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Gribeauval -> AI and artillery (7/25/2010 6:55:10 AM)

I have played the battle of Kolin as prussian against the AI with the beta patch and with the official patch.
I have seen a big improvement : in the beta patch, the austrian AI moved its artillery units forward to get good fields of fire, but it forgot to unlimber the guns. Now, the AI moves its artillery forward and unlimbers the guns, that are no longer an easy prey for the prussian troops.
I would say that the AI is a competent artillery commander in the defense.

Unfortunately, I have tried to play Kolin again as austrian against the AI.
The AI has made twice a big fault : it has moved twice artillery units adjacent to austrian infantry in skirmish formation. The result is that the guns can't unlimber in the enemy ZOC (as stated by the rules) and can't leave the enemy ZOC ( as stated by the rules). The guns have been lost.

Could this point be corrected ? Apparently, the AI ignores the threat that units in skirmish formation represent.

Thanks for the work done in the first patch.

Javolenus -> RE: AI and artillery (1/9/2011 4:16:11 PM)

I have had the same experience with AI artillery. The AI frequently moves its artillery forward and leaves it limbered, ignoring threats. I have usually destroyed all AI artillery in first few moves.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: AI and artillery (1/9/2011 7:03:01 PM)

Javolenus do you download patch 1.12?

Javolenus -> RE: AI and artillery (1/10/2011 10:23:58 AM)

Hi PrinzHenrich - yes, I have latest patch. Sometimes AI handles artillery OK. And sometimes I handle artillery poorly and AI punishes me! But generally speaking I find that AI limbers up its artillery, pushes it forward, but does not unlimber quick enough. And so I frequently destroy AI artillery assets. I started going into editor and giving AI more artillery or more powerful artillery. I think AI is OK but even as a newcomer I haven't lost a game to the AI yet. I think it would be good to lose against AI and have more of a challenge. In my games, when AI does something good (like outflank my units or charge a limbered gun battery) I am always happy! Often, the AI seems to waste time. I started adding terrain obstacles/modifiers to games, to slow my own troops down, in order to compensate.

Sumter -> RE: AI and artillery (1/10/2011 5:33:37 PM)

I agree with these comments regarding AI and artillery. The AI tendency to push artillery units into untenable and unrealistic positions is very frustrating. This tendency has been consistent through all variations of the game (and I have bought 4 versions thus far). I have attempted to adapt to this challenge by ordering artillery units to "always defend," "defend until enemy within 6 hexes" (3, 1, etc), but with no effect. If the AI controlled force is primarily defending, I now limit the artillery's movement points. This adjustment helps, but in no way solves the problem.

I hope this can be adjusted with a future patch or at least in the next issue of the game.

Also, I think I remember an earlier post suggesting that the next issue of the game will include howitzers and mortars. I hope that's true.

One other suggestion (which I'm sure I've made before), light and medium cavalry should be able to fight both mounted and dismounted. It may be ahistorical for 18th century European campaigns, but would be a welcome option.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: AI and artillery (1/10/2011 6:17:13 PM)

1) Light cavalrycan can fired, just changes in editor and make them fireable. It is use by in some scenarios. In big battles hussars usually do not use his firearms.
2) The howitzers and mortars will appeared in Volume II - I have see it looks good.
3) Yes i HAVE THE SAME problem with artilleru not obey to his orders :)
4) real emotions and fun are in PBEM way of the play this game, ask another player !
I  have been played with Matto before CUP and after the cup, we both have much fun....

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