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PAWMatrix -> Endurance (10/23/2010 2:01:56 AM)


When design a ship class, Speed is in knots.

Endurance says miles, is it really miles or nautical miles?

I am guessing it is miles.


el cid again -> RE: Endurance (4/29/2011 8:16:50 PM)

One of the problems with the design is units are not entirely well defined. But it is possible in a scenario design to integrate these matters. When doing RHS, on advice of (later lead programmer) Joe Wilkerson, we used nautical miles for everything - including the maps. That way values in the fields were in sync with the display. Probably the base design uses miles - although the field for speed being in knots calls that into serious question. I think the original design was very sloppy in that - and several other - respects. But for simulation purposes, it may be fine to enter speeds in knots and navigate in land miles: there is always a certain amount of inefficiency - so the speed indicated by RPM is not the same as speed in the water. It might be good simulation to let there be a difference between the data field and the map definition you are using. What is truly good is to be aware of what you are doing - and to do it deliberately.

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