well. Finally, our subs move out of the cordon protecting Kota Bharu into offensive patrol routes in the area.

15th Army

Marching into position.


Marching here as well. BA at Hong Kong shows raw AS at 634 to 228 with more on the way to reinforce us.

Home Islands

It will take a few more days to get our merchant fleet into Tokyo, then the great diaspora to convoys, upgrades of PBs to ACMs and xAKs to AKEs, etc will commence.

Canoerebel -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/7/2011 9:18:28 PM)

Sounds like you have a well-thought-out plan and are moving quickly.

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/7/2011 9:21:13 PM)

Thanks, Dan. I do have a sense that I finally know the OOB and key objectives well enough that I'm not just "using the Force" anymore. Time will tell, but I feel great about it after 48 hours of war. Perhaps most importantly, I have a plan for how big the perimeter will get, how I will defend it, and what the Phase 2 targets will be.

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/9/2011 6:51:50 AM)

Dec 10, 1941

First quiet turn of the war. Cribtop HQ is ok with this as we planned it to be quiet.


I-123, returning from dropping a defensive minefield at Sinkawang, sinks AVD Heron for good measure. We have set up four Glen boats to watch the approaches to Pearl. Three Glen boats are sent to the West Coast. Tomorrow, long range subs near Pearl Harbor head for Cali while medium range subs return to Kwaj.

4th Fleet

KB is spotted again. Her search planes report a hit on an AVD, but otherwise nada. Something sinks between the AM & PM phases - Tracker says DD Blue was lost today for unknown causes near Pearl Harbor.

SE Fleet

We invade Guam tomorrow. Two BBs, a CS and DD escorts sortie for Truk today from Kure.

14th Army

Itbayat Island is occupied by the rowboat corps. Our troops unload at Aparri without interference - many more will soon join them. Sweep of Bataan nets a lovely 8:0 exchange rate, followed by an airfield attack mostly designed to stop fort building. More of the same tomorrow. Air superiority in Luzon is almost ours.

16th Army

Our cruisers had sigint that enemy ships were at Cebu, but the enemy left by the time we arrived. We'll try again tomorrow as the fleeing enemy is still plainly visible to our searching Jakes and Alfs. Land based search planes take up residence in Jolo and Manado while most of our invasion TFs head back to Babel. The two CVLs moving to join KBL may get some action sooner than anticipated as the ships at Cebu fled East and may suffer an air intercept.

25th Army

An Air HQ loads onto an FT TF for Sinkawang. Air raid on Kuantan is scrapped by weather. Enemy raids on shipping at Singora come to naught other than one Blenheim IF shot down. Our invasion TFs finish unloading and all ships, including covering SCTFs, are ordered to retire on Cam Ranh Bay. We put a few IJAAF bombers on Nav Attack out of Singora to try to catch enemy merchants reported fleeing Singapore.


DA at Hong Kong tomorrow. We are getting close to position to begin an offensive on Chengchow. Other forces are moving to drive on Nanyang from two avenues of approach.

Cribtop -> RE: The Die is Cast! (4/10/2011 5:37:43 AM)

Dec 11, 1941

A fun day except for one little detail...


Dutch subs suck. There, I said it. O-20 puts a torpedo into BB Haruna as we retire from the successful invasion of Malaya. Damage is 17(0)-30(26)-1(0)-0(0). Hardly fatal, and she'll make Cam Ranh Bay tomorrow. However, 26 major float damage on a BB means a month in Hong Kong after that base's shipyard is liberated. Ugh. At least two of our DDs, including brave Hibiki, get direct hits on the sub, along with two near misses. If she doesn't sink outright, O-20 will spend time in the yards at least. We put an ASW TF in the one hex Haruna must traverse to get home, and already have lots of Petes on ASW duty as well.

We have re-routed some of the fleet boats near PH to the West Coast, while the rest return to Kwaj for assignment to other theaters, primarily SE Fleet and 16th Army. Four Glen boats bracket Pearl at five hex range to provide sightings of fleet movements without tangling with CAP. PH still shows airfield and port damage in the 40s even days after the last attack.

An ASW TF and an Ann harass subs near Formosa. The Ann reports our first airborne hit of an SS yet. I'm sure the pilot is being honest. [:'(]

4th Fleet

KB will get to the Marshalls in about a week. KB search planes claim another hit on AVD McFarland while our CAP nails a Catalina. The decision to U-turn KB around Hawaii was an error. We failed to get outside of search range and thus will find no victims. Detouring far enough East to avoid the Cats would have cost too much time. Next game Cribtop HQ will have KB retreat West as we have done in the past.

We will have the fleet oilers meet KB in the Marshalls and also will be ready to invade Wake at that time. We toy with a quick invasion of TB while we are dawdling, but still fear the enemy CVs and have a little time yet to seize the Gilberts.

SE Fleet

We should seize Guam tomorrow. The 144th Regt will then load for Truk and begin prepping for Rabaul. 4th Division is prepping for Port Moresby and will arrive in Tokyo for shipment out tomorrow.

14th Army

Sweep/airfield attack at Bataan brings both good and bad news. The enemy is down to 15ish planes on CAP, but our kill ratio drops to little better than 1:1. It's about 7:5 in our favor per the info screen when we count the three damaged Zeros that don't make it home. Our pilots are getting a bit fatigued and the weather in Takao calls for Thunderstorms tomorrow. A recipe to stand down the IJNAF for a day's rest, in the opinion of Cribtop HQ. One other bit of good news is the five supply hits obtained by the bombers.

We divide one of the Zero Hikotai and send 15 fighters and 36 Nells from 21st Air Flotilla to Jolo. Although we don't have an Air HQ in position yet, we will soon, and the battle for air supremacy over Luzon is going our way in general. It is thus time to get some LBA into the eastern DEI to allow for offensive action in that AO.

