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Tordan69 -> Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 7:32:17 AM)

"Once in the battle, players move regiments and divisions, coordinate attacks and manage logistics in what we feel is the definitive game on the campaigns of the early Blitzkrieg."

Hi there, Im curious about the logistics part of the game. What do you do to manage them and also what do you do with PP, which I presume is some sort of production points? I personally am not at all into managing production of material, deciding what units to "build" and such. I much prefer the here-are-units-make-use-of-them type of game, which is all Ive seen in AARs and screenshots.

jomni -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 8:07:56 AM)

Also curious on this one.  How similar and different is it from Advanced Tactics?

sprior -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 8:33:24 AM)

There is no production in this game.

PP is Political Points and is used to play cards, aka activate variants such as a para drop, scrapping the Dyle Plan or landing British troops in Poland (or indeed, stopping it).

Logistics is a fairly simple mechanism:

Supply flows from highest HQs to lower HQs and then to normal units. Supply can only flow
from its source HQ to a final destination unit within 250 action points of the original source.

If the distance from the original source to the target unit is more than 100 AP, only a part of the
requested supplies can be delivered. If more than 100, only 75% will arrive; if more than 150,
only 50% will arrive; if more than 200 only 25% will arrive.

jomni -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 8:49:20 AM)

What about replacements?
Does it come in the same flavor at AT?
Individual Infantry, MG, Tanks flow to HQ then from HQ to individual units?

Barthheart -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 11:45:51 AM)

No, it's not like AT at all. You don't produce any units.

You can sometimes "buy" whole divisions with PP to bolster your lines bu there are no piecemeal replacements.

Tordan69 -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 12:01:37 PM)

Thanks guys, all fighting and no building, nice ;)

Hexagon -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 2:16:36 PM)

Well, replacements are an important part in a campaign and they are missing, not all casualties are forever and missing soldiers and light injuried can return to the battle... this is another feature missing in the game.

PD: even they can return in add-hoc units [;)]

Barthheart -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 2:43:11 PM)

In Case Yellow scenario the French do start getting adhoc units after their losses start to pile up.

Tordan69 -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 3:45:19 PM)

Just to clarify my preference, I absolutely agree that replacements are an important aspect, at least over longer periods of time. I personally dont want to sit and control the "manufacturing" apparatus and I understand that this game is on the operational level i.e. I will by some mechanic be provided with additional forces.

Hexagon -> RE: Question about logistics. (9/9/2010 3:46:15 PM)

I see, dont know this feature, well, i only play small scens to know how work the game, long scens are for the near future when start to see first final patches, i want try the team gameplay [:D]

I think that for replacements an easy solution is add a replacements card (if isnt present now) that give a x% of replacements in a division/corp if you can buy a new division for the same cost you can send the same number of troops to existing units that lose points in experience to prevent exploits for example [8D]

EDIT: the game have the card system as easy way to add replacements, other option is add as for supply a % of replacements per division and a PR value (points for replacements) that you can receive as scenario design and trading PP for PR.

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