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SeanD -> Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (5/25/2010 10:25:33 PM)

The Great War Is The Latest Chapter In The Commander Series

At the heart of the conflict, when men fought for every inch of land, only visionary leaders could make the choices that would lead their troops to victory. The remarkable sequence of events that inexorably led to the 'Great War' is written in our history books and pictured in our movies. Now a turn-based strategy game captures this time of war with unprecedented realism and accuracy.

Developed by The Lordz Games Studio, Commander the Great War is the latest release in the popular Commander series to bring the thrill, excitement and mind-breaking decision making of these difficult times to life.

A completely new engine runs faster and allows players to enjoy the epic hex based campaign map in full wide screen. Slitherine's revolutionary play by e-mail system will also bring a whole new level of excitement in Multiplayer battles.

  • A huge hex based campaign map that stretches from the USA in the west, Africa and Arabia to the south, Scandinavia to the north and the Urals to the east.
  • A Grand Campaign covering the whole war from the invasion of Belgium on August 5, 1914 to the Armistice on the 11th of November 1918. Various smaller scenarios are also available, focusing on a single campaign or front, such as the Verdun 1916, Kaiserschlacht 1918 and Eastern Front Campaigns.
  • 16 different unit types including Infantry, Cavalry, Armoured Cars and Tanks, Artillery, Railroad Guns and Armoured Trains, Cruisers, Submarines and Battleships, Fighters, Bombers and Zeppelins. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, based on their historical performance in the various theatres throughout the war.
  • Attach historical Commanders to your units. Each have their own specific strengths, so decide wisely which Commander is most suited at which front. Three types of Commanders are available: Generals for ground units, Admirals at sea and flying Aces to strengthen your air units.
  • Invest in research and technology to improve your units. Aircraft evolve from fragile tools of aerial observation to deadly ground and air attack planes. Artillery barrages become ever more accurate and powerful. Focus on Armour technology and unleash a dreadful new weapon on the battlefield: the Tank.
  • Detailed and realistic combat that models supply, morale, terrain, leadership, equipment, training and fog of war.
  • Multiplayer via hotseat or Slitherine's revolutionary PBEM server.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master game play.
  • An all new engine, supporting any display resolution from 1024x600 upwards and includes full wide screen support.
  • Extreme moddability using the LUA scripting language, allowing players to alter many aspects of gameplay including combat, research, unit stats, terrain effects and many more.
The game is developed by the Lordz Games Studios ( and will release this fall on both Slitherine ( and Matrix Games ( online stores.

marklv -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (5/25/2010 10:47:26 PM)

This is excellent news!! [&o]

I've been looking forward to a decent WW1 game for years - and this could be the one!

Bossy573 -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (5/27/2010 2:42:29 AM)


CEAW remains one of my favorite games and I can't wait for this. [:)]

Somebody has to be the first one to ask so I'll do it: When?

Zorch -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (6/20/2010 4:31:19 PM)

Could you elaborate on the new engine? Does the new engine have better graphics?

What will be the main differences between this game and Commander - Napolean at War? Why was the latter game (it seems) poorly received?

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this game...

Lukas -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (6/20/2010 5:12:40 PM)

First of all, it's a new engine because CEAW and CNAW were not developed by us, The Lordz Games Studio (LGS). We were involved with art & sound for CNAW and other Slitherine projects but this is our first Commander title.

The engine is still 2D so it's not really related to better graphics. The CEAW engine required Java virtual machine and java isn't the most efficient language from writing games. The current engine is more flexible, faster and capable of running in any resolution. We're also using more animation and video footage than CEAW so perhaps this can be considered as "better graphics".

As for Napoleon at War; for me personally it failed because it lacked some essential features to reflect the warfare and diplomacy of the Napoleonic era. I though it was a shame because the theme is one of our favorites. The LGS was born from a modding group "The Lordz" that created the Napoleonic Total War II modification for Rome Total War (not related to the recent Napoleon Total War).

Zorch -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (6/20/2010 5:26:44 PM)

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know about the Lordz/Slitherine relationship.

How many minutes does a turn represent / how big is one hex? IGO-UGO?
Please test it for running under Windows 7 64 bit, which is what I have.

Lukas -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (6/20/2010 6:47:25 PM)

20.160 minutes per turn. Or 2 weeks if that makes more sense [;)] That means you have ~200 turns to play from the beginning in 1914 until the end in 1918. IGO-UGO & size of hexes is the same as both previous Commander games.

I *think* it's currently being made on a win7 machine, but we'll make sure we'll try a wide variation of machines during final beta testing. Our current low spec test machine is a 1.6Ghz netbook.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Slitherine Opens A New Front For Commander (6/20/2010 10:31:19 PM)


Have you tried Guns Of August 1914-1918? An excellent game I think. Still looking forward to this on to!

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