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Of course, Hitler deliberately chose not to try to take Leningrad. Under the Hunger Plan that Hitler adopted on May 23, 1941, he planned to kill 25 million Soviets, mainly civilians in the first six months of the war. He did not want to take the major cities of RUssia without massive destruction and thought it would be easier to starve the millions in Leningrad without taking the city. See "the Economics of Apocalypse" in Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder (Yale University history professor). With even an attempt to pose as a liberator, and without the desire to starve to death millions, he would have gotten very substantial support, particularly from the Baltics, the Ukraine and Belarus.

Such an alternate universe is not protrayed in this game, but at least the German commander can avoid tactical idiocies that arose from Hitler's racial theories and obsessions. It's a significant advantage.

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