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jetjockey -> FOW question (10/3/2010 5:18:39 PM)

What to make of this?:
About a month ago I put two 53cm torps into the HMS Formidable. She was initially reported as sunk, but a week ago this report was reported as an error. No problem here, she was torpedoed one hex out of Columbo and I expected her to make port. I thought Columbo would assist the Formidable with repairs, but this last turn she was once again reported as sunk. Is it likely that the Formidable would have lingered in port only to sink a month later, or can I expect to see her again?

cap_and_gown -> RE: FOW question (10/3/2010 5:53:36 PM)

You will see her again. What most likely happened is that she was being moved, probably to Capetown, while she still had some float damage and the turn in which she was reported sunk she saw her float damage go up. Check the report to see what hex she was in when she was reported sunk. This should give you an idea of where she was when the float damage increased.

jetjockey -> RE: FOW question (10/3/2010 6:31:17 PM)

She was reported sunk (second time) in 29, 48 (Columbo). I am raiding Columbo and I think I scared her into a TF, but that has now disappeared. I would like to add to her woes, but defensive CAP is rather thick.

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