Babuyan Island is occupied by the rowboat corps. 65th Bde and a tank regt are fully ashore and the 2nd and 3rd waves are approaching Aparri.

We confirm the enemy B-17s are based at Cagayan. If they stay much longer an IJN bombardment TF will visit.

16th Army

We have two SCTFs, each centered on 3 CAs, hunting in the PI. Today we finally hit pay dirt, with one TF encountering and completely sinking two enemy TFs near Palawan. 15 ships (14 xAK or xAKL and 1 TK) are sunk in total for no loss. The first enemy TF appears to be Brits fleeing Hong Kong, the second are Amis from Manila. Our other cruiser force is just east of Mindanao when her Jakes spot a large TF exiting the PI two hexes away, and a smaller TF farther East. Tomorrow we will try for an intercept with the CAs on the big TF while our reinforcing CVLs are in perfect position to hit the smaller TF.

25th Army

We are marching on Alor Star and have an Air HQ on an FT TF headed for Sinkawang. Our IJAAF bombers have failed to hit Kuantan two days in a row because of bad weather. We'll try again tomorrow.

Enemy air attacks on invasion TFs while returning to base are ineffective.

Anns from Singora attack and miss enemy shipping fleeing Singers at Langsa. This attack lets CF know we are aware he is using the Malacca Straits. The real payoff comes in a few days when 3rd Air Division sets up shop at Chumphon. We will attack and no doubt seize Victoria Point tomorrow.

15th Army

The main elements of 15th Army arrive in Pisanuloke and are ordered to march on Rahaeng, next stop, Moulmein.


Marching into position for numerous offensives toward Nanyang, Chengchow and Loyang. Should get some fireworks started soon. So far, CF seems more interested in falling back rather than going guerilla with the KMT units that start near the coast. That is fine by Cribtop HQ.

DA Hong Kong achieves a pleasantly surprising 2:1 right off the bat. Forts are reduced to 2, casualties 656(17) vs 492(3). We will rest a day to draw more supplies and attack again on the 13th.

Home Islands

We order support ships in Tokyo Bay to load supplies in preparation for departure to 16th Army, SE Fleet and 4th Fleet AOs. Most important of these units is the big AKE, which is tabbed for Babeldoab.

Mac Linehan -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/10/2011 6:32:53 AM)



A few abbreviations I use commonly. I may add to this list as we move forward.

KB - self explanatory, Kido Butai, the Strike Force of the IJN.

KBL - my shorthand for what many players call Mini-KB (mini-KB takes too long to type and KBL is consistent with CVL).

MKB - Mega KB, the force created when KB and KBL operate together.

SCTF - a surface combat task force, SAG in modern parlance.

LCTF - a type of light SCTF, usually 3CL and 6DD, that we determined is very effective at chasing off or hunting down PT boats and other light combatants.

Air Division or Air Flotilla - a new doctrine, refers not just to the HQ itself but the up to six air battalions and/or companies plus at least 3 AA units that will operate together to ensure good support of major ground or sea operations. In other words, we will make sure that the invasion of Burma has a specific group of base force and AA units that are semi-permanently and informally attached to the 3rd Air Division HQ.

Torpedo enabled - a base that can draw on an air or command HQ to arm strike a/c with torpedoes.

Chain Invasions - Early in Phase I, we often load multiple amphibious TFs and invade multiple targets in sequence covered by a powerful SCTF, an LCTF, an ASW TF and usually KB or at least strong LBA. This is seen as the best early war balance between operational speed while the Allies are weak and force protection. We usually invade the base furthest from safety first and then march back toward home waters.

Dud or duds - a shorthand for a sub attack that hits but does not explode, e.g. "Seawolf duds on a TK near Borneo."

DA = Deliberate Attack

SA = Shock Attack

BA = Bombardment Attack

Casualties. We list the enemy's casualties first, then ours. If a ground battle, we put squads destroyed in parentheses. For example: "DA takes base X with 10:1 odds, casualties 2300(100) vs 150(10)."

Cribtop -

Many new and useful concepts here; I wish you the best, Sir!


Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/11/2011 9:50:26 PM)

Thanks, Mac! Welcome aboard.

Dec 12, 1941


A bit of drama as I-21 misses a DD West of Niihau. The composition of the TF tells Cribtop Intel that this is the Enterprise! We route subs and KB on intercept courses but frankly don't expect much. Why Ent was hanging around here is hard to fathom. Cribtop HQ believes CF was a bit confused by our ultimately pointless trip around the eastern end of the Hawaiian Islands. Elsewhere, Pike duds on an ASW PB near Takao, I-23 misses a DMS near Johnston Is. and IJN DDs DC a Dutch sub near Saigon, all without hits.

4th Fleet

We are preparing to invade Makin and Tarawa by FT TF. The AMCs with Jakes that begin the game in the far South Pacific have moved into position to serve as picket ships in case an enemy CV or surface TF comes calling. We hope to grab Makin, Tarawa and perhaps even TB in the six days while KB is steaming to the Marshalls, at which point Wake will be attacked.

SE Fleet

DA at Guam results in a bizarre and embarrassing 1:1. Forts are dropped to zero at least. 144th regiment's adjusted AS falls from 134 down to 26(!) despite low disruption and 100% prep. Now that is a bad die roll. [:-] We'll shock attack tomorrow as the LCU is needed for Rabaul.

14th Army

Our planes rest up to reduce fatigue. The main invasion TFs will begin landings on the 13th.

16th Army

Our eastern CA TF catches and sinks a big convoy near Cagayan. 14 ships go down including an AO and two TKs. Zuiho and Hosho, moving to join up with Ryujo, catch four enemy ships between them and sink a big AS, a big xAP, a smaller xAP and a DMS. B-17s try to hit our CAs but miss.

