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Gil R. -> FAQ Thread for BAB (4/29/2010 10:08:03 PM)

Since some questions are being asked multiple times, and others have been asked once but will be repeated, it seems like a FAQ thread would be quite useful. So, in no particular order:

Where does the name "The Drawing of the Sword" come from?
As a matter of fact, no one has asked this, either because you all are well-educated and knowledgeable sorts, or because you lack basic curiosity. Perhaps I'll start a poll thread. Anyway, it is from a famous quote by Ulysses S. Grant: "Though I have been trained as a soldier, and participated in many battles, there never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword. I look forward to an epoch when a court, recognized by all nations, will settle international differences, instead of keeping large standing armies as they do in Europe." The italicized part is what's usually quoted, without the rest of the context. So this quote is not necessarily specific to the Civil War, but it's Ulysses S. Grant, so that's good enough for us.

General questions pertaining to running BAB

What Windows operating systems will BAB run on?
XP, Vista and Windows 7

Can the game be played in widescreen resolution.
It's something we're trying to implement. Stay tuned.

Questions about the game itself

At what scale will BAB be played?
Hexes are 75 yards. The largest maps will be 5 x 10 miles.

5 x 10 miles at 75 yards/hex? Are you insane?

Questions about modding and moddability

Will it be possible to create new scenarios?
Yes, quite easily, since all of this is in data files that can be worked on using Excel or a similar program.

Will there be a scenario editor released?
No. Not in the initial release, at least. If the game is a success and a vibrant modding community arises then we would consider creating such a program.

Will there be a map editor released?
No. However, I am willing to work with anyone who makes their own map, using our internal program to map-edit it for him if 1) it meets certain standards, 2) is not for a battle that WCS plans to include in a future BAB release, 3) has not been done previously, 4) will be shared with everyone else. So even without a map-editor, it will certainly be possible to create a good number of small and medium battlefields, assuming that you have the graphics skills to make the maps themselves. (I'll explain what I mean by "certain standards" once there are people interested in this. Maps would have to be prepared in a certain way for me to be of assistance.)

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