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osiris_slith -> Windows 7 and JTCS (1/7/2011 9:27:29 AM)

Hi All

I just installed windows 7 and the game plays fine except on scrolling it the graphics seem to fold a bit and when I hit the movement button to see how far I can go it shimmers quite a bit in the darkened areas. Is there going to be an option for a windowed version for this game because both WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT have a windowed option built in and the graphics are just fine on Win 7. I think it would be a really good idea


Jason Petho -> RE: Windows 7 and JTCS (1/8/2011 4:44:10 AM)

I've asked for a Windowed option, yes. How long it will take to come into effect, I am not sure.

Regarding your scrolling issue.

Go to the game folders and on the West Front.exe (for example) right click, properties and in the compatibily tub choose to run as Windows XP Service Pack three. Do that for ALL of the EXE files for all the games and it will fuction fine. Also choose to Disable Visual Themes, Disable Desktop Compostion and Disabable Display Scaling on high DPI settings.

I have a new machine with Windows 7 and that was what fixed it.

Good luck
Jason Petho

countblue -> RE: Windows 7 and JTCS (1/9/2011 3:06:38 PM)


Thanks Jason.
I had the problem only in the map editor.
I missed somehow the point of activating it for all three exe files.
You brought me back on track and its 100% fine now.


Jason Petho -> RE: Windows 7 and JTCS (1/9/2011 9:15:34 PM)

Glad to help and happy to hear you're 100% functional!

I'll make this post a sticky for those with Windows 7.

Jason Petho

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