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Keunert -> RE: Feature suggestion list (6/12/2012 5:56:57 AM)

there are many DC1 forum contributers in the DC2 testing. expect a lot, you will not be disappointed!

WilliePete -> RE: Feature suggestion list (6/12/2012 3:09:33 PM)

Thanks, Keunert! I appreciate the reply. I'm bummed out that I did not get selected for testing :( However, I'm sure it will be more of a surprise for me when it does come out!

Can you give any insight about how DC2 is better in your opinion? Any tidbits that you personally found to be improved on would be interesting to hear. I understand that you might not be able to reveal much though. How robust is the editor? I hope that it will be easy to use so we can see a greater range of scenarios from the players. Can you say how close we are to release? I'm obviously following DC2 closely. I enjoy it more than WitE.

MikeGER -> RE: Feature suggestion list (7/28/2012 1:11:07 PM)

*UI: a clock showing the system-time (probably in the top bar of the game-window, left to Min/Close buttons) with an on/off option in Preferences of course

...its very easy to get into the Flow with DC:WtP and forget about the RL-time (and the in RL-'OKW's orders too, aka 'the Missus' tasklist [;)] )

hank -> RE: Feature suggestion list (7/29/2012 12:29:05 PM)

This is probably too late for 1.5 but now that I've reloaded DC:WtP and started playing again the combat results screens once again confuse me.

With the Combat Numbers option on, the primary Combat pop up shows small numbers in white below each type of unit involved in the attack and defense. With Combat Numbers off you get "roundels" or dots below each unit. Then after the combat is complete, you get either red numbers next to some of the units (both offense and defense); or red dots next to the white dots.

What do these indications mean?

Also, when clicking on the Details tab, there is so much stuff to look at it overloads my feable mind.

A summary at the end of each combat would be helpful taking into consideration FOW issues with regard to enemy losses. At least knowing what my losses are would be nice.

Another minor item I recall from the past, a unit engaging in a battle of several days or weeks/month has no way to be refitted and reinforced after it has taken losses during combat. Is that still the case?
It would be nice to pull a unit off the front lines to raise its fighting capacity back up incrementally (probably not to 100% but incrementally).

I can't comment on a campaign in these regards since I've never got past the battles. (I probably should)

Other than that, all is good. (this is an issue I seem to recall brought up way back after its first release)

Thanks and have a nice day

Templer -> Suggestions / requests (8/2/2012 6:21:12 PM)

Suggestions / requests
- Volume control.

Templer -> Suggestions / requests (8/3/2012 10:43:02 PM)

Suggestions / requests

If I go to certain cities, in this case Paris, then I want to see the city with the Eiffel Towerin in the the preview image in the binoculars.
This should be a matter of course!

Jagger2002 -> RE: Suggestions / requests (1/11/2017 1:21:15 AM)

I would like the option to set retreat percentage by individual unit rather than for the whole division. The best retreat percentage is dependent on the terrain. If a division is in a single hex with the same terrain, the decision is easy and correct. However if a division's units are spread out over multiple hexes and different terrain, often it is impossible to choose the appropriate retreat percentage. What is ideal for one division unit in one terrain type is suicide for another division unit in another terrain type.

It seems the simplest solution would be to keep the division wide retreat percentage as the standard. However offer a check button next to the retreat percentage which if checked would indicate the retreat percentage applies only to that specific unit.

I strongly suspect this change would generally help defense more than offense. And from my impression, defense needs every bit of help it can get.

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