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vengen -> Economics Problem (5/23/2010 5:23:05 PM)

I'm having major problems with my economy in I'm playing my standard game from, but I'm seriously in the red. I've noticed two things in particular:

1 - I have 1.2+ million tourists at my resort base, but I'm getting zero revenue from it.

2 - I'm getting zero revenue from my space ports.

My military is no larger than what I usually have at this point in the game, and it's actually smaller than many of the AI empires'. I have space ports at every colony, which is typical for me.

Also, it looks like there are virtually no merchant ships moving through the galaxy.

I uploaded this game as "vengen Quameno Economic Problem 2774-05-27". (This is later in the same game that I'm having tech problems with).

Spacecadet -> RE: Economics Problem (5/23/2010 7:42:56 PM)

I've seen a change in the Economy as well in my current game. Neither the State or Private was doing all that well, so I made some adjustments and now things are going a bit better.

Don't put a Spaceport at every Colony until it has grown quite a bit - probably around 500M+. This does two things:

1. It reduces your State maintenance costs, so you have a bit more income coming in.

2. It reduces the tax burden on the Private sector so they have more money to do things. When you have a Spaceport,  it makes the people happier so the tax rate can be ramped up higher. By delaying the tax burden, you're basically allowing the Private sector a free work force to provide them more income.

Another thing I've been doing when starting out is targeting luxury resource planets. These are the first places I will put a Spaceport so that the luxuries can start flowing better. Generally you'll need about three or four Spaceports for the Private sector to actually start really building ships so that they can start generating better revenue.

vengen -> RE: Economics Problem (5/24/2010 4:29:32 AM)

Thanks Spacecadet, those are good points. You're right about the expense of space ports on every colony. I stopped doing it with the version (was it that made the economies harder; but then I got back into the habit with, and it seemed to work OK with that version. We'll see if that is the only problem with my game.

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