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bink -> Next Patch (11/23/2010 5:56:45 PM)


I am contemplating purchase of this game, but there still seem to be a lot of issues being worked on, and I am waiting for the next patch.

Does anyone have an ETA for the next patch for this game? Is it likely this year, 1st quarter 2011, any sort of vague guidance would be great. Are patches still being developed for this game?


Tejszd -> RE: Next Patch (11/28/2010 6:41:13 PM)

Don't know an ETA of the next patch but with the latest beta patch available 4.50.10b the game has most of the kinks worked out of it.

Getting the game now will give you a bit of time to learn/practice and then you can start a full GC using the next patch....

Platoon_Michael -> RE: Next Patch (10/3/2011 12:10:22 PM)

Any word on when the next patch is coming and what it will cover?
Been awful slow in the forums these days.

Tejszd -> RE: Next Patch (10/4/2011 1:43:16 AM)

The next patch came out June 2011 after the above the posts;

Is there a particular fix you are looking for?

Other than patches GJS and Meuse mods are being ported from CC5 to TLD and should also work on WAR with the latest patch applied....

Platoon_Michael -> RE: Next Patch (10/4/2011 12:19:02 PM)

There is still the graphic error on the Main Screen/
The one that has the wheels of the German Half track under the Sherman tank.

Tejszd -> RE: Next Patch (10/5/2011 2:37:14 AM)

[8|] you are right....

Platoon_Michael -> RE: Next Patch (10/5/2011 10:48:13 AM)

As always [:D]

Andrew Williams -> RE: Next Patch (10/10/2011 9:30:37 PM)

That graphic error is known and reported.

There are no plans to release a patch at present.

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