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pzgndr -> 1805 Custom Campaign (4/18/2010 6:06:52 PM)

The attached mod is a customized 1805 campaign with classic EiA and EiH v4.0 features. Basically the land OOBs are very consistent with the original EiA OOBs, but the naval OOBs and minor country alignments are more consistent with EiH v4.0. Included are 1805 Custom Campaign Notes which is a word document that provides a comparison of classic EiA, EiH v4.0, and EiANW Orders of Battle and Setups, with comments provided to indicate changes made from the standard EiANW setup for this custom campaign. Setup files include modest default and alternate setups for every major power, as well as some differnt AI setups.

I used the v1.08 editor to create the files, but verified they still work in v1.07. I collaborated some with Yearworld, who used my earlier OOB comparisons to develop his classic EiA campaign. IMHO, the revised minor country alignments represent a more accurate historical situation for January 1805. Also, the revised EiH naval OOBs provide more than 20 heavies for most fleets but reduces the number of fleets somewhat. Until the naval rules for proportional losses and PPs get resolved, it remains to be seen if these changes improve the EiANW naval game or not.

Enjoy. [:)]

Yearworld -> RE: 1805 Custom Campaign (4/18/2010 7:29:54 PM)

I've loaded the Pzgndr Campaign in v 1.702 and it worked great. I've played the Campaign a little too and it is in many ways superior to the regular game version. The new OOBs are better IMO and especially the Naval Fleets. Pzgndr changes to the starting map are great too and fix some of the problems of the EIA map that make no sense historically.

Pzgndr didn't mention it but he also created some new Corps for this game(for example minor corps for Switzerland) which I think is really cool to play with. Also, his AI and setups make the game more fun as the AIs will start in different places than normally which makes for a more interesting game from the start and when combined with the new OOBs makes for a very fun Campaign.


pzgndr -> RE: 1805 Custom Campaign (1/12/2012 10:40:10 PM)

I have updated the 1805 Custom Campaign to include an alternate set of data files. The default version has only France at war with Great Britain. The alternate version has France allied with neutral Spain and at war with the Third Coalition (Austria, Great Britain and Russia, allied amongst themselves and Russia having voluntary access to Austria). The setups will work for either version. Enjoy.

Omnius -> RE: 1805 Custom Campaign (6/22/2012 3:26:53 PM)

I'll have to give your modded 1805 campaign file a try as it has France and Spain allied already with the Third Coalition ready for action, pretty much like history had the situation.

Omnius -> How to make Work??? (6/25/2012 3:10:27 PM)

I extracted the files to the setup folder but they don't show up for selecting a new game. How exactly do we get the files in the right place for them to be seen by the new game function?

pzgndr -> RE: How to make Work??? (7/12/2012 11:52:25 AM)

Included in the download files is an Install Readme file with instructions about which files go where. If not clear, let me know?


pretty much like history had the situation

That's the whole idea, start with the historical situation.

easterner -> RE: How to make Work??? (4/21/2013 10:16:12 PM)

Plays smooth so far. Usually something annoys me i.e. ignores my clicks or some such nonsense. This is clean of thast so far. Now if only the Soapy Frog and another fellows counters were still available instead of vanishing into the Matrix mists.

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