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GFelz -> Maps oh glorious maps! (9/11/2010 5:24:06 PM)

Vic, could we have a "master" map of each scenario? A screen shot that shows the entire front. It would have to be a high res shot allowing for detailed zoom in. Maybe a file we could download off your/Matrix site. Would like to use it for planning. (psst, don't tell anyone, but I might print it off on the company plotter; 4'x8'! Muahahaha! Conquering Europe would never have been so much fun![:D]

Vic -> RE: Maps oh glorious maps! (9/12/2010 11:14:38 AM)

Interesting idea! I think i'll help you out soon.

Vic -> RE: Maps oh glorious maps! (9/12/2010 5:58:52 PM)

Posted the maps on the VR Designs weblog:

Def Zep -> RE: Maps oh glorious maps! (9/12/2010 6:18:03 PM)

Very nice, Vic.

Very helpful to use in planning moves and learning the scenarios.

Many thanks!

LuckyJim1010 -> RE: Maps oh glorious maps! (9/12/2010 8:35:27 PM)


GFelz -> RE: Maps oh glorious maps! (9/12/2010 11:00:10 PM)

LOL beautiful! Tyvm Vic! [&o]

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