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doomtrader -> Time of Fury FAQ (2/18/2011 11:35:39 PM)

Time of Fury FAQ


Q: What type of game is Time of Fury?
A: Time of Fury is a grand strategy wargame

Q: How many countries are in the game?
A: There are even 30 countries in some scenarios

Q: Are there alliances in Time of Fury?
A: Yes

Q: How many countries can be played by human players?
A: All available in the scenario

Q: Is it possible to play cooperative game against AI?
A: Yes, both in hot seat mode or in Multiplayer mode

Q: Are there railroads in the game?
A: Yes, railroads are used to deliver supply and to strategically redeploy of units

Q: How many units are in scenario?
A: Depends on the size of scenario, usually there is around one thousand units in campaigns

Q: Is it possible to build new units?
A: Yes, but there is a delay in deployment

Q: Does the units differ between countries?
A: Yes, differences are between strength, movement and build cost

Q: Is there any difference between armored units or infantry?
A: Yes, armored units gain bonuses when fighting against infantry

Q: Can units be upgraded?
A: Yes, in size, type and level

Q: Is there a naval warfare in Time of Fury?
A: Yes, player can even give orders to naval groups during the battle

Q: Can aircrafts attack land units?
A: Yes

Q: Are units gaining experience during game?
A: Yes, units are gaining experience during combat and loosing when reinforcing

Q: Can player move and attack freely?
A: Yes, the only limitation are Action Points

Q: Is there an air cover for navy?
A: Yes, land based fighters will intercept bombers trying to attack naval units

Q: Can railroads be destroyed?
A: Yes, temporary, by occupying a hex with land unit

Q: Is there an editor included in the game?
A: Yes, it allows to modify or create new scenarios or campaigns

Q: Is it possible to modify scenario data during the game?
A: Yes, by editing save game files, so this only works for single player games, PBEM games are stored on the Slitherine's servers

Q: Is it possible to modify or change how the units looks?
A: Yes, player can choose from different representations, just to name sprites and counters, it is also possible to create own sets of gfx for units

Q: Is it possible to modify the look of the map?
A: Yes, couple of sets has been prepared, also it is possible to create new ones

Q: Is there a tutorial included?
A: Yes


Q: Where are the save games located?
A: Save games are located at: My Documents/My games/Time of Fury/Saves folder

Q: What to do when the game crashed?
A: Please load latest save game, if the game will crash again at the same moment, please report it in the Tech Support forum

Q: When starting the game, there is only a black screen instead of videos
A: This is a codecs issue, without any impact on the gameplay, there is a possibility to turn them off, check the mods list thread

Q: The game has been run in windowed mode, but the bottom of the screen is cut, and nothing can be done
A: Go to: My Documents/My Games/Time of Fury/ and open settings.ini file with any text editor, there is a section which allows to change settings

Q: No naval battles are visible
A:Go to the preferences and unmark autocalculation of naval battles

More to come in near future.

sabre1 -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (2/19/2011 12:23:23 AM)

Looking forward to the release.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (2/25/2011 2:20:22 PM)

When I saw the first screen shots with sprites it did not seem to be for me, but now I have looked deeper into the releases, I see more that looks good. I like the combination of the ToW land system, with SoP naval combat. Nice to see the modding work on maps and icons integrated into the game, there should be lots of choice.

Some games can be a great challenge to play, others can be great fun, both are enjoyable in their own way. Looking forward to the result. [:)]

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (2/26/2011 6:53:06 PM)

First post updated

parusski -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (2/27/2011 1:28:18 AM)

I am very much looking forward to this game. It looks and sounds great.

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (2/28/2011 10:08:12 PM)

Thanks parusski, we are doing our best to create game that will measure up all the request and will be a good alternative for more complex games with enough deep below the cover.

elmo3 -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/6/2011 4:54:45 PM)

Will there be a PBEM replay where you can see your opponents units move?  Thanks.

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/6/2011 7:00:16 PM)

Hi elmo3, we are implementing reports that will allow you to track all enemy actions that have got impact on your units.

elmo3 -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/8/2011 5:09:19 PM)

OK, thanks.

lecrop -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/15/2011 8:45:30 PM)

Impatiently waiting for this game, but I have a question that is not clear to me from what I understand reading the FAQ or the features; can you play cooperatively between human players? for example 2vs2 or assimetric 2vs3... It would be awesome.

Anraz -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/16/2011 12:03:23 PM)

It can be done in a hotseat session.

lecrop -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/16/2011 5:11:58 PM)

Thanks for the fast reply, although it is easy to play hotseat cooperative even in the absence of a specific feature. I spoke rather of PBEM, but I understand that is not possible because is very difficult to implement a server based coop... It's a pity as it would be an amazing feature, and a real breakthrough in the world of wargames (please, consider the possibility [;)])

parusski -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/16/2011 10:02:44 PM)

That's great doomtrader. I liked TOW a lot, but TOF looks to be so much more.

IainMcNeil -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (3/21/2011 11:04:48 AM)

The PBEM system currently only supports 2 players so you can either play 1v1 or 2vAI in co-op game. This I think co-op is pretty unique for this type of game so could be a very interesting option, especially for helping new players learn the rules etc.

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (12/23/2011 1:10:00 AM)

making sticky.

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury FAQ (1/5/2012 9:15:39 AM)

First post updated

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