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kaleun -> Scott versus Kaleun. Major Victory! (1/31/2011 10:01:50 PM)

I am going to try an AAR again.

Changed the format to a top down allied point of view.

Full length scenario,Hakko Ichu.
PDU on
Human sub control
One day turns
Scott1964 plays Japan.

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (1/31/2011 10:03:27 PM)

December 8 1941. WAR! The Pacific Ocean is no longer at peace. Japanese imperial forces struck yesterday a surprise blow to United States forces at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and Manila in the Philippine Islands. Confused reports from the BBC speak of Japanese landings in Malaya.
The Department of the Navy confirms that 7 submarines were sunk yesterday in the attack on Manila harbor. Two S class submarines, S-38 and S-41 were sunk at their berths; what is worse, five modern submarines, Permit, Sargo, Saury, Seadragon and Sealion were also sunk by Japanese airplanes. Amphibious landings in Batan Island and in the north of the Philippines have been reported.

December 9 1941. Japanese aircraft carriers lurking near Oahu. Once more, Japanese naval aircraft raid Oahu. Unimpeded by the non-existent US fighters, a large number of Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor. The naval port, still reeling from the devastating attack of the 7th had to endure a repeat session. Fortunately this time no dive bombers were involved in this raid and the level bombers that did attack, carried no torpedoes. The naval liaison reports that California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nevada, West Virginia, Arizona, Maryland and Pennsylvania were all hit by bombs. In addition the repair shipyard was hit by several bombs and suffered severe damage.
In Malaya, the Japanese forces that landed on the seventh at Mersing, Kuantan, and Khota Baru have shrugged off attempts by the British forces to repel their invasion. The BBC reports that a flight of Swordfish torpedo bombers achieved four hits on a Japanese transport. The ship, identified as AK Tosan Maru was reported to be on fire as the allied aircraft left the scene. Khota Baru was captured by the Japanese yesterday.
In the Pacific, Japanese forces invaded and captured the island of Makin.
The British battle cruiser Repulse who had, together with the battleship Prince of Wales left Singapore on the seventh, to confront the Japanese naval forces, has returned to port with heavy damage. To everyone’s surprise, it appears that the Repulse was damaged by air attack. No word on the status of Prince of Wales.

December 10 1941. Prince of Wales sunk!
Singapore, BBC. The BBC reported today that the battleship Prince of Wales, the most modern capital ship the United Kingdom had in the Southeast Asian theater, had been sunk today by enemy aircraft as it attempted to transit the Malacca straits. Twin engine bombers attacked it as it headed north east, off the coast of Georgetown.
South of Kure island, the Lexington task force stumbled upon a lone Japanese oiler, but the oiler managed to evade combat in low visibility conditions. Japanese forces have seized Tarawa and an invasion of Wake is in progress.

December 11 1941. Enterprise attacked.
The enemy carriers, presumably on their way back to Japan, have intercepted the Enterprise carrier force. 60 level bombers, with at least 80 escort fighters overwhelmed Enterprise’s fighters and scored two hits on the carrier. Heavy cruiser Northampton was also hit.
In the Philippines, Japanese forces land in Lingayen. The British colony of Hong Kong is under heavy attack by China based Japanese forces.
The Marine garrison at Wake Island has been overrun.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (1/31/2011 10:51:57 PM)

