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Adraeth -> Unistall game (2/24/2011 2:45:23 PM)

Sorry if i post here but the official support page does not answer my question.

Here is the facts:

I have path in my HD one called C:\ the other D:\

I installed Horse and Muskets and Field of Glory on D, however, "thanks" to a strong virus i did format my C but i did not touch my D.

Games on D (for example HistWar in which i work on team) run well, anyway Horse and Muskets and Field of Glory say the install is corrupted.

I believe that the Installing process for game from Matrix involve even some little part o C, so i think in formatting C i deleted some useful parts of this game.

No problem at all i may uninstall the games and reinstall them, however i can't find the unistall trigger in the folder not even i can find them on Control Panel, so my question is:

What should i do?
Should i just reinstall the games over the folder?

Thanks in advance

Adraeth -> RE: Unistall game (2/24/2011 3:02:31 PM)

I upload the .jpg of the error reported


Adraeth -> RE: Unistall game (2/24/2011 3:18:28 PM)

This can be a clue, so considering WINDOWS does not know if Horse and Muskets really is running on its registry may i just delete the folder and reinstall the game?

Sorry if my questions are silly ^^

C:\WINDOWS\Horse and Musket Volume I\uninstall.exe</EXELocation>
<AppShortcutFolderPath>C:\Documents and Settings\Andrea\Menu Avvio\Programmi\Horse and Musket Volume I

ilovestrategy -> RE: Unistall game (2/24/2011 3:53:34 PM)

Be patient. Sometimes it may take Erik a day or two to respond but he will. I would also email or PM him also. 

Adraeth -> RE: Unistall game (2/24/2011 4:46:20 PM)


Solved, i deleted the folder and reinstalled the game, my thoutghs on the registry are correct [:D]

NefariousKoel -> RE: Unistall game (2/24/2011 5:33:14 PM)


ORIGINAL: Adraeth Montecuccoli


Solved, i deleted the folder and reinstalled the game, my thoutghs on the registry are correct [:D]

Sorry I was late.

But if you ever jack up a program install in windows, I suggest backing up the registry, then running regedit and doing a search for the game name and publisher, deleting only the registry files with the game's name in it.

You may have been as well off wiping formatting your second hard drive and reinstalling everything because you had to reinstall anyway. Though a fresh format would've lowered available space a tiny bit.

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