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Keunert -> Memory (2/28/2011 8:30:04 AM)

First conduct the air raid to reduce dug in level, then do the shelling to get more casualties.
On the offensive put artillery units in no cover forward hexes to get a counterbattery shield.

Use levelbombers to destroy forts, and bridges.

Allied airforce lay traps: concentrate and move airforce around, set them on non interception. when the enemy feels save set all fighter units on intercept and trap incoming bombers.

In combination with shelling go for three sided attacks whenever possible.
Isolated units lose mobility after two turns. Decide if you can allow them to just sit or if you really have to spend the time to attack them.

Keunert -> RE: Memory (2/28/2011 8:32:25 AM)

I try to get a list with things to do. Maybe some more experienced players could contribute their advice.

sabo10 -> RE: Memory (3/2/2011 4:46:50 PM)

Good tips Keunert, I wish someone could break down the meaning of everything showing on a unit, that would be very helpful.

sandman2575 -> RE: Memory (12/5/2011 12:57:54 AM)




On the offensive put artillery units in no cover forward hexes to get a counterbattery shield.

Keunert -- I understand and agree with all your tips here, but am confused by this. Can you explain this more fully? Are there situations where your arty will *automatically* provide counterbattery against your opponent's shelling of your troops?

Keunert -> RE: Memory (12/6/2011 6:05:31 AM)

i have not played this for a while but i believe that counter battery fire is on by default. to put artillery in open hexes is only advised for the offensive player and only if you have air superiority and if there are enough troops in the hex to hold the ground in case of counterattacks.

if you are playing poland or france all valuable units shoul sit in cities or woods at the end of the turn because this will modt likely be the only way to get some protection from the Luftwaffe.

sandman2575 -> RE: Memory (12/8/2011 5:06:26 PM)

Thanks for the clarification, Keunert

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