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topeverest -> Soviet Sakhalin Starving (8/31/2010 11:23:09 PM)

Sc1 PatchG. july 42 PBEM Soviets not activated

The soviet portion of the island is bone dry of supply despite me turning off everything on the island some time ago. Is there something I am supposed to be doing? I am not aware of any commands I can order to the Soviets or any assitance that is allowed. IIRC, even if I could send supply convoy to USSR, I could not dock it in a port and unload.

IS this WAD?

Please advise.

erstad -> RE: Soviet Sakhalin Starving (9/1/2010 5:18:11 AM)

I'm in 12/43 in a game versus cuttlefish, and I have a little over 60K supply in Sakhalin. I built the forts out, didn't expand any air or ports yet.

Don't recall exactly what patch we started on, but there is 140 intrinsic, supply generation between the two bases, and another 44 in production. Seems to be enough for me. Does your game have the 140+44? Maybe some earlier or later scenario setup was different?

Magadan is in the red, though.

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