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vuleclan -> Multiplayer game ranger high lag high ping (3/1/2011 10:43:03 AM)

I was recently starting to play multiplayer. Until now i was playing only Single player.
When some buddy and me started grand campaign we had issue with high ping and lagg resulting not playable game.

I have Vista home edition.

Looking for solutions on forums and internet i didnt found any so i took an action that is not recomanded but it solved my problem with lag and ping.I turned off my firewall, avast free antivirsu that had web protection. Also in security - control panel - internet options - internet properties - i have leveld down all security protections.

When we hosted the game again there was no lag any more and it worked smoothley.

Now for all that action i dont know what action did solve that problem. Any Idea what was couse ? Firewall, avast or internet options ?

Andrew Williams -> RE: Multiplayer game ranger high lag high ping (3/5/2011 9:00:37 PM)

Turn them back to original 1 at atime and test connection each time.

You should be able to pinpoint the problem then.

stephencollege -> RE: Multiplayer game ranger high lag high ping (9/1/2012 12:41:46 AM)

You can check the Ping for gaming website at before playing games.If your ping is high you cannot play games fast.So play games in the website that shows low ping time.
I play online games.I checked the ping for the site GameHouse first, the ping time is 40ms..Then i have checked the ping for ,the ping time is 227ms.So i decided to play games in ..Because of low ping i have chose the site.Whenever your ping gets high,You can reset the modem and un plug the connection ,then restart the pc ,then connect and try to play again.This may helps to reduce the ping.

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