25th Army

Our western CA TF, pursuing PI survivors off the coast of Borneo near Kuching, catches 4 USN DDs. The TFs trade fire at long range and disengage. Oddly, two hits to two separate IJN DDs knock out the depth charge launchers without doing major damage. I imagine some IJN sailors were a bit nervous with shells exploding around all those ashtrays! This combat occurs in the day phase but before the AM air phase. I always thought surface combat came after the air phase. You learn something new every day in this game. I guess it represents a dawn intercept, which is cool, really.

We sweep and bomb Kuantan. No fighters are home, but we get good hits on several planes stuck on the ground, including a few torpedo bombers.

The bulk of 25th Army is marching on Alor Star. Additional base forces are headed to Kota Bharu to allow the bulk of the IJAAF to transfer here from Indochina.

15th Army

DA Victoria Point easily takes the base with 31:1 odds, casualties 284(25) to 0(0). We note that the unit left is technically a fragment, meaning that CF has pulled a bit of the unit out by air.


A two prong attack on Nanyang is finally shaping up, as is a thrust at Chengchow. It takes a long time to get things organized in this AO. Our only consolation is that the KMT is even more disorganized.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/11/2011 10:16:50 PM)

Dec 13, 1941


I-155 guns and torps an xAKL under the waves near Oosthaven, announcing the arrival of our subs off Palembang and Batavia in large numbers.

SE Fleet

SA at Guam atones for yesterday's failure, taking the base easily and forcing a surrender. The 144th Regt will load for Truk and prepare for Rabaul.

14th Army

Tuegegaro surrenders to the rowboat corps just ahead of the arrival of 65th Bde in the hex. Open city declaration I suppose. [:)]

We return to the skies of Luzon, and the rest did our pilots a world of good. Sweep of Manila results in losses at least 12:2 in our favor. Lt. Sasai, J. becomes our first ace of the war with two kills on the day putting his total to 5. Total air losses for the day are a juicy 31:9 in our favor.

Our eastern CA TF tries to get lucky by bombarding Cagayan in hopes of hitting B-17s. We didn't expect much as we haven't reconned the base. Worse, we forgot to put a search plane on night recon. The results of the bombardment are thus poor and the TF continues back to base at Cam Ranh Bay.

16th Army

Not much going on, but Air HQs are en route to Jolo and Manado. We will put a few Nells at Jolo on nav attack tomorrow even knowing they will be armed with bombs because we spot yet another TF of PI refugees sailing nearby.

25th Army

We bomb Georgetown's airfield, air to air losses 3:0 in our favor and good hits of aircraft on the ground. The planned sweep comes in late and gets two more enemy a/c for no losses. CF has stubbornly continued to base a few Buffalos and Blenheim IFs here, which is fine by Cribtop HQ.

Blenheims based out of Singapore twice attack the FT TF bringing an Air HQ to Sinkawang. Although they miss, Cribtop Intel is concerned that the enemy will divine our purpose and send an SCTF calling at Sinkawang tomorrow night. In the end, we decide to go ahead with the mission as presumably some elements of the HQ would get through, but the next replay will be critical. We will either be ready to move Zeros and Bettys into the base or be down one Air Flotilla HQ.


DA Hong Kong gets a 3:1, but forts are at level 2, so we don't take the base. So close! The assault drops forts to 1, casualties are 451(7) vs 815(3). We will need to wait a day to get more supply, hopefully one or two more attacks will git 'er done.

DA 1 hex SE of Chengchow easily bounces a KMT corps, 75:1, casualties 789(42) vs 39(0). Lots more combat power is en route, and our lead division will begin crossing the river to the hex SW of Chengchow tomorrow. SA Hwaiyin (by a collaborationist LCU against the always unfortunate Lusu War area HQ) takes the base with 3:1 odds, casualties 235(19) vs 0(0).

Hankow's airfield makes level 7 to allow us to upgrade air groups "in the field." Now it's off to build forts.

5th Fleet

We have gathered a force of 2 BB, 3 CL and 6 old DDs at Ominato to guard the Kuriles and support invasion of the western Aleutians soon.

Home Islands

The first of several large reinforcement convoys begins to load for Babeldoab. It will carry 1st Fleet HQ (nav support to allow re-load of torps and bigger guns), a few AA units, base forces and engineers. The convoy will include a big AKE and other support ships. Similar convoys will ferry assets to SE Fleet and Bangkok soon.

BJStone -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/12/2011 2:22:20 PM)

Hey Cribtop - I was wondering if you could share with us your pilot training strategy and what your thoughts are for Japanese Naval/Air production.



Canoerebel -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/12/2011 3:14:46 PM)

Pilot training? Ack!

Cribtop, is it really worth prepping 144th Reg't for Rabaul at this late date? Will the unit have enough time to accrue any meaningful level? Is it really needed at Rabaul, where your opponent is likely to be weak or, if he reinforces, you can just bring forward more troops to turn Rabaul into a waste of Allied resources. Your advance right now in SoPac/SWPac is likely to be swift, so that prepping units may not be worthwhile. Consider prepping for distant posts that might worry Cuttlefish when he catches wind of it through SigInt. Suva, Pago Pago or even Tahiti - which is almost completely ridiculous but which would make most Allied players nervous - will give him pause.

Wirraway_Ace -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/12/2011 5:59:49 PM)


ORIGINAL: Canoerebel

Pilot training? Ack!

Cribtop, is it really worth prepping 144th Reg't for Rabaul at this late date? Will the unit have enough time to accrue any meaningful level? Is it really needed at Rabaul, where your opponent is likely to be weak or, if he reinforces, you can just bring forward more troops to turn Rabaul into a waste of Allied resources. Your advance right now in SoPac/SWPac is likely to be swift, so that prepping units may not be worthwhile. Consider prepping for distant posts that might worry Cuttlefish when he catches wind of it through SigInt. Suva, Pago Pago or even Tahiti - which is almost completely ridiculous but which would make most Allied players nervous - will give him pause.

