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Nebogipfel -> FG and WIN7 (9/8/2010 4:33:25 PM)

Iīve tested FG for 2 days under win7 and its running without any problems.

I decided to buy a netbook providing 1366:768 (After Capn. Darwin stated in an other thread, that FPME wonīt run on with 1024:600 )

You see we donīt forget you [8D]


IronManBeta -> RE: FG and WIN7 (11/28/2010 7:51:16 PM)

Yep, it runs great under Win7 if you have the 1.12+ version.  It is normal Windows app and so does not have fixed screen sizes.  The designed minimum resolution was 800 x 600 so it might just run nicely on that netbook but you really need1024 x 768 screen resolution.  This will be the specified minimum screen res for all future games in the series.  If I could cram it back into 600 pixels vertically I would, but it would just require way too much rewriting at this point!

Cheers, Rob

Nebogipfel -> RE: FG and WIN7 (12/3/2010 5:05:25 PM)

The second fine thing is, that FG doesnīt turn into a click-fest. Combined with the well developed UI, itīs a good game to play in bed without mouse [;)]

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