December 12 1941. Carrier Battle Near Laysan Is.
Sometimes in war, small, heroic forces achieve results out of proportion to their de-facto strength. Such was the case of the Lexington task force yesterday. CV Lexington, along with its escorts, heavy cruisers Astoria, Chicago and Portland, was steaming north of the island chain, trying to return to Hawaii, from its mission to Wake. The enemy carrier force that had attacked Enterprise on the 10th was lurking somewhere between Lexington and Oahu. Instead of heading directly east and presumably straight into the enemy carriers that were last reported south of the island chain, Lexington headed north. A scout plane identified enemy carriers north of the Laysan Island. Lexington launched all the attack aircraft it had at the enemy task force. Most of the fighters were held back, to protect the carrier against the inevitable Japanese strike to come. 36 dive bombers and 12 Devastator torpedo bombers were launched. The American fliers struck and struck well. Despite being outnumbered by the Japanese Combat Air Patrol, CAP for short, dive bombers hit the Japanese battleship Hiei with one bomb, Carriers Kaga and Soryu also received an egg apiece from our Dauntless dive bombers. Even better, two torpedoes from the Devastators found Kaga’s hull. Akagi, Hiryu and Shokaku, also present, escaped unharmed.
The Lexington task force however could not escape the Japanese retaliation. Lexington, hit by 9 bombs and at least 4 torpedoes was sunk, as were Astoria, Chicago, Portland, and the destroyers Flusser, Porter, Drayton, Lamson and Mahan. The entire task force went down in flames. What’s important to remember is that one American carrier faced five Japanese ones and sunk one and heavily damaged another.


scott64 -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/1/2011 1:40:08 AM)


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 5:30:47 PM)

December 13, 1941: Submarines everywhere.
An enemy submarine lurking near Oahu scored a hit on light cruiser Helena north of the island. In separate incidents, no less than three Japanese submarines prowl the northern approaches to the Hawaiian Islands. Available antisubmarine forces are being dispatched to deal with this threat.

Japanese invasions are in progress in Lingayen, Lae, Atimonan, Kuching, and Salamaua. The garrison in Guam surrendered yesterday in the face of overwhelming enemy forces. Legaspi and San Fernando were also seized by the enemy.
The Japanese forces continue to land at Kuantan in Malaya, although British pilots, flying 12 obsolete Wildebeeste bombers scored yesterday hits on four transport ships. One of them, tentatively identified as Kokai Maru received four bomb hits and is reported as sunk. Noto Maru hit twice is expected to sink. The other two ships received one bomb apiece and are on fire.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 5:32:03 PM)

Welcome to the AAR honorable opponent.
You could post articles from Asahi Shimbum, or transcripts from Tokyo Rose[8|]

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 5:50:05 PM)

December 14 1941. Hurrah for the RAF.
The RAF continues to score success after success attacking enemy shipping at Kua Flying obsolete biplanes; RAF pilots scored several hits on enemy shipping landing supplies and troops.
Altimonan, Kuantan and Tuguererao fell yesterday to the Japanese invaders.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 6:10:23 PM)

December 15th. The citizens of Pearl Harbor were happy yesterday to see BB California making steam. The naval office at Pearl informed us that most of the repairs have been completed and she is ready for service.
Salamaua and Kuching fell yesterday under the enemy assault.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 6:10:59 PM)

Here is the situation in the Philippines.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/2/2011 6:33:02 PM)

December 18th 1941. Lingayen falls.
It is a bad day for the United States and Filipino forces. Yesterday, allied forces were forced to withdraw from Lingayen. The Japanese now control the harbor. As soon as repairs are made they now have an usable port near Manila and the strategically important Clark airfield. Naga was also captured on the same date.
Japanese forces have landed in Maubari and Mauban.

December 19th. Mauban and Lucena fell today.

December 20th. Our British allies announced today that their fortress at Hong Kong, after heroic resistance, had surrendered to the Japanese. Victoria Point at the northern end of the Malay Peninsula also fell.
In the Philippines, Cabanatuan feel and Japanese forces started an invasion of Davao in Mindanao Island.

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/4/2011 7:57:46 PM)

December 21 1942. Heroism comes in many forms. Yesterday night, at the Philippine port of Davao, an enemy task force approached the harbor. It carried invading soldiers, aiming to occupy the strategically important city and harbor. They did not count with a small; even you might say tiny American ship. AM Penguin stood athwart the invasion task force’s track. The enemy turned around and fled. For at least another day, Davao enjoys its freedom and peace.
That cannot be said of Iba and Batangas that fell, later in the day, to the Japanese invader.

