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maxrob200 -> NO AP left (12/19/2010 11:24:20 PM)

One of my characters have 0 action points despite being healed. This is in the Mission where they have teleported into the alien base and they are trying to disable the computer. The character is the computer whiz and he had 12 AP and then o. Ending turns restores all the others but not his AP. Seems like a bug

PhilSST -> RE: NO AP left (12/19/2010 11:31:50 PM)

Hi Rob,

This actually sounds as though everything is working as intended. Once you have the computer whiz operate the computer, he tells you that he will be tied to the computer for several turns, and that you will have to defend him. He does not get his AP back again until he has finished working on the computer. This is repeated for each terminal he has to hack.

If you feel my description does not match the situation you're seeing then please email at and attach a saved game which demonstrates the problem and I'll take a look at it.

maxrob200 -> RE: NO AP left (12/20/2010 12:41:59 AM)

I also got a message about the Teleporter card but none of the other guys can equip it even though it is in thier invemtory. I have ended deveral turns and still no AP points. I will give it another shot today and see how it goes with AP points

scottintacoma -> RE: NO AP left (12/20/2010 3:26:14 AM)

I had to get the card after first trying to use the computer.

gillmant -> RE: NO AP left (12/26/2010 4:08:02 PM)

Yeep, we also encountered this problem, by taking the card in advance, the solution to get this work is to: 1 Let the computer skilled soldier hack the computer, 2 Pick up the card with another soldier 3 Drop the card close to the computer hacking soldier, 4 When he is finished with the hacking, pick up the card with that soldier, and that should grant a sucess!

PhilSST -> RE: NO AP left (12/27/2010 1:34:08 AM)

I'm sorry, but I can't follow the descriptions given. If someone can please explain the problem in detail, I'll fix it. I'm close to marking the first patch done, and I'd like to get this included.

MIGMaster -> RE: NO AP left (1/8/2011 1:20:42 AM)

What happens is that if you pick up the card first and then hack the computer the tech soldier can't use the controller card.

I'm also running into trouble because even though I'm done hacking the computer my tech soldier never goes back to having any action points and I can't use the controller card to end the mission.

PhilSST -> RE: NO AP left (1/9/2011 3:07:28 AM)

I'm sorry, I completely misunderstood. I saw the level description of "inside an alien base" and there is actually a level set inside an alien base and you are hacking computers and your AP are taken away. That's why I couldn't put that together with cards, because there is no card in that level. I now realize that you're talking about the level set on the long bridge. I'll go see if I can find the problem now. My apologies for being a bit dense in picking up on the level.

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