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PAWMatrix -> AV - Seaplane Tender (9/24/2010 11:57:05 PM)


How does one use Seaplane Tenders?

How doe I get those Floatplanes onto Tender?

Do I have to change HQ or something?



Connfire -> RE: AV - Seaplane Tender (9/25/2010 2:08:54 AM)

AVs are not like aircraft or seaplane carriers. What they do is add Aviation Support to a base hex. If you are using a floatplane or scout plane group, they can be operated from a base hex even if there is no aviation support on the ground, or even an airfield, in the base itself - the AV in effect becomes their base. The aircraft themselves either have to be flown in or arrive on an AK or similar ship.

PAWMatrix -> RE: AV - Seaplane Tender (9/25/2010 3:29:22 AM)



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