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TheGreatRadish -> Boot Camp - First Mission (9/12/2010 10:39:57 AM)

I Bought the game last week and I'm delighted with it, it has really whet my appetite for Ostfront.

However, I noticed an issue with the Boot Camp, first scenario where you use smoke as concealment for an infantry rush over open ground to the church. It took me a few attempts to pull it off but I got there eventually. The problem was that I couldn't get the infantry to throw their smoke grenades. When I ordered them to do it they just stood there in the open and did nothing so I gave up trying and just used the mortar smoke exclusively.

Why would that be? Do certain conditions have to be met before they throw smoke?

junk2drive -> RE: Boot Camp - First Mission (9/12/2010 12:48:33 PM)

Its been a long time since I played the boot camp series. I'll take a look.

Meanwhile, when you open the orders menu, can you see CBE listed?

junk2drive -> RE: Boot Camp - First Mission (9/12/2010 1:07:44 PM)

Select the order Engage>Target>Smoke Gr>CBE and stretch the rubberband up to 30m away and click. Troops only get one smoke grenade.

TheGreatRadish -> RE: Boot Camp - First Mission (9/13/2010 11:22:27 AM)

Yep, CBE was listed.  It worked when I tried it again, and I swear they had smoke left to throw the first time [&:] (it happened more than once anyway).

No doubt I was doing something wrong [:o]

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