I will admit to being a purist; however, it does not seem reasonable to order a rgt to conduct an opposed amphibious landing while planning for an entirely different (and fantastic) operation.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/12/2011 6:25:18 PM)

Great questions. Let me address them in reverse order.

Given that D-Day for a major move into New Britain, the Solomons and NG is set for "as soon as KB can get its a$$ over to Truk," the prep for Rabaul is just a memory aid rather than a combat multiplier. However, we have significant LCUs in Korea and Manchukuo prepping for some of the more outrageous targets. Many of these are strictly maskirovka, a few are real Phase II objectives. In case CF goes to the trouble of looking up the units and thinks "oh, those are restricted and just fakes," we plan to shock him a bit by using two small SNLFs bought out of China to hit the Aleutians very soon.

Pilot training is set up as follows:

IJNAF - two major training bases at Yokohama and Ominato (the latter in case 5th Fleet needs emergency reinforcements) using Home Islands restricted air units. Each base has sufficient air support and regular support and when possible host an air HQ. Training set to 100% in main mission, 0 hex range with one good pilot as a unit commander. I've pulled the rest of the 70+ pilots in restricted air groups into general reserve to replace losses in the field (so far these are so light I haven't pulled anyone out yet). I have downgraded most planes (e.g. Kates to Jeans) to boost airframe availability at the front, with one Betty unit left in case of emergencies.

IJAAF - Home Island units are training in Tokyo. In Manchukuo, all air groups (save one Sally group we bought out to augment 5th Air Division) are training in four rear bases, divided by group type. We have two fighter bases, one recon base and one bomber base for training. Not much downgrading is possible from the Nate, but we will slowly downgrade bombers to Ida, Sonia and other trash. The four Manchukuo IJAAF transport groups were bought out and sent to the DEI to help with some air assaults planned in that AO.

One thing I haven't done yet is overstack with pilots and planes but that's up soon on a rotating list of "back burner" items. I try to get one or two such items knocked out with each turn. This was left for a week as I didn't want to stress the initial airframe pools, which are thin.

Finally, two of the four unrestricted IJNAF base forces in the Home Islands are heading to PJ and another Kuriles base (suggestions welcome) to get started on defensive build up there and allow for air search. The other two are earmarked for SE Fleet.

PS - We currently have two Sentai performing on the job ASW training at Pescadores and the Formosa base south of Takao while 14th Army is pouring ashore at Aparri and major reinforcement convoys are still passing by. We will eventually have a more formal training base for ASW set up, probably at Takao once things calm down in Luzon. For now we use Anns for ASW due to their decent max range, but over time Lilly and Sally will take over once Helens are produced in sufficient numbers to equip front line IJAAF groups.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/13/2011 8:42:48 PM)

Dec 14, 1941


I-158 misses an xAK near Sinkep. Skipjack duds on a TB escorting Air HQs to Jolo and Manado on our fastest transports. Our Air HQ FT TF bound for Sinkawang DCs KXV for no hits.

4th Fleet

Makin will be invaded by FT TF tomorrow. AMCs and subs picket the seas to the East watching for enemy CVs.

SE Fleet

We are expending large quantities of stomach acid about Guam. Tracker reports that detection increased for both the invasion TF (currently slowly re-loading the 144th Regt a/k/a South Seas Detachment) and the CA based SCTF cover force. We carefully parsed the Ops report and saw no mention of overflights by enemy search aircraft. We also have search planes in these TFs, at Saipan and at Truk. Finally, by chance 2 BBs and a CS, escorted by 2 DDs, are passing ESE of Saipan bound for Truk with lots of search planes in the air. Nothing is stirring except a report of an enemy sub near Guam, so why did detection increase?

In the end, we didn't run for cover based on such thin evidence, which could reflect a sighting by the sub or by coast watchers on now occupied Guam. But, Cribtop HQ's OPFOR experts raise the possibility that one enemy CV chose to head West on a raid, knowing that KB is just now clearing Hawaiian waters. How they could approach undetected is difficult to imagine unless they detoured well North, but then they run into the BB/CS TF search planes yesterday. In addition, the recent sub action against what are strongly believed to be Enterprise's escorts mean that either the enemy split his CVs or they are both well to the East considering mischief against the Wake Invasion which they falsely assume is coming any day.

Who knows what will happen but we literally lost some sleep over it and will be nervous while watching tonight's replay. In retrospect, we wish we'd routed the CAs away from Guam just in case.

14th Army

We sweep and bomb Clark. Little to report except that there is no CAP present. The enemy appears to have given up the battle for air superiority in Luzon. He still retains the ability to mass for a key fight or two, but the complete absence of efforts to hit our shipping with bombers and PT boats is odd, and without some offensive action his surviving fighters will do nothing other than tie down some Zeros for sweeps.

Our invasion convoys happily continue to unload. A few PTs are spotted at Vigan, which will fall to a tank unit tomorrow, but they make no move to intervene in the landings. Enough air support is ashore that one Sentai of Nates re-bases to Aparri. The IJAAF will soon take over in this sector as SE Fleet clearly needs IJNAF cover given the fears at Guam.

16th Army

Air HQs are about three days sail from Jolo and five days from Manado on 18kt transports. 21st Division is en route to Babeldoab. Invasions of Sorong, Ambon and Kendari will proceed as soon as Manado is torp enabled.

25th Army

We pass a key milestone as 22nd Air Flotilla and supplies successfully unload at Sinkawang. More supplies and engineers are on the way in a second FT TF, sub transports and lone kamikaze xAKLs.

This allows us to base two Zero groups totaling 24 planes, a 27 plane Betty group, and a recon group to spy on Sumatran bases in case CF is going for Fortress Palembang. We set up a strong CAP and carefully calibrate the Betty ranges so we won't stray into Singers, Palembang or Batavia. However, the sea approaches to all these bases are now very dangerous for Allied ships. Unless the enemy has a bombardment group ready to go in tomorrow it may be tough to dislodge us from this base now.