December 22 1942. Subs prowl Hawaiian waters. The British announced today that the small city and rail depot of Temuloh in central Indonesia has fallen to Japanese attack. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the Japanese invading forces have traded artillery fire with US and Philippino forces at Clark air field.
Nearer home, the waters around the archipelago teem with enemy subs. US Navy antisubmarine task forces that attempt to clear the waters are enjoying only limited success. Near Pearl, DD Balch was hit by an enemy torpedo. The stricken ship is returning to Pearl, with heavy damage. Despite a large escort of destroyers and minesweeping destroyers, xAK Florence D was hit by two torpedoes near Lahaina. The ship sunk. However it was not all a one sided battle. The asw TF composed of Bagley, Ralph Talbot and Mugford scored three hits on an enemy submarine. Although it was not reported as sunk, the road to the nearest Japanese base is going to be very long for the heavily damaged SSI-3.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/5/2011 2:55:31 PM)

December 23 1942. SouthEast Thrust. A big part of war planning and strategy is to outguess your enemy. The intentions of the Japanese were, up to now, clear. Seize the Philippines, to deny the US the use of the important naval base at Manila and the naval shipyards at Cavite. Seize Malaya and Singapore, again with its shipyards. Push into the Dutch East Indies and get the oil. Yesterday they did something, unexpected. An invasion fleet showed off Rabaul, at the northern end of the Solomon Islands. Is this an attempt to attack Australia? Or a distraction? Coastal defense scored quite a few hits as we shall see:         xAKL Hagoromo Maru, Shell hits 1 PB Takunan Maru #2, Shell hits 1,  on fire,  heavy damage PB Tama Maru #8, Shell hits 1       

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/7/2011 4:15:16 PM)

December 24 1941: Gloomy Christmas Eve.
It is indeed a gloomy Christmas for the allied forces in the Pacific. No good news are forthcoming. Alor Star, Aparri and Nauru Island were captured by the Japanese yesterday. The invasion of Rabaul continues uninhibited except for the coastal defense guns that continue to score hits, at least until the ammunition runs out.

December 25 1941: Moulmein falls.
Merry Christmas to all our servicemen fighting the Japanese all over the Pacific. On the border with Burma, the allied outpost of Moulmein fell yesterday, with the defenders retreating towards Pegu.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/7/2011 6:35:02 PM)

December 25 1941: Rabaul holds. Jesselton invaded. A battle plan does not survive contact with the enemy. The battle plan for war against Japan called for the US and Philippino forces to entrench themselves at Bataan Island and the Corregidor fortress, thus holding the entrance to Manila harbor under their powerful rifles. It would not help the invader to hold the harbor and the Cavite naval yard if their ships cannot get to it. This part of the battle plan seems to go well as the allied troops retreat in good order to the Bataan peninsula. The second part calls for the US Navy to come charging to the rescue of the embattled allied forces. The same US Navy whose ships lie in the port at Pearl Harbor, riddled with holes. How soon can an operation against the enemy held Philippines be mounted is an open question. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, operations proceed as planned.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/7/2011 7:00:03 PM)

December 26 1941. A task force slips out of Singapore. Three warships slip out of Singapore harbor during the night. The morning will find them far far away. In the morning, the citizens of Singapore find the naval shipyard empty, of at least its most famous recent guest.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/7/2011 7:00:33 PM)

For anyone interested.


scott64 -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 3:45:58 AM)

So that is where Repulse went off too. [X(][:-]

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 5:35:13 PM)

