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JudgeDredd -> Vic (9/11/2010 11:01:00 PM)

Just wanted to say you've created a hell of a game here. I'm very much enjoying it.

I wasn't going to buy because I didn't get on with Advanced Tactics - but I'm very glad I did - it's a great game and I'm looking forward to further installments.

Well done.

dougb -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 1:25:55 AM)


ORIGINAL: JudgeDredd

Just wanted to say you've created a hell of a game here. I'm very much enjoying it.

I wasn't going to buy because I didn't get on with Advanced Tactics - but I'm very glad I did - it's a great game and I'm looking forward to further installments.

Well done.

I had pretty much the same experience with Advanced Tactics - was impressed with the design but it was a little too generic for my liking. I'm really enjoying this game and having fun both playing solitaire and the team game of Case Yellow. As with all software there are some things that I'd like to see implemented or improved but overall I think this is a terrific game and hats of to Vic for it.

Now about that corps level Eastern front game Vic...[;)]

Best wishes,


cmurphy625 -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 2:43:03 AM)

Also agree.. Great Game.. the Graphics are excellent.. far prettier than HPS.. and SSG (need to use a silly maginifying glass)... lot of Old Eyes on these strategy gamers!

Also the flow of the game is just right too, you don't feel like it's a 'burden' to do a turn...

You get a sense of enjoyment for each encirclement or when you free up and secure a supply line.. [&o]

Big Thumbs up!!.. looking forward to future installments!..

Duck Doc -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 3:08:04 AM)

Finally had a little time to get into the game. I have been pounding away at the Netherlands scenario & I am finding I am thinking about the game when I am away from it. This is a good sign. What is different for me is the experience of having to go around rather than staying to slog it out. I have to pick my fights pretty carefully & it is pretty easy for the enemy to choke off my avenues of advance. This game has a very good feel to it. Great job, Vic.

Vic -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 11:00:17 AM)

Thanks guys. Its always good to hear positive feedback. I'll keep working on the title to iron out the last remaining issues and make it close to faultless.

Best regards,

GlobalExplorer -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 12:04:05 PM)

Sorry that in almost every thread I complain about unused potential ..

But all the same, so far this purchase was worth every penny!

Great job, Victor.

Sgt.Fury25 -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 1:05:50 PM)

Yes Vicalso enjoying the game,well done.I wont post any fixes I'd like,seems like alot of them posted already.Thanks

vonRocko -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 3:50:21 PM)

I would like to add how much I am enjoying this game. It is refreshing to get a game that actually works! The past few purchases from Matrix have been something of a disappointment, they were bug ridden and unfinished. This game runs smooth! Just a few minor tweaks needed.
Thank you.

Def Zep -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 6:30:40 PM)

I agree with Judge Dredd & the others, Vic.

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg is a delight to play.

Advanced Tactics was close, but not really my type of game. Decisive Campaigns, however, is proving to be much simpler to grasp and "get into".

It's also much easier to navigate around than my other favorite WW2 series, SSG's Korsun & Across the Dneiper. Both are beautiful games in their own right, but I just find it so much easier to make a move in your game. Great work!

Thanks for making this game. I'm very glad I took the time to read about it here on the forums and buy it.

Duck Doc -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 7:35:57 PM)

Well, I just got a victory in the Netherlands scanario after too many ([:D]) hours playing. Victory came in a way I never thought about until I had played it through a few times. I like this Blitzkrieg experience a bunch. It is now on to Case White.

Best weekend gaming I have spent in a very long time. This game rocks.[&o][&o][&o]

GFelz -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 11:11:03 PM)

Indeed the game is technically very sound. Exceptionally well polished on realise. The subsequence patches are simply refining a wonderful game. What makes this title especially good for me is the subject matter. The early war years seem to be rather under examined. I appreciate the level of detail, that is to say, I can satisfy the nerd in me by examining the performance of each unit or step back and play corp/army commander. Finally, the very clever use of commander personality by using card play and proximity.

This gamer is a classic. It will stand the test of time. Thanks Vic.

hank -> RE: Vic (9/12/2010 11:27:27 PM)

I must ditto the Judge's comments. I think with some tweeks to the GUI and a few other aspects of this game it will be a great engine to play through every theater of WWII. (and maybe other wars) [&o]

Topo -> RE: Vic (9/13/2010 8:15:15 AM)

Agree, this is a very good game, thanks!

Krupinski -> RE: Vic (9/18/2010 12:04:16 PM)

i played a lot of wargames (old grognard), and i really like the feeling of this one. nice work.

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