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Erik Rutins -> Where to Upload Save Files (3/26/2010 3:37:56 PM)

If you have captured an issue in a save file, please upload it to our FTP server.

Please name your save something that tells us what it is (like "[Your Name] March 26 Crash") and upload your save to:

Server: beta.matrixgames.com Login: DistantWorldsCustomer Password: upload Port: 21

Please not that the Login and Password are case sensitive. We recommend using FileZilla to connect to our FTP server.


Please also post a thread here referencing your save file by name and telling us what the problem is. Thanks in advance for your help!

JosEPhII -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (5/3/2010 1:32:31 AM)

Could you please give a How to list?  How to connect to a FTP server? I have no idea how.

And if it involves downloading a program/client is there another way?


taltamir -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (5/3/2010 10:10:44 AM)

step 1: go to http://filezilla-project.org/ and download the filezilla client (not the server). step 2: install the filezilla client step 3: run the filezilla client Step 4: here is the filezilla toturial http://wiki.filezilla-project.org/FileZilla_Client_Tutorial_(en) If you don't want to read through it, here is the relevant info:

it will have a bar at the top where it asks you for Host, Username, Password, Port. Host = Server, Username = Login

so: Host: beta.matrixgames.com Username: DistantWorldsCustomer Password: upload Port: 21

Step 5: after filling all the above info, press the button labeled "Quickconnect". wait for about 30 seconds as it connects. Step 6: on the right side, it will show the files on the codeforce server, on the leftside it will show your computer, find the file you want on your computer, and drag it over to the right side. Wait until the progress bar finishes.

taltamir -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (5/3/2010 10:14:57 AM)

Please note, that you should upload one compressed file that contains: 1. The save game 2. A text document of some sort that describes the problem, if you posted a thread about it, consider linking it. 3. Any relevant screenshots you took, not really necessary. 4. Your DxDiag files, instructions for getting those are here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=2413997 it is really simple though.

Finally, after compressing those to a single file (example, zip file), you should name it something relevant, such as your forum name, a date, and the problem... example "taltamir may 1st 2010 crash when I retrofit" or whatever.

Florestan -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (7/19/2010 10:42:51 AM)

You don't really need to install anything to upload on a ftp server. Some people don't want to install something on their computer to do this, so here is how to use it for an upload. There is a command line ftp client shipped with windows. I'm quite sure it was here even since the 16 bits version of windows (windows 3.1, before windows 95), if not in MSDOS. To use it : First, copy the savegame file in the root directory of your windows partition. You could do otherwise, but it would be more complicated. In windows use the key combination windows + r (holding the windows key down, then hit and release the r key), then, type cmd, in the black ugly command line window, type in order(valid with return key for each line) :
cd \
(don't use mistake the '\' for a '/'...)
ftp beta.matrixgames.com 
wait until it ask for a user name, then type :
And, as a password, that will not appear on the screen, even as asterisks :
Then use the command
send "thenameofthefile.zip"
(of course, change the name for the one of your file, don't forget the '"') Wait for it to finish the send. It can take from a few seconds (on a fiber optic internet connexion) to hours (on the oldest xdsl technologies) depending on your connexion quality (and the one of matrix games server, and the traffic). If you make any mistake, you will have to restart from the windows+r phase, unless you have an idea of what the instructions mean. You will have to take less than 120s between each command, from the moment you type "ftp ..." or you may have to restart, too. When finished, you can simply close the window with the usual red cross in the right upper corner, or if you want to do it with class, you can type both those commands, in order, the first quitting the ftp client program, the second the command line interface:
quit   exit

cookie monster -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (4/26/2011 9:40:23 AM)

After the first time you have used File Zilla to upload a Distant Worlds save.

You can click on the ''Reconnect to last server'' icon which is below the Bookmarks tab.

This auto connects, so you don't have to re-enter the server details again.

vince0018 -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (8/28/2011 8:33:39 PM)

I'm having an issue but can't connect to the FTP server to post my savegame.

