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Duck Doc -> difficulty level (1/29/2011 6:50:34 PM)

So, there I was congratulating myself on my victory in Road to Smolensk on Easy then I decided I could move up to Normal. There is a huge difference in the jump. I am having to learn all over again. Not whining at all. I have been moving & not much time for gaming but at least I have had some opportunity to plug away at this one. The addiction potential of this game is over-the-top.

Josh -> RE: difficulty level (1/30/2011 12:05:40 PM)

Same here LOL, and to think that the Devs play on hard/challenging [:D] where I find "normal" already .... uhm, challenging [:)] [:)]

siRkid -> RE: difficulty level (1/30/2011 12:20:48 PM)

I always tested on challenging.

stewart.bragg -> RE: difficulty level (1/30/2011 11:44:13 PM)



I always tested on challenging.

Show off[sm=innocent0009.gif]

ParaB -> RE: difficulty level (1/31/2011 8:41:03 AM)

IMO easy difficulty teaches you a lot of bad habits that you need to unlearn fast when you start 'really' playing the game. And playing on 'normal' or 'hard' is much more rewarding anyway.

Zovs -> RE: difficulty level (1/31/2011 3:35:21 PM)

I suggest when your ready (only against AI) to move up to Challenging as from my testing experience it seems to well challenge you a bit more, or I should say more closely to a human player. Just bear in mind if you decide to began playing against humans to not learn too many bad habits. To discover this take a smaller scenario say the Road to Minsk 3 turn one and set it to Normal and play both sides fairly. You'll soon see ways to 'hurt' the other side if your objective enough. Although, with playing experienced players who want to 'punish' your mistakes you'll learn a lot as well.

Some examples, in the testing area we have a new scenario to test that has the Soviets doing Uranus, first I tried challenging versus the AI and was able to learn parts of the scenario as a Soviet (where and what type of attacks) and then BigA and I started and I forgot how crafty he is and in our first test I found I could not pocket him, even though he employed a hold at all cost German defense. From just these few tests we were able to tweak things here and there. Now BigA and I are going to have a rematch, but prior to that I set the game to Normal and played both sides. Two other testers were able to create a pocket on turn one, but both were pretty weak against a BigA type player, so I am still trying to 'perfect a tactic and strategy to make a pocket on the first turn and cause BigA some headaches.

The main point is if you play a smaller scenario from both sides (or even say the Barb scenario) for the first 3-4 turns you'll see the capabilities that you can or can't achieve to one degree or another versus a human player.

Sometimes I'll get fustrated in trying to crack a BigA player and set the game on Hard or even impossible to get some ideas on how to smack a BigA around or avoid him a bit.

Jakerson -> RE: difficulty level (1/31/2011 5:24:33 PM)

I have played all my games so far with Normal difficulty today I tested easy difficulty first time and I could say that easy difficulty games could really teach some very bad habits that punish you later when you go against human opponent.

Easy teach not to care many things that are very important on harder difficulties like logistics.

In easy difficulty Campaign 41 Iím playing Germans my tanks are rolling in the sub-urban of Leningrad at turn 2 of campaign this is not possible in normal difficulty.

Duck Doc -> RE: difficulty level (2/1/2011 2:51:29 AM)

Good points all. I played Road to Minsk on Easy until I got the mechanics in hand then went on to Road to Smolensk. I played a couple of times on Easy until I got an decisive victory & realized it was time to move up. I am plugging away on Normal & making some progress. I agree that the style of play that Easy teaches will get you creamed on the higher levels. However I think Easy is a good place for those of us new to the game to get started. If I played from the beginning on Challenging I would probably have been too frustrated to continue. I appreciate all responses. This may be the last wargame I need ever buy.

Duck Doc -> RE: difficulty level (2/14/2011 12:30:15 AM)

Ok, that only took about 2 weeks on Normal for Road to Smolensk as the Axis for a victory. Using supply buildup was a huge breakthrough. Also I had to learn how to keep the infantry moving east to support the panzers. I disagree about learning bad habits on Easy difficulty though. I didn't have any significant ones crop up. I find that I am learning incrementally as I play & that will have to do. It has been helpful for me to keep playing this one scenario. I am very respectful of the ai & I suspect a decent Soviet PBEM player would make mincemeat out of me.

I am letting it hang out a bit by posting my progress to encourage other dilettantes & others easily frustrated & even others retarded like me.

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