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bwheatley -> please fix search (1/6/2011 2:47:48 PM)

it's been boned for me since before christmas. If you can fix it or give me access so i can fix it that would be wonderful. It's extremely hard to navigate the forums without a search function.

Terminus -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 4:39:06 PM)

The search function has been useless for years. It's the size of the place.

Lützow -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 6:07:14 PM)

Actually, such a funktion is not necessary. Using Google with: "your search string" site: works as well.

JudgeDredd -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 6:46:22 PM)

the fact that such a function is not present on a website in 2011 is, to say the least, ridiculous. I don't know what language is being used to program Matrix forums....but it needs updating if something as simple as a search function isn't working.

Granted - it's a low priority - but only if you don't want to/need to use it...a website in 2011 hosting a forum should have a decent search facility

JonBrave -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 7:55:50 PM)

...and i thought it was just me, i don't think it's worked since 2006 when i joined... though what "it's the size of the place" has to do with it i don't know, it just never finds anything...

but, as lutzow shows with the google query, like it or not that's going to be the best way to do a search!

dethlin -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 11:32:49 PM)

Please fix the search function. A forum that is not searchable for this long is joke.

apathetic lurker -> RE: please fix search (1/6/2011 11:54:32 PM)

No ! Don't fix it....I makes this forum "special" .......

parusski -> RE: please fix search (1/7/2011 12:35:22 AM)


ORIGINAL: apathetic lurker

No ! Don't fix it....I makes this forum "special" .......

That's the spirit. DITTO.

bwheatley -> RE: please fix search (1/7/2011 7:29:49 PM)

weird for some people it's never worked for me it's always worked until before christmas.

Lützow -> RE: please fix search (1/7/2011 9:26:12 PM)

Even Matrix is going to fix this issue sometime (and get rid of the iis/asp crap), the database would be still slower than Google's search engine, as there are more than 1 million postings on this board. I really don't get why you guys deny to use Google with 'filetype:' instead. It's fast, reliable and serves same purpose. [&:]

JudgeDredd -> RE: please fix search (1/7/2011 11:20:19 PM)

Nevermind. Jeez....must just be me!

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