I'm having an issue similar to the one described here:

My income shows +15000 and yet I continue to go deeper and
deeper into debt. This only started happening on my game recently.

I'm running Return of the Shakturi latest version. (

Here's a link to download the savegame for anyone is interested:

Not sure if there's an easy fix ingame or not, last thing I did was build an extra
8 destroyers, which is quite a few for the point in the early-game that I am, but
based on my income I thought I could support them. And I should be able to since my
income still shows positive, and yet I continue to lose money.

I must admit though I've only played a couple months or less since my money began degrading
but when I continue to play it seeps further into the negative so I'm kinda scared
to continue playing to see if it eventually starts rising again. Playing a little more
it still seems to be degrading however.

After trying for abit over 2 more years game time I am still going further and further
into the negative. I'm now at more than -70000.

I decided to better document my results over 7 months,
I disbanded several destroyers and my capital ship to raise
my income,
they are as follows:

Income: +28,762
Bonus: +1,272


To me this doesn't look like I'm making +30,000 income.
Over the course of seven months I lost 1,000 with a lot
of up and down along the way, as you can see above.


Neotheone -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (12/10/2011 1:13:56 AM)

Ok Erik I have/am uploaded the save game file. I've also posted the crash log. Now tell me why it's crashing? please! hurry! you don't know what it's like not to be able to play? or do you? :P I named the file NEOTHEONE_CRASH_SAVE.dwg just fyi.

solops -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (6/13/2012 4:51:46 PM)

I have posted a save game file illustrating a case where the private sector has disappeared. Once I had almost a thousand freighters and 90+ passenger ships and 40 each of mining ship types. Now I have less than 100 freighters and zero passenger ships and mining ships. Population movement between colonies seems to have ceased. I have run the game in this condiditon for several decades with no change in the number of commercial ships other than a small handful that were captured when I eliminated anothe empire.

Filename = NoPrivateSector

Mastik -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (3/2/2013 3:22:43 PM)

2 different errors posted, details in .zip files (i hope)

#1 File: Mastik2-28dotnetcrash

"Distant Worlds has stopped working", error occurs in every game since Rots ( installation. Usually game can be continued.

#2 File: Mastik3-2GxBORoTScrash

Error occurred in last game, game was running fine at the time. No noticeable patterns

kmunoz -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (10/12/2013 4:11:48 AM)

Getting an Unhandled Exception error.

A few minutes along after the saved game is opened, the Adviser will suggest an attack mission. Clicking on the message will cause a UE. If the Adviser suggests multiple attack missions, each one will cause a UE.

File: kmunoz_101113.zip

rogueworld -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (4/12/2014 7:46:58 PM)

Frozen construction yards in both planet and spaceport. Plenty of resources.
Only seems to effect certain designs, intermittently. At first I suspected it was a parts or resource bottleneck, but not according to cargo listing.
Empire stockpile is also showing plenty of each strategic resource.

Currently the refit of the station and several private ships are stuck at various % of completion.

File: [rogueworld] frozen_cnst_yards_14_0412

Cauldyth -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (5/25/2014 2:34:50 AM)

Uploaded "Cauldyth May24th Wayward Explorers.dwg" in reference to this thread.

Burocktr -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (6/21/2014 1:57:35 PM)

Uploaded my issue from this thread under named Burocktr [About Advisor suggestion]Distant Worlds Universe

supra621 -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (6/28/2014 1:31:27 AM)

Navigational coordinate / story plot progression issue (I think). Uploaded via FTP; detailed description included as a .txt in the zip-file: "supra621 June 27th NaviBug.zip"

RemoteLeg -> RE: Where to Upload Save Files (4/21/2015 4:47:37 AM)

I created a saved game file named "RemoteLeg April 20 Bug - Constructor dumps cargo after building" and uploaded it in response to my thread of the same name.

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