This success sets up necessary pre-conditions to move to Phase II of the Borneo invasions, namely a chain invasion of Kuching, Miri, Brunei and North Borneo. As soon as KBL reaches Cam Ranh Bay and re-arms torpedoes in a few days, this force will launch.

We are finally slogging closer to Alor Star and the good roads to Singapore. IJAAF sweeps and bombs Georgetown again but only one Buffalo resists.

15th Army

3rd Air Division and two construction battalions are in place at Chumphon. As soon as it goes to level two airfield (currently 1.37) we will move in Nells to close off approaches to the Malacca Straits and Rangoon. Can you tell we think placement of Air HQs is critical?


We order attacks NE of Hankow with the bulk of our Nanyang offensive force. Lots of troops approaching Chengchow as well. So far the KMT is generally retiring to more rational defensive positions. Interestingly, they appear to be pulling back from Ichang and may be establishing a position in the South along the line of bases north of Canton. Recon will watch for signs of an enemy offensive in the South as CF surely knows we start out weak here.

Home Islands

Reinforcements and support ships are headed for Babel today. Tomorrow should see the launch of SE Fleet reinforcements and support ships. The next day we launch reinforcements for 25th and 15th Armies that will unload at Bangkok. Next step is to establish Home Island resource and oil convoys. Then we invade the Aleutians, hopefully before the end of December.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/14/2011 9:28:35 PM)

Dec 15, 1941


I-164 misses a USN 4-stacker DD near Billiton, I-155 sinks an xAK near Toboali. Our new sub patrols in the Java Sea are bearing good returns. They are also producing intel, namely that all sightings are outbound refugees. There is as yet no evidence of a buildup at Palembang, but the jury is still out.

4th Fleet

Makin is invaded and captured while KB at last nears the Marshalls. We will surge invasions of the Gilberts and Wake while she passes by.

SE Fleet

OK, so I worry too much. My wife the professional counselor tells me this - often. [:D] All is quiet near Guam, and detection levels for our TFs there are zero. Must've been a sub, coast watchers or outright FoW. Still, the non-event points out we are dreadfully short of air cover in this AO. To assume we are safe because it's behind the front lines is to engage in a potentially fatal reliance on mental schema (as Nemo would say). We have begun shifting 23rd Air HQ to Truk to address this deficiency as the air war in Luzon is fading.

14th Army

PTs try to interfere at Aparri and dodge both an LCTF and an SCTF to get at the transports. [8|] However, the enemy arrives during the daytime phase and both TFs evade. This action justifies in part our decision to use the more distant Aparri for our main landing site. The extra hexes make it hard for CF's PTs to arrive during the night phase when they are deadly. This problem will only increase for him as we capture more bases.

Despite the interruption, all troops save 400 men are ashore at Aparri. A small TF with engineers and base forces is approaching and hopefully will be our last commitment to Luzon for a while. Sweep and airfield attack at Bataan again is unresisted by CAP. We get four supply hits as a bonus.

Vigan falls and we reform 48th Division at Aparri as our troops prepare to march on Manila and begin the siege of Clark.

16th Army

Waiting on Air HQs and arrival of 21st Division at Babel.

25th Army

We sweep Georgetown and bomb enemy stragglers at Taiping. 25th Army is close to Alor Star and things should pick up speed soon. Base forces arrive at Kota by rail allowing us to shift IJAAF groups forward for the next phase.

Preparations for Operation KuKu (Kuching to Kudat) are well underway.

We order our first recon flight of Palembang from newly opened Sinkawang airfield.


Action at last. DA 1 hex West of Sinyang easily ejects a Chinese corps, 37:1, casualties 4576(304) vs 122(2). DA at Kweiteh takes the town with 23:1 odds, casualties 1217(130) vs 20(0). Two corps are roughed up here. Six divisions plus armor and support are marching on Chengchow. About four division equivalents are moving on Nanyang. Cribtop HQ expects to capture these bases plus Loyang in short order.

Home Islands

Big reinforcements for SE Fleet leave Tokyo Bay.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/14/2011 10:57:55 PM)

December 15 - Strategic Analysis

Friendly Situation

We have achieved initial objectives on all fronts. Except for 4th Fleet, which has limited goals, objectives were generally to rapidly secure bases that could be used to base LBA and Air HQs, thus providing air cover for deeper thrusts. The war's second week should see extension of the LBA umbrella in the Eastern DEI, and further invasions will begin by the end of week two in Borneo and Celebes/Ambon.

Casualties have been light, air exchange rates very favorable. We wish we were a bit further ahead on Home Island convoys, but it takes time to gather ships at Tokyo in order to send out rational convoys instead of ad hoc formations.

Enemy Situation and Intentions

With the exception of initially stout (and very unsuccessful) defense of the skies over Luzon and the Force Z adventure, so far Cuttlefish has been very quiet. We didn't even see a PT boat raid on the PI landing zones until Dec 15. Cribtop Intel posits several explanations for this. One, CF is just getting used to the Allied OOB and perspective. Two, he is a more conservative/historical player. Thus, he probably voluntarily eschews some otherwise effective tactics, such as use of Catalinas for torpedo runs on shipping. Three, it is probable he has decided to gather forces behind the front at red lines of his choosing, and we have not yet crossed those lines.

Where is he massing? Will he adopt some form of Fortress Palembang? What will he do with his CVs? We don't know the answers to any of these questions yet, but are positioning recon assets to check up on Southern Sumatra. We received strong intel from a sub contact that the Enterprise was West of Niihau, and Lexington may be with her. Cribtop HQ assumes they were trying to jump invasions of Wake or the Gilberts, but we've seen that movie and used FT TFs and a slight delay to try to foil this angle. Where the USN carriers go from here, and how aggressively CF plans to use them, is so far totally up in the air.

