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Xxzard -> Hawaiian Invasion Plans-- What to do about Luzon? (1/3/2011 10:35:43 PM)

I'm working up a plan I'd like to implement soon in a game vs the AI aimed at taking PH through the "blockade, then invade" method of conquest. As this is to be against the AI, I'm not too concerned with deception; my intent would probably be pretty obvious to a human opponent evaluating the situation anyway.

The question I have is about Luzon. It seems clear that if I wish to take PH in decent time, I will need to employ troops originally intended for Luzon and much of the reserve undeployed force. Will the airpower projected from Formosa be enough to suppress Luzon's usefulness as a base, or will a forward base on Luzon itself (I'm thinking Vigan area) be required? In my experience, the A6M's out of Formosa usually give a good account of themselves, but flying at extreme long range takes a heavy toll, and I've had issues with escorts failing to escort bombers four hexes, much less fifteen hexes.

This potential foothold base might well be the only base I would sustain on Luzon until reinforcements become available, so it needs to be able to hold out in case of counterattack. How large do you think the detachment should be at this base to defend it properly? Vigan is a "rough" terrain hex, and engineers are plentiful in the area, so its defensive bonuses should be pretty decent.

wdolson -> RE: Hawaiian Invasion Plans-- What to do about Luzon? (1/3/2011 11:13:52 PM)

If you take a couple of the islands south of Luzon, you can keep Manilla and its approaches under constant air threat, which should keep the blockade of Luzon in place.


Xxzard -> RE: Hawaiian Invasion Plans-- What to do about Luzon? (1/3/2011 11:54:47 PM)

A fine idea! Perhaps I was focusing too much on the island of Luzon itself to realize that there are plenty of other available bases which achieve the same purpose without exposing troops to any threat of counterattack.

Well, does anyone have any other tips regarding other aspects of the HI amphibious operation?

inqistor -> RE: Hawaiian Invasion Plans-- What to do about Luzon? (1/4/2011 8:12:11 PM)

Search into AARs. Someone tried invasion on Pearl Harbor, and it seems, it would require most of Japanese army. Main problem is quick unloading, because there is fort with Battleship Guns in the base.

I actually made such attempt in original WITP. To get nearby islands it should be enough to send around 2 Divisions, and parachute unit, so it should not slow other expansions. Of course then, you will need plenty of air support, and planes.

I have used Midway, Palmyra, and Johnston Island, as jump points, but in AE they are just tiny 6k islands, so it will be harder. Just remember, that you will be fighting all of USA airpower, as they will have no other place to go.

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