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Sharps9 -> Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [UPDATED 2011-4-18] (11/15/2010 2:35:57 AM)

I wasn't able to find any full-map scenarios that began six months after Pearl so I made one. This attachment represents the most accurate information I can find and my "best guesses" were Japanese divisions would have been located at the time.

If I didn't know a ship's exact location, it has been kept in port at Tokyo/Pearl/Colombo etc for the player to determine.

Designer bias warning: The Japanese player has a *slight* advantage in this scenario compared to other WITP maps. I felt that the additional subs, and reduced British ships due to Operation Ironclad add a nice touch. After all, most allied players would probably prefer the 12/7/41 start anyway.

I need help with:

1. Going through and upgrading the remainder of Allied ships through 5/42(Japan's are all set). DONE
2. Orders of battle for May 1, 2010, esp. in Burma and New Guinea NEEDS WORK
3. The Japanese invasion of China is relatively untouched; even though the frontlines didn't change much since 12/41. It has only been tweeked slightly. NEEDS WORK
4. A complete re-working of the Burma campaign for both sides. Esp. Japanese division composition and location. DONE
5. Locations of submarine patrols: detailed records are on Wikipedia for many individual sub patrols - they need to be integrated and guesses placed as to where those subs were on May 1. NEEDS WORK
6. A completely re-done Allied/Jap intelligence AI strategic commands; the scenario only needs a little more work for multiplayer, but creating a challenging, Strategic AI would make this a great scenario. NEEDS WORK
7. BBs damaged from Pearl Harbor are repairable to approximately the time it took them to be operational: DONE SOURCE


8. Slot save 69 (Freudian slip)
9. Jap 16th Div/65th Bde fighting Corregidor US hold-out units there until about May 8th.
10. Jap 30th Div historically garrisoning Southern Philipenes
11. Jap 48th Div moved from Korea/Philipenes to garrison Java/Sumatra
12. Jap 50th/21st Divs in New Guinea historical; again I need their exact locations. Kept in Lae for now.
13. Port Moresby/Tulagi invasion TFs and their composition is accurate - I left them unloaded so the player may weigh the value of attacking historically. The Allied Carrier TF location is at sea historically accurate as I have been able to find; the remainder of ships are docked at Brisbane.
14. I went through and upgraded each ship (about 7,000). I realize that some may be upgraded to 1943 levels in error, as I misread the editor. I assure you I did it for both sides.
15. 18 additional Japanese I-200 and I-400 class subs to reward the long term Jap player for hanging in. Historically, the larger production run was planned, but canceled. No other ships have been added or planes changed.
16. Pilot Exp/Land Unit Exp and reinforcements have been added/upgraded for the various nations. However, there are still some gaps that can use revisioning.
17. Japanese May 1942 aircraft production was as follows: SOURCE

A6M2 86
A6M2- N 8
B5N2 5
D3A1 30
E13A1 9
G3M2 31 (the factories are converted automatically on 5/1 to G3M3s.
G4M1 31
H6K4 8
H6K4-L 1
H8K1 1
Ki-21-IIa 24
Ki-27b 51
Ki-36 18
Ki-43-Ic 51
Ki-44-Ia 0 (7 Tojos produced historically, although not available in-game until 9/42, I gave Japan an R & D boost instead)
Ki-46-II 18
Ki-48-I 29
Ki-48-IIa 3
Ki-49-Ia 12
Ki-51 42
Ki-55 63
Thalias 3

I have eliminated trainer production (about 2000/year) and upgraded Japanese aircraft and engine factories to reflect historical values (rounding off minor runs, of course)

Minimums (game prod. is slightly higher for stockpiles):
51 Nakajama Kotubuki
94 Hitachi (early)
78 Ha 31
112 Ha 32
137 Ha 33
24 Ha 34
220 Ha 35

524 aircraft per month. 716 engines per month.