Desired Endstate

We are currently still early in Phase I of the overall strategy to seize resources and establish a perimeter and continue so far with our initial war plan.


We will continue to press forward in the DEI and open offensives in SE Fleet designed to seize needed resources but also to maintain initiative and forestall creation of Allied festungs. Intention is to move with air cover and sufficient force to seize large numbers of bases in controlled bursts of activity utilizing in part the Chain Invasion doctrine. We plan to complete all Phase I (and hopefully even Phase II) invasions by the end of March. So far, our Phase II target remains in play, but is still subject to change.

We will seize a defensive foreground in the Aleutians in the coming weeks in order to protect our Northern Flank and give CF something to think about. This is not intended to be a major undertaking, however.


In summary, steady as she goes. VERY pleased with greater than 2:1 exchanges in the air so far. Tainan Air Group alone already has 46 kills and many pilots verging on 80 Air skill.

jrcar -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 9:09:10 AM)

Good start :)

I think it is worth preping units for targets as they come up, even a few points help with the early war Japanese bonus. Like you we keep units planning for deep targets as a cover... although we are hoping to pull a few off (Fiji is stage 1).



Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 8:51:55 PM)

Thanks, Rob!

Dec 16, 1941


Our ASW patrols hunt two enemy subs near Formosa. No hits, but we keep the enemy's heads down. Near Quinhon, S-41 misses a DD bound for Samah to escort big reinforcement convoys to Burma. Amazing how much scarier sub replays are when the enemy is an S-boat, a Brit or Dutch sub instead of a USN fleet boat. Working torps are scary.

4th Fleet

Lining up for invasions of Tarawa and Wake. CVE Taiyo is inbound to ferry Claudes home for upgrading. KB is two days out and will refuel from Oilers in the Marshalls.

SE Fleet

No change, but 23rd Air Flotilla planes are en route.

14th Army

Main forces and 90K supplies are unloaded. We move out for Clark. A few support units will unload starting tomorrow to make Aparri and Laoag into airfields capable of supporting the IJAAF.

Recon picked up that CF's surviving fighters were trying to hide at Cabanatuan. We raid the airfield and smash a few on the ground. Armor will grab this base asap as we don't want to leave Clark and Bataan alone to build forts.

16th Army

An FT TF unloads supplies and a construction battalion at Sinkawang. More supplies unload by sub tomorrow and even more is en route. This position is looking more secure.

The Air HQ TF arrives at Jolo tomorrow and will move on to Manado. Cribtop HQ gives the go ahead for Operation TS, the invasion of Tarakan, Kendari, Ambon, Boela and Sorong.

Babeldoab hits level four airfield and will work on expanding its port.

25th Army

Marching and bombing. The enemy is in full bore and sensible retreat to Singapore.


DA Hong Kong drops forts to 0 and we get a great adjusted AS, but so does the enemy, resulting in a disappointing 1:1, casualties 589(25) vs 419(2). A push tomorrow could finish the base, but as usual supplies are in the red after the attack so we will have to continue the pattern of every other day attacks. We may land supplies from Takao nearby if the next attack fails.

5th Fleet

All preconditions for Operation AA, the seizure of Attu and Amchitka, are met. Ships are bound for Shanghai to ferry the two SNLFs to Tokyo. Two subs are nosing through the Aleutians to get recon and a picket ship will be sent later to scout for the enemy.

Canoerebel -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 9:11:23 PM)

Hey, you can't use words like "eschew" and get away with it unnoticed! I'm watching you, Cribtop!

Very good AAR (clean, concise, interesting). Also, you seem to be doing very well thus far. Keep up the good work, even if you are the bad guy.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 9:23:40 PM)

Thanks! So I should keep up the bad work, eh? [;)]

Sorry about the ten dollar word, you know us lawyers, they slip out on occasion... [8D]

Nemo121 -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 9:31:14 PM)

The thing that concerns me at this stage is the lack of intel ops aimed at Pacific/ Indian Ocean hubs to try to figure out where he is setting up his fueling/resupply hubs.

They'll be one phase ( in his mind ) behind his MLR and that is, of course, the phasing you need to disrupt.

Some flying boat overflights from islands manned by sub-landed base force fragments or landed by a small xAKL would suffice to keep an eye on everything from Noumea to Hawaii if you pick the place properly. It'd also freak him out which, IMO, Cuttlefish is quite prone to. My assessment of his personality is that he'd be particularly vulnerable to getting dislocated by such an op.

Bottom line though... What are you doing to identify where he's beginning to try to form his MLR and supply hubs... My reasoning would be that if you identify those supply hubs then you bypass the MLR, hit the supply hubs and:
a) win more captured resources etc at lesser cost - the supply base will be less well-defended.
b) you are likely to capture a base whcih has expanded the port and airfield at the expense of forts - again you get more for less, this is efficient, which is important for Japan.
c) you can transition to the next phase more rapidly due to the capture of these fuel and supply stocks.
d) it'll dislocate his defence and give you a great opportunity to pursue more deeply more rapidly than the enemy can retreat --- this will give your Pacific offensive the timbre of a pursuit rather than a series of attacks into defences/rearguards. Historically pursuits are where the majority of the killing occurred in warfare.

I ALWAYS seek to go for the supporting bases rather than the MLR for that reason because once I do that I can pursue and take Phase 3 and 4 objectives at very little cost.

So, right now I'd send out my floatplane subs and other assets to begin ascertaining this. If you get it right you can gain your victories in the Pacific ( and DEI ) at lesser cost and more rapidly than would otherwise be possible.... This greater efficiency will allow you to commit more ships and troops to your main thrust elsewhere - which will make that thrust more likely to succeed.

That's only very general input but I think that's the thing I'd be most worried about right now, the intel war....

