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blackknight1916 -> Decompression error (12/29/2010 2:26:10 AM)


I got RUS as an X-mas gift but I cannot install it. It installs almost to the end but then tells me there is a decompression error. If I retry the same thing happens. If I ignore then the installation says it is successful but the game is not on the hard drive. If I abort, I abort.

The exact error is: "A decompression error has occurred (#1024) Unknown decompression error."

Any help on this?



Socialist -> RE: Decompression error (12/29/2010 3:54:18 AM)

I am sure the tech will give information..i havent had such an incident with the game but of course bugs can occur. Give it a day or so..they should respond.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Decompression error (12/29/2010 5:25:12 AM)

Is this with the physical copy or with a downloaded file?


- Erik

blackknight1916 -> RE: Decompression error (12/29/2010 7:09:34 PM)


I finally read the instructions and shut off my McAfee antivirus and i was able to install. [:D] Thanks for your time.

robertjgowans -> RE: Decompression error (11/22/2012 3:18:46 PM)

I had my computer into to be upgraded yesterday and now when I try to load War in the Pacific AE i'm getting a decompression message in Sound\1225.SFX it also has a hash sign 6 read/write failure. Any ideas as I am getting frustrated with this. It worked great before .

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