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MartinB -> [Closed] Guadalcanal, Jap player wanted (2/6/2011 2:42:37 PM)

Given some recent discussion in this forum around dubious PBEM-opponents and how to "convince" others to enter into PBEM with a mostly unknown forum member I decided to start building a reputation right away, in case I need opponents whenever I get my hands on scen 1 or 2.
Background: WITP player after its release, shelved the sim after couple of weeks, guess I lacked the time to deep dive into it at that time. Years later I am on AE now, with a more serious approach, for around 3 months. I have refined my skills (still beginner, still so much to learn) mainly with the Guadalcanal, it is long enough to play around with pilot training, learn to handle withdrawals, learn to find and apply a strategy etc. I will start some other smaller scenarios soon but would like to try Guadalcanal by PBEM, preferably as allies.
For this I am looking for an opponent who is either relatively new to the AE universe, so that we have a chance to learn w/o fearing to bore the respective other to death with our lack of understanding or an advanced player who is happy to be kind of mentor while playing this scen against me.
Schedule: I am on the european time zone and plan to issue a turn every day or every 2nd day. Daily turn is targeted but might not work at all times, so a little room for deviation is aprreciated.

rmlpanzer08 -> RE: Guadalcanal, Jap player wanted (2/6/2011 2:57:08 PM)

Hi Martin,

I am game if you would like. I have also have a low forum post total, so whe could help each other. I have been playing the games since UV days, but only a few PBEM.



MartinB -> RE: Guadalcanal, Jap player wanted (2/6/2011 3:47:01 PM)

I do thank the 2 applicants for their friendly offer. I will start my PBEM career in a game against Pumba1968 and will try with Ryan (rmlpanzer08) as soon as my confidence in my PBEM ability allows for a parallel PBEM.
Thank you!

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