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/15/2011 10:53:05 PM)

Excellent point Nemo. I currently have three or four Glen boats retiring from their game start positions at Pearl that could be used for this purpose. I have been sniffing around Canton Island, Pago Pago and Fiji with traditional subs, but their intel is hit or miss compared to Glens and even long range flying boats on recon missions.

Most of my recon thoughts were focused on determining whether CF was going for Fortress Palembang. Your suggestion is a good one.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/17/2011 5:06:49 AM)

Dec 17, 1941

Boy, is it good to have a consistent opponent like Cuttlefish. I find myself apologizing I can't get turns out as fast as he does (even though I turn one per day at least). A refresing change from my prior PBEMs.


Permit duds on a DMS in the TF moving Air HQs to Jolo.

14th Army

Our bombers bounce the rubble at Clark Field for 55 runway hits.

16th Army

The same Air HQ TF dodges PTs based at Puerto Princesa and reaches Jolo safely. Cribtop Intel will take some credit for this. Our Nells at Jolo spotted the PTs days ago and we made the assumption CF had them on high react hoping to pop an IJN TF in the strait between Palawan and Borneo. Based on this intel we ordered full speed to Jolo and thus evaded the clever trap set by our opponent.

B-17s attack KBL near Palawan but miss and take damage from the CAP. KBL is headed to Cam Ranh Bay to re-load torps and provide cover for Operation KuKu.

A quiet turn, but we will soon launch a flurry of invasions aimed at Borneo and the eastern DEI.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/17/2011 5:34:46 AM)

Dec 18, 1941


Permit misses a DD escorting KBL near Palawan. Seadragon duds on an SC escorting 11th Air Fleet HQ to Manado. S-37 misses a DD escorting the Aparri invasion TFs back to Takao. Tarpon duds on a DD near Quinhon. Could've been a banner day for CF's subs if their torps worked.

I-166 is DC'd by escorts of Force Z near Bandjermasin. They miss and we gain extremely valuable intel on the location of Force Z. The British BBs may yet taste Netty torpedoes if they move closer to Jolo or Manado, both of which will be torpedo enabled effective the 19th.

4th Fleet

KB returns victorious to the Marshall Islands and refuels from the fleet Oilers. Recon of Wake shows the enemy Wildcats are gone. We will try a very limited port attack with 24th Air Flotilla Nettys tomorrow to confirm. If no figthers are present at Wake KB will retire on Truk. Otherwise KB will swing North and bomb Wake once. The Wake Invasion is loaded and sorties from Kwaj. Tarawa will be invaded by FT TF tomorrow.

SE Fleet

144th Regt is FINALLY loaded at Guam and will move to Truk. Lots of reinforcements en route and 2/3rds of Tainan Air Group's Zeros arrive at Truk.

14th Army

IJNAF bombers pound Bataan's airfield to retard fort building. A few IJAAF Air Battalions load at Takao for Laoag and Aparri. That will be the last TF headed to Luzon for a good while.

16th Army

21st Air Flotilla HQ is unloaded at Jolo and that base is torpedo enabled. This completes the pre-conditions necessary for the attack on Tarakan and Cribtop HQ orders the invasion of that base to commence in short order. LCUs are at Samah and will await fleet elements to complete cover of Operation KuKu.

11th Air Fleet will unload at Manado tomorrow. At Sidate (dot base 1 hex SW of Manado), an SNLF DAs the survivors of the Manado garrison and gets a 1:1, casualties 25(0) vs 27(0). We'll try again tomorrow.

Recon of Ambon shows the base is not reinforced. Kendari will be reconned tomorrow.

Basilan occupied by the rowboat corps.

25th Army

Our two kamikaze supply ships will head into Sinkawang to deliver vitally needed supplies tomorrow. Recon shows Palembang and Kuching unreinforced.

The Operation KuKu invasion fleet is loaded. We launch tomorrow. BB Kongo, the four Myoko Class CAs, and a DesDiv ship out for Truk so that KB can divide into two TFs (which will stay in the same hex).

In Malaya, we cross the border at last. Alor Star has been evacuated by the enemy and will fall tomorrow.


Lots of action.

IJA stack nearing Chusien catches 10th Army Group HQ alone and crushes it; odds 23:1, casualties 435(47) vs 0(0). Another stack DAs 1 hex East of Sinyang and forces a KMT corps over the river, odds 49:1, casualties 3961(158) vs 202(1). DA 1 hex East of Chengchow opens up the railway, odds 3:1, casualties 777(91) vs 833(7) despite rough terrain.

Now the bad news. The KMT seizes Ichang against token collaborationist resistance, odds a LOT to 1, casualties 138(1) vs 1985(112). The main forces that start at Ichang long ago retreated over the river into the rough forest hex to the West. Will CF cross the river to challenge us? If so, he could temporarily de-rail our drive on Nanyang, but we have stout defenses behind a river line wherever he chooses to cross, and many enemy LCUs near Ichang appear to be moving into the interior, presumably to assist with the defense of Changsha.

We are VERY frustrated that Hong Kong still holds out. DA this turn fails to drop the forts until the assault phase, meaning our 2:1 isn't enough to take the place. We do destroy one of the Canadian Battalions. Casualties are 234(34) vs 457(2). We are getting a good adjusted AS, but the enemy always has a fort up to thwart us. In most prior games, the two combat engineer regts plus organic engineers in 38th Div took down forts in the combat phase and allowed relatively easy capture of the base. We can only attack every other day due to supply issues. Cribtop HQ therefore reluctantly orders the IJNAF and IJAAF bombers on Formosa to hit the Hong Kong airfield tomorrow to prevent fort re-building. We will then commit all bombers to ground attack on the 20th when the next DA goes in. We hate to divert the bombers from Luzon, but Hong Kong needs to fall.

Home Islands

Today's back burner effort is to create a horde of ACMs and PBs out of useless To'su and K'iso xAKLs at Tokyo. Next we send out resource convoys.