December 28, 1944. Three Hurrahs for the Dutch submarines!.
A Dutch submarine SS KXI patrols the narrows at the north entrance to the Makassar straits, between the island of Borneo and Celebes. The submarine is on the surface. In the dark, moonless tropical night, only the ship’s wake is lit by faint phosphorescence as microscopic organisms, disturbed by the ship’s passage light up for a few moments. A lookout spots something, only a dark bulge on the horizon that hides the stars behind. The hunt is on. The ship is identified as a troop transport. KXI fires and scores one hit on the troop carrier. As the escorts rush hither and yon seeking the sub, the radio operator dashes off a frenzied contact report. The submarine dives to reload, the escorts fail to establish contact and it re-surfaces, she and her crew are stoked, pumped up with adrenalin. In the cramped steel tube, the combined testosterone of its crew fuels their aggression. It must be a large convoy that is making its way through the back door into the Dutch East Indies. A cargo ship moves slowly in front of the ships tubes. She speaks again and a new torpedo finds its target. The submarine steals away in the night.
SS O-16 scores one hit on another Japanese Maru, near Tandjoengselor. Another ship that will not reach its destination.
Near Jolo, a small Japanese carrier task force, CVL Zuiho, CVE Hosho, CS Chiyoda, BB Nagato, BB Fuso, BB Ise, BB Hyuga meet an allied destroyer, Pope, escorting a single transport. In the night, both task forces evade, not before a signal is sent into the night sky. ABDA at Soerabaja knows what is coming.
In Malaya, Jesselton falls. Ocean Island also falls to Japanese amphibious attack.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 5:49:42 PM)

December 28 1941: Manila falls.
Tokyo Rose announced today that Manila fell to the Japanese attack. The War department issued a press release that confirmed this, although they declared that most of the forces had already evacuated the city to Clark field and Bataan according to the pre-war plans.
In Malaya, Kuala Lumpur fell to the Japanese.
In the Celebes Sea, two enemy carrier task forces attacked allied shipping fleeing the Philippines. TK Gertrude Kellogg and DD Pillsbury were both sunk by enemy carrier borne level bombers.
We now know the destination of the enemy task force attacked yesterday by KXI. Today they landed in the important oil port Balikpapan. They were hindered slightly by its defensive minefield that apparently scored a hit on one of the invading ships.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 6:01:06 PM)

December 29 1941: Japanese wipeout in Balikpapan.
Hooray and Huzzay! The Royal Navy scores its first victory in the Pacific war. Where the capital ships failed, the little warships could! Two light cruisers, Dragon and Durban, escorted by the destroyers Van Ghent, Scout, Thanet, Thracian, Encounter and Isis, dashed at full speed into the anchorage at Balikpapan and caught the Japanese invasion feet napping. The Japanese force was escorted only by two patrol boats, Busho Maru and Keiko Maru. They probably thought they had nothing to fear. There were no allied capital ships in the area, and the IJN controlled the airspace. The combat report transmitted to Soerabaja tells the story, in the laconic fashion traditional to the Royal Navy:
Night Time Surface Combat, near Balikpapan at 64,97, Range 12,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
PB Busho Maru, Shell hits 16, and is sunk
PB Keiko Maru, Shell hits 32, and is sunk
xAK Kizan Maru, Shell hits 21, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAKL Kofuku Maru, Shell hits 17, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Konan Maru, Shell hits 30, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAKL Nanko Maru, Shell hits 25, and is sunk
xAK Minryo Maru, Shell hits 1, Torpedo hits 1, and is sunk
xAKL Turusima Maru, Shell hits 8, heavy fires
xAKL Tainichi Maru, Shell hits 10, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Tofuku Maru, Shell hits 25, and is sunk
xAK Tosei Maru, Shell hits 19, Torpedo hits 1, and is sunk
xAKL Nichiryo Maru, Shell hits 17, and is sunk
xAKL Fukkai Maru, Shell hits 10, and is sunk
xAKL Totai Maru, Shell hits 14, and is sunk
xAKL Bichu Maru, Shell hits 12, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAKL Ryuto Maru, Shell hits 6, on fire
xAP Rakuyo Maru, Shell hits 2, Torpedo hits 2, and is sunk
xAP Horai Maru, Shell hits 4, Torpedo hits 3, and is sunk

