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Naughteous Maximus -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/16/2010 10:22:37 PM)

Well, I would like to play the game with the AI as historically as possible, would that be "Normal" game play?

Sabre21 -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/16/2010 10:38:02 PM)


ORIGINAL: Naughteous Maximus

Well, I would like to play the game with the AI as historically as possible, would that be "Normal" game play?

I guess that depends on how you define historical. If you want pretty close to historical outcomes, then it would be based on your experience level. Joel pretty much covered that. If you want neither side to have any advantages as far as supply, morale, etc., then normal would be the way to go. That is what the tester's so far go with for a pbem game. While difficulty levels are primarily for games against the ai, you could tailor the game to give one human player or the other a handicap if you chose to do so.


Captain B -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/17/2010 11:02:48 AM)


Glad to see that I'm not the only one that wakes up dreaming about the game I'm currently playing. Heck, I sometimes get up early on vacation and get in a turn or two while the family is snug in bed...and while my coffee brews.

With 46th PzC, Any thoughts attaching them to one of the Infantry armies that has a few mech divisions in them and making a mini-PzG out of that army? Kind of a spearhead group for that infantry army?

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/20/2010 2:26:50 AM)

Sorry for the delay, once agian I had to wait for updates to the AI I sent. I will say Gary has worked very hard as all us testers send saves weekly...

T3 north...XXXXI PzC cleared the Baltic States, rail repair is quick as it has western rail gauge...Pskov region has formed defences and LVI PzC does short attacks and waits for more support.


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/21/2010 3:19:36 AM)

T3 center...9th Army is now on Hoths left and allows 3rd PzG to press east. Guderian gains a small bridgeheads over the Dnper. 2nd and 4th Armies are force marching...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/21/2010 3:29:33 AM)

T3 south...Kleist now has 4 PzC's. He sends two to gain bridgeheads over the Sluch River and fans two south to join the front with the Romanians...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/21/2010 4:00:30 PM)

T4 north...Estonia is tough to clear. XXXXI PzC split as the 36th MD hit across the land bridge between the lakes. Manstein's LVI PzC still presses around Pskov as 16th Army arrives at the front to support the next thrust...AGN was sent a division last week and now Reinhards corps of three divisions are entrained....Another note Models XXIII corp sacked the rear and 60th MD is soon to arrive...Do you guys see the beauty of getting 9th Army their quick, its good huh...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/21/2010 4:22:38 PM)

T4 center...Hoth trapped another 50k, but very little advance was made. Two new divisions are ariving for his command... Guderian rushed every unit he could across the Dnepr, however just getting across a major river absorbs all your MP's... Even though their force marching 4th and 2nd Armys are well off the front...


lbadal99 -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/21/2010 6:24:06 PM)

One of the tabs I see in the toolbars has an airplane with a parachute.  is that for dropping supplies or dropping paratroopers or both?  If you can drop paratroopers lets say to sieze a ky junction orbridge, do you need a parchute division to be ready for either the German or Russian Player?

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/22/2010 12:22:25 AM)

Ibadal99, post that question in Jim's (Jaw) Q&A, him or others will answer it there...They check it all the time and know most of the P's and Q's...

lbadal99 -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/22/2010 6:29:19 AM)

Pyle Driver, will do.  Thanks - lbadal99

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/23/2010 6:05:49 PM)

T4 south... The front was ripped open. The lower Dpner and crossing it is the goal... I haven't moved the Romny front yet...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/23/2010 10:29:51 PM)

I want to just say one thing about C & C. Its huge to keep in order and I stress every move with that in mind. Either its supply or attacks/defence if you keep it in order it helps bigtime. In 41 theres 24 command points for an army. A division is 2 points, brigade/regiment is one. So you'll see I keep my armies at those levels. Joel better knows the numbers of how it works. Joel would you like to add your comments...Please...

Neal_MLC -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/23/2010 10:35:06 PM)

How do you manage your air assets, manually or AI?

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/23/2010 11:37:52 PM)

Neal I'm not a big "Air Guy". So the AI handles most of that for me, other than moving airbases and commands. I like it that way as theres enough already to watch.

I will add, If you wan't to you can micromanage that also...

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/25/2010 3:07:47 PM)

T5 DAR...I wanted to show just how much thought goes into every move. The 2 pockets were cleared (65k and 400 AFV's). Kiev is the next step but how are they moved best...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/25/2010 3:32:47 PM)

T5 DAR...The Keiv attack plan. Not sure what you thought this is my plan...I still have 3 PzC's to play with, the 4th PzC needs to help clear my right flank...