5th Fleet

Continuing to put together defenses of the Kuriles and preparing for seizure of Attu and Amchitka.

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/19/2011 5:14:19 AM)

Dec 19, 1941


KXII torpedoes and sinks one of two kamikazi supply ships just off Sinkawang. Her cargo will be missed, but the second vessel snuck into port and should unload.

4th Fleet

Tarawa invaded by FT TF and falls to the mandatory SA. The ships retire toward Kwaj to join the upcoming Wake invasion. We send a tiny Nell force to bomb Wake to determine whether the Wildcats are still there (Daitai set to port attack, 90% rest). This information costs us 3 Nells. KB will thus delay her move into the SE Fleet AO by 48 hours and pound Wake.

SE Fleet

Vanimo occupied by rowboat. Awaiting reinforcements that should arrive on the 22nd and KB's return from Wake. 4th Fleet HQ and a base force load up for their new home on Kwajelein. 6th Fleet HQ will catch a ride back to Truk on the same TF. Why? 4th Fleet is a command HQ and will torp enable Kwaj and Roi Namur, allowing 24th Air Flotilla to eventually torp enable TB.

14th Army

Our advance guard seizes unoccupied Bayombong and San Fernando. The main force of 14th Army is just a few days behind. Should have CF's troops pinned in Clark & Bataan very soon. We are annoyed, but order all IJNAF and IJAAF bombers in this AO to blast Hong Kong to prevent fort re-building. Tomorrow these bombers will launch a massive ground attack on Hong Kong, then resume smashing Clark & Bataan.

16th Army

DA Sidate gets 2:1 odds and takes the base, casualties 354(42) vs 36(0). Supplies continue to unload at Jolo and Manado.

25th Army

Operation KuKu forces load for targets in Borneo. Alor Star falls. Recon of Oosthaven shows that it, like Palembang, is unreinforced. It's early, but so far no signs of Festung Sumatra. Cribtop HQ has a contingency plan to use 38th and 2nd Divisions to assault southern Sumatra early if needed but hopes to use 38th in 16th Army AO and 2nd as theater reserve.

15th Army

Marching. We are close to the border along the trail leading out of Rahaeng. Chiang Mai and Rahaeng are both well on their way to becoming air bases capable of supporting the future offensive against Rangoon.


The fort-inhibiting airfield attacks against Hong Kong go well and demonstrate a cool feature. The Formosa IJAAF bombers, set on airfield attack, join up with the fighters and bombers out of Canton still set to ground attack in a single raid, some of which hits the base and some of which hits the front lines. Now that's one hell of a co-ordination roll! [:D] The IJNAF fighters and bombers of course come in separately as the IJAAF is beneath their notice. [:'(]

Cribtop -> RE: Wait, I can't read Cuttlefish's new AAR? - Cribtop (J) vs CF (A) (4/19/2011 5:41:31 AM)

Dec 20, 1941

[:-] Our first setback of the war today, fortunately nothing too bad, and it's balanced by a Tokyo Rose worthy victory.


Tarpon puts a TT into a small supply xAK moving from Cam Ranh Bay to Samah. The ship is probably lost but will try to make Quinhon 1 hex away.

4th Fleet & SE Fleet

AM Penguin, having almost escaped from Guam despite all odds, is hammered twice by KB planes on nav search. Normally nav search attacks are unreliable, but this is the A team out of KB, so she probably took at least one hit, poor thing.

We are preparing for Operation CH, the Nemo-recommended recon of probable supply hubs. Two Glen boats are already en route. Two Alf carrying AMCs will re-fuel at Kwaj and sortie as well. Targets will include Fiji, the Samoas, Canton Is., and Christmas Is. (Pacific). If nothing turns up there, we'll try Penrhyn Is. and the Hivas. One concern is that thing are so early, and CF is still getting used to the Allied side, that we could recon a planned supply hub not yet up and running. Thus, this Operation is expected to take a few weeks to pay off, but will eventually yield valuable intel.

14th Army

Even the gods collude with the brave defenders of Hong Kong, as thunderstorms in the HK hex prevent launch of the major ground attacks Cribtop HQ had ordered to assist with the (hopefully) final assault. Base forces to allow use of Laoag and Aparri by the IJAAF, and thus to allow the hand-off from IJNAF to IJAAF in Luzon, should arrive and begin unloading today.

16th Army

[:@] Ugh. Exercising almost perfect timing, 3 CL and 3 DD sail into Manado harbor in the night phase and sink 1 TB, 1 DMS, 2 SC and 3 fast xAK that fortunately had completed unloading 11th Air Fleet HQ and were trying to dump supplies. One day later and these ships maybe get hit by the 36 Nells flying in today. Sigh. We will escort the other half of this ill-fated convoy from Jolo to Manado to ensure enough supplies for torps and drop tanks.

25th Army

Operation KuKu fleet launches. D-day for Kuching, Miri, Brunei and Kudat should be the 22nd. Covering the Kuching invasion is an ASW TF in the lead, Indes Fleet (2 BB, 4 CA, 1 CL, 6 modern DD) and KBL, with torpedoes fully reloaded at Cam Ranh Bay. Covering the other forces is Celebes Sea Squadron, a semi-permanent raiding force of 4 CA, 1 CL & 6 DD. In addition to KBL, LBA from Saigon, Jolo and Sinkawang will provide port attack (for the CD guns at Kuching), ground attack and LRCAP. See how the plan came together? We hope.


Despite the lack of air cover, the defenders of Hong Kong, their forts unrepaired due to yesterday's airfield attack, succumb at last. Odds are 5:1, all enemy units surrender, IJA casualties 441(0). Facilities are captured about 90% intact, most importantly the shipyard at 48(2) will be quickly up and running under new management. Banzai, but we salute the proud defenders as well as our own lads. [&o]

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