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PJJ -> RE: Hannibal: Rome & Carthage. 2nd AAR (9/3/2010 11:21:18 AM)

Looks like it won't be easy to beat the AI. Do you think it's still possible before the game ends?

Fletcher -> RE: Hannibal: Rome & Carthage. 2nd AAR (9/5/2010 3:54:20 PM)

I am pretty sure that would be very difficult, my first long-term game was a defeat too with Hannibal lost in a huge pitched battle, this time i followed a very conservative strategy to avoid that, and to let me sealift capabilities (lost in my first game versus a very aggresive AI at Sea).
I will follow and end with my game tomorrow :)
Best of wishes, and thank your for posting.


Fletcher -> RE: Hannibal: Rome & Carthage. 2nd AAR (9/6/2010 10:22:56 AM)


SENATE DECREE: SENT FORCES TO SPAIN.... !! (Are my hopes lost ?!)

Hannibal´s Army with only 1 Elephant unit, 1 companion Cavalry, 1 Heavy Africal cavalry, 3 African Infantry and 1 Spanish infantry unit is at Tarentum...the game will end this turn and I will not let the lost of this Army or the death of Hannibal.. I prefer to have on my hands Tarentum to risk to march over Latium with few chances (Rome Garrison with 6 militia units and 2 Praetorians elite units).

Other Carthage generals are at Carthage and I only can sent them to Spain.. I have no choices.. they will stand at Home due enemy huge spanish Army will defeat any forces that I sent (only one elite cavalry, 1 african cavalry and 1 african infantry are available there).

07 Naval Squadrons are patrolling the Mediterranean Sea, but, with no chances to sent forces to Italy, these naval forces will be unusefull now.

I end my command phase without any moves...

Recruiting Phase: 1 Italian Infantry and 1 Italian Cavalry at Bruttium to Tarentum (Hannibal´s army)


NO significances moves by Rome.. Crassus is with the huge Spanish Army and Valerius is at Rome...Naval squadrons move to Ionian Sea to join with Syracusan forces.

It was a very conservative play from my own.. I tried all time to preserve as many territories as possible to get enough recruits from Italy, my advice to Senate were severely damage from the lost of Spain.. They wanted to retake positions there but my will was to capture Rome with Hannibal´s Army with no risk to lost at enterprise. It was a new victory for the AI, in my first one, I played a very aggresive play trying to defeat all enemy armies at Italy, but I was defeated in a pitched battle with no option cards at hand and the kill of Hannibal was my defeat.

That´s a great game, and if you like the ancients, this will be your game !
Best wishes, and thank very much everybody for visits and/or posting.



Joseph_Nevsky -> RE: Hannibal: Rome & Carthage. 2nd AAR (9/27/2010 7:37:40 AM)

Your AAR is great!
Thank you very much, Fletcher [&o]

After reading it, I´m thinking to buy the game soon. But for now, I´m saving money (damn crisis!).

Kindest regards and take care of yourself, compatriot!
ˇHasta luego!

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