18. British ships and Operation Ironclad (the invasion of Madagascar): CV Indomitable, CV Illustrious, BB Royal Sovereign, BB Ramillies, BC Renown, CA Devonshire, DD Inconstant, and DD Norman were historically not in the theatre on May 1 1942. They now have later arrival dates. However, the BB Warspite was repaired and returned to Colombo at the time.
19. Upgraded most aircraft in the game. However, a lot of US aircraft were untouched because historically they still had a shortage of planes in the Pac Theater. Priority is given to front line units.
20. Cities occupied by the Japanese have reduced manpower. ie., Hong Kong, which also has reduced industry. I feel its fair.
21. US 41st Infantry Division to Australia (thanks JeffK!)
22. 2011-04-11 VERSION 4 UPDATE: Fixed bugs, slight tweaks to game playability, updated South Seas Detachment Force to Rabaul, added Royal Thai Navy units (Graphics download a few posts down):

Thai Navy:
2 CA
2 CL
1 DD
12 TB
2 CMc
4 SS
1 TK
1 AS

23. 8,000 political points for both Allied and Japanese. Approx 50 per day for ~five months.
24. Upgraded CV Shinano's aircraft capacity from 47 to its historical 139 planes (the player will have to produce the additional aircraft).
25. 2011-04-17 VERSION 6 UPDATE: fixed bugs, minor general improvements, updated Operation Ironclad units, removed DD Paladin (not in theatre), +350 light Industry on Jap home islands, added several more ships for Japanese:

E RM Eritrea
SS U-862, U-181
SS Cappellini, Torelli

26. Coming Soon: US/Jap Ace pilot tweaking for higher propensity towards Ace status; Japanese-American Internment Camps in the US, AM Lepanto, AM Carlotto, U-219, U-195 etc...


JeffroK -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [In Progress] (11/15/2010 6:47:45 AM)

Australian Army May 42, a few are in transit from the southern states to Queensland or to the Northern Territory

I cant use the link you gave:

If you have any queries or missing units send me a PM.

Locations in brackets are AE locations.

HQ First Australian Army                  Toowoomba  
Army Troops
101 AA Rgt          Canterbury (Sydney)
2 Hy AA Rgt  -
4 Btty Laverton (Melbourne)                          
5 Btty Williamtown (Newcastle)
3 Lt AA Rgt     
3 Btty Townsville
113 Lt AA Rgt 
17 Btty Townsville  
2 Garrison Bn     North Head (Sydney)
HQ - 1st Motor Division          Rutherford (nr Maitland, Newcastle)
21 Fd Rgt                                Rutherford
102 AT Rgt                             Rutherford  
2 Motor Bde                           HQ at Dungog   (Either Newcastle or Amidale)
12 Motor Rgt              Coffs Harbour
15 Motor Rgt              Grafton
24 Motor Rgt              Stroud
16 Motor Rgt              Gresford  

4 Motor Bde               HQ  at Bowral   (Sth of Wollongong/Pt Kembla)
6 Motor Rgt                Nowra
7 Motor Rgt                Dapto
14 Motor Rgt              Berrima  
1 Motor Rgt                Dungog

2 Armd Rgt                 West Maitland      (Newcastle)
3 Armd Rgt                 Goulburn              (Canberra)

5 Australian Division              HQ at Townsville  
101 AT Rgt                 Townsville (and with Bdes)
11 Fd Rgt                    Townsville
5 Fd Rgt                      Townsville  - Moving to Darwin
17 Fd Rgt                    Grovelly (Brisbane)
2/3 Fd Rgt                   Darwin – Moving to Townsville
2 Recce Bn                  Beenleigh (Brisbane)  det at Townsville  
11 Infantry Bde 26, 31 & 51 Bns at Townsville
29 Infantry Bde 15, 42 & 47 Bns at Townsville
7 Infantry Bde 9, 25 & 61 Bns Brisbane area moving to Townsville by 13 May  

