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Paul McNeely -> Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/12/2010 9:27:10 AM)

Ok I'm a huge fan of WIR, played it for ages and think that WIR head to head is just awesome. War in the East seems a worthy sucessor though not sure about the head to head as turns are LONG. Possibly not as bad as WitPAE but darn close.

Played the tutorial and Road to Minsk these are good introductions. The mechanics of the game are good, I would prefer WeGo but that also would be far far more complex. Anyway it is a trick to get any new system but for the most part the undo button is vastly helpful. The information is there, so much that even after a read through the manual I'm still lost in a lot of ways but on the other hand on the grand operational level what number of 50 mm mortars and what their effectiveness is speils kiene rolle.

Having started a soviet 41 campaign I am finding the game goes smoothly (well as smoothly as a butt kicking of epic magnitude that dwarfs even the british in the malaysian jungle can go). It is a sobering a thing as watching the first turn in WIR but this time the soviets can actually win battles so you can fight a withdrawl, in week 2 I bagged an over-extended German Pz division even...though the AI was moronic to let it remain totally surrounded. The difficulty is sorting out the command structure and imposing order on chaos...something that both sides suffered from in reality. The ability to move factories is very nice, so far I've been agressively moving stuff eastward. And trying to emplace 3 Fortified zones per turn to build up my defences.

What I would like to suggest for interface changes are:

1. A button to access the national air reserve. The only way I can see to do this is through the commanders report and the writing is small and it is hard to read. I would rather have something more like the standard pop up pannel report that lists the groups broken up by type (fighter, ground attack, transport, level bomber, fighter-bomber, and recon). This for the russian is a real must at the moment I'm not sure what I have in the national reserve but 3 turns in it can stay there and train more as far as I am concerned.

2. The ability to click on a unit from its HQ panel and have the map move there so you can find dispersed units easily. It is very easy with routs to end up with a Corps scattered all over the place and I spent a lot of turn 2 re-assembling the Northwest Front for example...and the Western Front is still in the process of trying to get back together.

3. A way to say "remove all combat units" so you can see only the HQ units. Trying to find say the 3rd Army was a major pain.

I've been reading about the WW2 eastern front for years and this looks to be a wonderful simulation of it though. Finally it looks like you can really play the soviets with a feeling for what it was like then. Also it seems to have agressively terminated a lot of the gamey crap that I saw done in WIR.

elmo3 -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/12/2010 1:09:54 PM)

1.  The National Reserve screen is used to assign air units to air bases.  You normally access it by right clicking on an air base in the unit bar and then clicking Assign to bring up the Nat'l Reserve screen and assign an air unit to that air base.  So it's more of an actual working screen rather than a summary screen like the Commander's Report.

2.  Not sure what you are asking for here.  If you click on an HQ then all of it's subordinate units are highlighted on the map in various colors depending their range.  Does that not do what you want?

3.  Ctrl-1 highlights all HQ's on the map in various colors.  In addition you can hit "h" to bring up a search window to find any hex/unit/city/airgroup.

Hope that helps.

Paul McNeely -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/13/2010 6:13:41 AM)


1. I'd like to be able to access the status of the group and work with it (change planes etc) from a summary panel that doesn't cause eyestrain or else doesn't require me to go into a unit to do that. A sub pannel of the OOB would work as well. Perhaps I'm just not explaining it well enough. But I have nothing outside of the commanders report panel to tell me what is actually in there.

2. When the intial attack scatters units all over the place or I accidently move one some place it can be difficult to find the units again. The map highlighting works well when all the units are close and for that it is wonderful.

3. Ahh...didn't catch that in manual (not having a paper version hurts for these sorts of things). The search function will be invaluable.

1.5/3 is pretty good and better than my soviet divisions are faring! Thanks.

samspackman -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/13/2010 6:24:40 AM)

Would it be possible to have an overlay which shows up the command structure by having lines between units and their HQ, similar to Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi? I have yet to find another system which makes seeing the command structure on the map so easy.

rtb1017 -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/13/2010 9:00:24 AM)

I agree with the need to have a jump to unit feature as well as the remove combat units. I will suggest a step further which is to remove all non subordinate units so you only see the corp and its divisions or see the army and only the corp HQ's. I love the game though, I feel I will be playing this for years. I played WIR for three years and this one is even better. It took me an hour and half to plot my first turn.

PyleDriver -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/13/2010 6:01:32 PM)

Its really simple guys, besides the big picture, focus on one corps at a time. Keep them tight, maybe a few transfers, but keep it tight. If you do their a action packed force...Nobody punches with two hands at once, they lead with one, and follow with the other.

Dr. Foo -> RE: Impressions and a few suggestions for interface changes (12/13/2010 6:27:40 PM)

Cycle HQ's can we do this? I would like like to be able to cycle from HQ to the next subordinate HQ.

I would also like a Lock All HQ hot key (if possible).

When selecting units for a deliberate attack it would be helpful if units from a different corps could be highlighted in the unit info bar maybe orange just so we can quickly determine if the penalty is not worth it and deselected them if needed. Not a big deal since you can already tell but reading the unit info I was just thinking it would make things easier to do it at a glance.

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