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perkinh -> Multiplayer? (3/25/2010 7:32:57 PM)

I was wondering if anyone has had any multiplayer games going? I think it would be interesting to have several players on a team, and each take the roles and responsibilities of a historical figure. Maybe a more experienced player , that was a little bored, taking on the role of Nimitz and trying to keep several other players satisfied with there alotted part of the war. Of course Nimitz wouldnt be allowed to touch the other players troops, just make suggestions. I think it would be very interesting, just from the interactions of several poeple wanting resources for there part and parcel. Think of the emails this would generate, when Yamamoto gets 4 request for carriers and has to tell someone no.

It might help a lot of us newer players get a better understanding of the strategies, and the game mechanics. It would be a lot easier to handle just a little piece than the whole shebang. Just seeing one person try to handle several egos, and win a war would be a hoot. Who get that convoy of fuel? Does the SW Pacific Commander really need 2 more divisions and all those tanks? I guess it comes down to how convincing you can be for your pet project.

Any Takers

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