Allied Ships
CL Dragon
CL Durban
DD Van Ghent
DD Scout
DD Thanet
DD Thracian
DD Encounter
DD Isis

Unfortunately it was not enough to save Balikpapan that fell to a determined Japanese attack in the morning.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 6:10:26 PM)

December 30, 1941: Somewhere in the Pacific.
A visitor to San Francisco would see the frantic activity in the harbor. Some convoys, are loaded Willy Nilly, with all the supplies, food, fuel, ammunition, guns, they can carry and sent off to their destinations in the Pacific Ocean. These are bound for large harbors where they will unload their cargo, which, once sorted, will be sent on, in smaller ships to wherever it is needed.
Other convoys, like 132 are loaded in a different fashion. It is called a war load. Units, guns, and supplies are married so that when they land, the men will have the precise equipment they need to fight, or build, whatever it is they are fighting, or building, wherever it is they are going.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/8/2011 6:20:08 PM)

Deceember 31st 1941: Annus Horribilis.
The world ends the year embroiled in a war with the forces of evil, and the bad guys are winning. They are not invincible, and the good guys get in their punches, if they bide their time.
Today is a good time to review the capital ships at Pear, and how their repairs are coming along.
The harbormaster’s office at Pearl informs us that the battleships will not finish their repairs at Pearl, rather, as soon as they are fit for the crossing, they will move to the shipyards on the West Coast, leaving Pearl Harbor available for the more urgent needs of combat operations.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/9/2011 2:09:52 AM)

January 1st 1942. Happy New Year.
The Imperial Japanese Navy had one last gift for our Australian allies on the last day of the past year. As the citizens of Sidney prepared their muted New Year celebrations, the skies over Sydney resounded with the shriek of air raid alarms and the roar of aero engines. 16 Kate bombers and 17 Dal dive bombers escorted by zero fighters attacked Sidney harbor scoring a hit on light cruiser Perth moored in the harbor. The antiaircraft guns, caught by surprise put up an ineffective barrage and the enemy aircraft returned to their ships with just a couple of airplanes damaged by near misses. Later in the day a second raid attacked the harbor and again scored a hit on Perth. There were no fighters on CAP over Sidney. The thought of such a daring raid, so deep into enemy territory being inconceivable to the Australian authorities.
In Malaya, Samarinda and Georgetown fell to the enemy yesterday.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/9/2011 10:57:58 AM)

January 2nd 1942. Sidney raided again!
Once again, Japanese carrier aircraft attack Sidney harbor. The enemy launched only one raid yesterday, but this time, it was much larger than the previous day. Assured that there were no allied fighters near, the Japanese carrier launched a full strike of 39 Kate and 41 Val bombers. Australian flak scored hits and near misses on the single engine bombers, with a total of eighteen planes reportedly damaged. This time however the enemy was much more successful.
For a start, earlier in the day, a midget submarine crept into the harbor and scored a torpedo hit on CA Australia. The air raid compounded the problem, in spades.
Canberra took 5 bombs, Australia four, in addition to the midget’s torpedo, Perth six, adding to the damage from the first raid. A tanker and two small cargo ships were also hit.
Rabaul still holds against the determined Japanese assault.
In the Dutch East Indies, baby KB launched an attack on CLs De Ruyter and Java near Kendari. The cruisers avoided the torpedoes and may have damaged some of the bombers.
In China, Hwaiyin is reported to have been taken by the Japanese.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/9/2011 9:58:51 PM)