Captain B -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/26/2010 4:21:23 PM)


Thanks for the detail, Quick you typically attack with the infantry units first (if available and they have enough MP) and then follow up with the Panzers. For example the "8-4" infantry division in front of your northernmost PzC will you conduct an attack with it first or pass your PzD through it to make your pocket and then seal the flanks with the "8-4" after the PzC has made the pocket.

And the "9-10" infantry divisions behind the line near zhitomir, do they have enough MPs to get to the front and soften up the enemy for the central PzC, or will you use them to seal the pocket when it is made by the PzC.

Not knowing all of the mechanics involved in the game (like how many MPs it takes to attack or even move across the various terrain types) it would be interesting to see a detailed blow-by-blow battle of one of these spearhead thrusts. Not all the detail, just which units attacked first, then which ones you followed on with.

I think it would help us all get a better idea of how much thinking is really involved for each turn. Can't wait til I get to exercise my grey matter the same way! Maybe I'll follow on in the general Q&A group and ask that someone do a detailed AAR on a hasty attack and a planned attack so those of us waiting can get an idea of what all planning needs to be done for each attack.

That I think will be the beauty of this game. Planning and C&C, just like in real life...and then being able to change your plan in mid-execution when opportunities arise.

Can't wait!!!

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/26/2010 8:59:00 PM)

T5 DAR...So goes the best laid plans. Your air recon is only so good and the Soviets had more stuff than I new and I didn't get the trap closed. Theres still alot of presure on Kiev, and reservers will have to be drawn to back up their area... Capt, your not far off about infantry breaking the crust. Its hard to form pockets two weeks in a row, while you infantry is clearing the rear...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/27/2010 12:12:07 PM)

T5 south...The Hun and the Slav corps arrived at the front. I wasn't sure where the throw them, so I just picked some gaps to fill the lines. The south is so much more time consuming than the north....


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/27/2010 7:59:25 PM)

DAR T5 north...Because rail repair is so rapid in the Baltic States XXXXI PcC, now short of 36th MD pressed the shortest route to Leningrad. I attached 36th to I corps for supply reasons, the gap between the lakes had to be pressed. Reinhards corp joined 18th army and is rushing to the front.


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/27/2010 8:16:59 PM)

T5 north DAR...No one skins an onion the same. The main thrust can come thru the Pskov area (pink arrow). I chose to do a fork attack (green arrows)...I really laugh at the post "is this game replayable", just this idea says yes...Theres a third option also, do I take all of 4th PzG thru Estonia?... Btw only 18th army and the two PzD's up north have been moved. Pskov is history soon...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/27/2010 8:58:32 PM)

I think I've said this, I am aggresive but very conservitive. Cover your supply routes and your flanks. Andy, who I think is the best player and tester we have, I and he will have a show down soon. Joel even though I haven't played him is #2 (he knows all the rules). So it's like the build up to say this is a much watch, coming to a network near you...I'd like to think I'm number 3 but there are so many new testers that make me wonder...Ok I'll shut up soon, there are some really smart guys behind this game. Pavel take a bow, I don't know what they pay you, buts it's not enough. He really made this game great. I remember a year or so talking to Joel about him joining, WOW what a difference he made. Tip of the hat Pavel...

hgilmer3 -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/27/2010 11:43:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: Joel Billings

I don't know of any game where an AI could provide any kind of challenge to an experienced player unless set to Challenging or Hard.

Hi, have we met? Me playing the AI looks like Popov going against Rommel or Kesselring.

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/28/2010 12:17:32 AM)

Well If I see anything really wrong I stop play and send Gary a save and wait for an ajustment. So its like me having to play Gary at times. It plays tougher than alot of players could...

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/28/2010 4:07:08 PM)

T5 DAR Model's XXIII Corps...His corps is highlighted in blue, 60th MD is now attached. Now I have the power on Hoths left. I have a fast moving rail repair that needs ground cleared (purple arrow)...


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/30/2010 7:40:42 AM)

Just an update, I hurt my back last week and have trouble sitting. Its getting better and should have some (ss's) soon...

PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (9/30/2010 4:35:37 PM)

T5...Pskov is leveled as Manstien presses north.


PyleDriver -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (10/2/2010 6:27:21 PM)

T5 center...Hoth sacked Vitebsk and closes a pocket with Guderian. 4th army now comes into play as 2nd army covers 2nd PzA right...


sillyflower -> RE: AAR Jon vs Soviet AI 41 (10/3/2010 11:23:10 PM)

Thanks for this -I enjoyed your earlier one too. Please can you post casualty list at a convenient point. I note German inf div strength varies from 16 to 8 in Pskov region. Is this because a few are 1/2 strength or is one particularly well endowed with support units?

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