I Australian Corps                   HQ Esk (Brisbane)
2/9 Fd Rgt                               Adelaide
2/11 Fd Rgt                             Tanunda (Adelaide)
2/1 Med Rgt                            Angaston (Adelaide)
2/1 Pioneer Bn                         In transit to Kilcoy (nr Brisbane)    

3 Australian Division              HQ Bonegilla (Albury) moving to Brisbane
2, 4, 8 Fd Rgt                          Bonegilla moving to Brisbane
106 AT Rgt                             Bonegilla moving to Brisbane  
8 Recce Bn                              Bonegilla moving to Brisbane  
4 Brigade 22, 29, 46 Bns                         Chermside (Brisbane)
10 Brigade 24, 37 & 52 Bns                      Bonegilla moving to Brisbane
15 Brigade 57/60, 58, 59 Bns                    Bonegilla moving to Brisbane  

7th Australian Infantry Division     Tenterfield   (All 7 Div units Nr Armidale)

2/4 Fd Rgt                               Glen Innes
2/5 Fd Rgt                               Tenterfield
2/6 Fd Rgt                               Casino
2/2 AT Rgt                              Tenterfield
7 Div Cav Rgt                         Glen Innes
2/3 MG Bn                              Adelaide (reforming)  
18 Brigade 2/9, 2/10, 2/12 AIF Bns          Tenterfield
21 Brigade 2/14, 2/16, 2/27 AIF Bns        Glen Innes
25 Brigade 2/25, 2/31, 2/33 AIF Bns        Casino  

1 Motor Bde 5, 11 Motor Rgts                     Cooroy (120km N of Brisbane)    

II Australian Corps
12 Fd Rgt                                Parramatta (Sydney)
1 Med Rgt (-)                          Holdsworthy (Sydney)
A Tp, 1 Med Rgt                       Newcastle
48 Infantry Bn                         To arrive Sydney 10 May  

1 Australian Division              HQ Burwood (Sydney)
9 Fd Rgt                                  Wallgrove (Sydney)
19 Fd Rgt                                Ingleburn (Sydney)
111 AT Rgt                             Narellan (Sydney)  

9 Brigade 17, 18 Inf Bns 7 Grn Bn         Wallgrove  (Sydney)
28 Infantry Bde 20, 34 Inf Bn, 13 Grn Bn       Mt Kiera, Wollongong
31 Infantry Bde 1, 45 Inf Bns                  Narellan    

2 Australian Division              HQ Parramatta (Sydney)
7, 14 & 18 Fd Rgts                 Sydney
104 AT Rgt                         Sydney     
21 Recce Bn                        Wagga Wagga  
5 Brigade 5, 54, 56 Inf Bns       Sydney
8 Brigade 30, 35 Inf Bns          Sydney
14 Brigade 3, 36, 55 Inf Bns      Sydney    

10 Australian Division
1 Fd Rgt                                  Greta (nr Newcastle)
20 Fd Rgt                                Newcastle
103 AT Rgt                             Newcastle  
1 Brigade 2, 13, 41 Inf Bns           Greta
32 Brigade 4 Inf Bn, 8, 20 Grn Bns    Newcastle    

III Corps  ( at 24 April 42)
44 Bn Group (Special Mobile Force)     (Perth)
25 Motor Rgt
3 Lt AA Rgt (- Bty)
106 Lt AA Rgt
109 AT Rgt    

4 Australian Division
3 Brigade     Midland Junction    (Perth)  
13 Brigade    Chidlow                  (Perth)    

Northern Territory Force (Later 12 Division) (many units were at a grid reference in the bush and not properly located, ingame I’d have most troops in Darwin, I’ll have to scratch up som better details)  