January 3rd 1942. CV Enterprise lost.
Only yesterday did allied intelligence announce that CV Enterprise sunk on December 12th, as it was returning to Pearl. When only one or two days out from safe harbor, the emergency repairs failed, and the ship foundered. All of the crew were saved by its escorts, however the aircraft went down with the ship. It was considered important to hide this loss from the Japanese until the attacks on Sidney rendered the information moot.
The pesky enemy submarines continue to prowl Hawaiian waters despite the incessant efforts of several destroyer asw task forces to chase them down. Near Lahaina, on the second, DD Conyngham was hit by an enemy torpedo. The destroyer suffered heavy damage and is returning to Pearl for repairs.
In Malaya, the British retreat to the fortress of Singapore is almost complete. Allied forces are holding the Japanese back at Mersing, to allow for the last remnants of the British army to retreat to the Gibraltar of the East.
It is perhaps appropriate now to provide a map showing the current extent of the Japanese advance.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/10/2011 4:21:19 AM)

January 4th. Kiido Butai visits Sidney yet again. In a show of arrogance, the Dals and Kates of the Kiido Butai return to Sidney and attack the ships that sought the doubtful protection of the weakly defended port. Australia suffered four additional bomb hits and sunk, Perth, hit three more times is still afloat, but heavily damaged. Other ships were hit too. The naval command is caught between a rock and a hard place. They do not dare to send the ships elsewhere with the Japanese carriers prowling between Southeast Australia and New Zealand/ Noumea, but at the same time, they are sitting ducks in the harbor. Fighter have been requested from the US, and promised, but it takes time for them to arrive, assuming that KB doesn’t sink the transports that carry them. The long suffering citizens of Sidney wonder where the vaunted American carriers are. In Malaya, outgunned, outnumbered, flying obsolete aircraft, and confined to the southern corner of the island, the RAF proves that it still has fight left in it. 10 Vildebeest biplanes, escorted by 8 of the, by now proven inadequate, Buffaloes, fought through an escort of eleven Oscar fighters and scored two hits on AP Buenos Aires Maru and one on AP Asama Maru. Unfortunately they used bombs and not torpedoes, but the pluck of the British pilots cannot be overstated.    

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/12/2011 2:27:33 AM)

Jan 5th 1942
The obligatory visit from the enemy carrier aircraft repeated itself over Sidney. It would appear that the IJN is daring the US Navy to commit its remaining carriers to battle at a time and place of its choosing. To date, the US Navy is not responding.
Meanwhile, in other theaters, the war continues its progress, according to the Japanese schedule, of course. Japanese invasions were in progress yesterday at Manado and Mersing. At Mersing, the British Wildebeest tried to attack the invasion fleet but this time, success was not to be had. 12 plucky biplanes attacked with a puny escort of three Buffaloes. Only four torpedo bombers returned, and two fighters, for no ships hit.
The US Navy might be unable or unwilling to commit its carriers near Australia but one of its submarines scored a hit on a Japanese merchant near Ominato, right on the Japs backyard. Yodogawa Maru was hit by a torpedo released by an unnamed US submarine.

scott64 -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/12/2011 5:30:53 AM)

I remember KB's visit to Sydney. [:'(] First and only time my midget sub attacked a nice juicy target. [X(][:D]

kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/13/2011 3:57:51 PM)

January 6th 1942, Allied forces report that Manado, Taiping, and Beaufort have fallen to the Japanese. There are rumors about that the US torpedoes may be having a problem. Reports of clear hits and failure to detonate are false according to the Bureau of the Navy.


kaleun -> RE: Muddling along. Scott1964 vs Kaleun (2/13/2011 4:06:35 PM)

January 7th.
The news is that KB did not attack Sidney on the 6th. The pesky Japanese submarines continue to prowl around the Hawaiian Islands and the US Navy destroyers continue to hound them.
In the Philippines, allied and Japanese forces continue to trade artillery fire over Clark field.
January 8th.
Rabaul continues to hold against the Japanese invasion. In the Indian Ocean, the British have withdrawn a wing of Wildebeests to the small base of Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. It seems they hope to bottle up the Japanese fleet and prevent it from sortieing into the Indian Ocean.
January 9th. Rabaul falls.
The garrison at Rabaul finally ceded control of the port to the Japanese invaders yesterday. Lark battalion and the Rabaul base garrison are withdrawing in good order towards Gasmata.

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