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Big B -> How do you properly install a mod? (6/24/2010 3:05:42 AM)

Hello, this will no doubt sound a bit lame, but here goes;

I downloaded the Great War Plugin, The Great War Operations Plugin, and the Grat War Maps Zip.
I let the installer install the plugins, then I unzipped the map pak into the COI map folder.

I used the Mod Swap utility on the game menu to open the two plugins.
I started the game, the Great War Screen came up along with WWI music.
I selected Play A Game on the menu - then things went wrong.
The battles and maps were all COI standard - but with 1914-1918 years.
I selected a random battle, and got an error message stating I needed the COI disk - so I put the disk in.
The error message didn't go away and after a couple of clicks of he mouse It crashed to Desktop (still showing the generic COI menu.

Clearly I did not install the mod correctly.

Is there a step by step guide to properly install a mod plugin, operations plugin, and tell you where to unzip the map-pak?

Yes, I guess I'm that lame..but help would be appreciated.


Andrew Williams -> RE: How do you properly install a mod? (6/24/2010 7:07:26 AM)

Go to campaigns

Scroll down to the Great war campaign

Don't play random battles , carefully read the title and description and/or create your own.

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