Force Troops 19 Light Horse MG Bn
East, West & Emery CD Bty
2/12 Fd Rgt
147 US Fd Rgt
1 bty, 148 US Fd Rgt
14 AT Bty
2, 14, 22 AA Btys
102 US AA Bn
1 Lt AA Rgt  
2/4 Pioneer Bn  
3 Infantry Bde 19, 27 Inf Bns
23 Infantry Bde 7, 8, 43 Inf Bns  

2/4th  Independent Coy  

NTF Special Recce Unit  (later 2/1st NAOU)  

JeffroK -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [In Progress] (11/15/2010 6:58:57 AM)

I'll dig out the US Forces in OZ and Forces in NG files as well

JeffroK -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [In Progress] (11/15/2010 8:42:55 AM)

USAFIA   (United States Army Forces in Australia)

As at 1 May 42, no locations known for most.

Combat Units only. Service Troop info available
Northern Territory
102 CA Bn (AAA)   HQ & 4 Bttys @ 12 x 50cal
147 Fd Art Rgt      HQ & HQ Btty - 2 Bns @ 12 x 75mm
148 Fd Art Rgt      HQ & HQ Btty - II Bn 12 x 75mm

208 CA Rgt (AA)   HQ & HQ Btty    12 x 3", 5 x 37mm & 42 x 50cal
41 CA Bde as controlling HQ
94 CA Rgt (AA)     3 Bns   -  24 x 3" & 48 x 50cal
104 CA Bn Seperate) AA   4 Bttys x 12 x 50cal

Victoria (At Darley camp, app 50km west of Melbourne)
41 Infantry Division (Not complete at 1/5/42, completed by 15/5/42)
167 FA Bn      12 x 105mm
A Co - 116 Eng Bn
162 Rgt
163 Rgt
641 TD Bn (Lt)  36 x 37mm AT & 18 x 50cal AA

Sth Australia
32 Infantry Division  Complete by 15/5/42, I dont have 1/5/42 info
632 TD Bn (Lt)

West Australia
197 CA Rgt (AA)  less 1 Bn      12 x 3", 4 x 37mm & 42 x 50cal

New South Wales
754 Tank Bn         1 crew

Maple  (code name for something!!)
101 CA Bn (AA)       48 x 50cal

derhexer -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [In Progress] (11/20/2010 9:43:10 PM)

Hey, Sharps9, I'm looking forward to a May 1, 1942 full map scenario. But, I can't get the link you supplied to work!. When I click on download file I get prompted to enter a string of letters that are supplied, I enter them, and nothing happens.

Can you help??


Sharps9 -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [UPDATED] (4/10/2011 4:59:08 AM)


Sorry for the delay guys, I was finishing grad school and stepped away from gaming for a while.



NOTE: Previous versions do not have Thai ships. If you don't see them in Rangoon, you have the old version (with a bug or two), so please download the link in the first post.

Major SNAFU_M -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [UPDATED] (4/12/2011 5:19:19 PM)

Thanks for making the time to create this scenario!

Mont -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [UPDATED] (4/16/2011 12:52:43 AM)

Hi sharps9, thanks for your work, having a look at things, using Nikademus's may 1942 start at the moment, but you have given me some insight into things, like how you have incorperated the Thai ships, operation Ironclad, and damaged ships from pearl harbour. I would move those Aussie units in India to Australia, and abandon Akayab to the Japanese, I believe the british did this on may 4 1942, but thats just my take on things. I have worked Nik's may 1942 start over alittle just trying to be more historical, noticed that Nik's has the British retreat from Burma completed, and yours is in the middle of it. Again thanks for your work.

derhexer -> RE: Sharps' May 1, 1942 start [UPDATED] (4/16/2011 3:54:58 AM)

thanks for creating this [:)]

You have made it clear the precarious position the Allies were in in May, 1942. I'm going to play the Allies for a while an see if I can get some shots in at the Kido Butai while maintaining my forces.

Then I'm going to start over as the Japanese by unleashing my subs at Hawaii and the West Coast of the US, while driving southeast to take Noumea and Fiji

(just a pawn in the great game of life)

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