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Andrew Loveridge -> New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (3/17/2010 8:25:58 PM)

Greetings All,

We have a new version of Campaigns On The Danube that we would like to make official, but we would like our Members Club to give it a test drive. The update fixes map errors with bridges, and heavily modifies the GUI. This is a Beta version, so please inform us of any issues that may arise. If you can test it on a newer OS, that would be very helpful.
Thank you for trying it out.

How to download the Public Beta update:

Register your copy of Campaigns On The Danube in our Members Club here:

Then go to My Games and Registered Downloads and you should find the v2.22 Public Beta.

Friedrich -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (3/18/2010 10:47:21 PM)


I like the game and itīs nice to see a new patch on the way. But I have some serious problems with the beta:

- map scrolling does not work (neither with mouse nor with arrow keys)
- I can not change the combat stance and the urgency for corps formations because the buttons are not displayed on my monitor (1024*768 resolution). If I select a division all buttons in the order menu are displayed.
- there are no sound effects. Thatīs very important for me. I donīt want to play a computer game without any sound effects!

On the other hand the patch seems to be an improvement in terms of compatibility. I run the game on a notebook with AMD dual core processor and windows 7. I could start the game every time without any problems. By the way, the game runs even with the older patch 2.20. There were some strange error messages in the background but the game was playable with sound and all!

Best regards

newmanovci -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (3/28/2010 6:24:54 PM)

I will be trying the new patch, but not for a little while. Having been one of those eagerly (and vocally, on this forum) awaiting its release, this may seem odd. However, the simple truth is that: I 'cleared the decks' game-wise when the patch was first announced but, when it didn't appear, I started to line up a number of other games to play/learn/explore/study.

I don't have tons of free time, so I can only really focus on one game at a time (maybe two: one board wargame and one computer wargame). Once I'm through my current programme of games, I'll be returning to CotD 2.22 and giving it a thorough play-through.

Friedrich -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (4/3/2010 8:18:19 PM)


I guess there is a problem with the combat calculation I have never seen in the older versions. Sometimes a battle starts without any hostile forces involved (although the enemy has losses!). And it seems to be easier to beat the enemy. In the 1805 scenarios as the French I was able to destroy whole Austrian corps in a few turns with minimal losses on my side.

In the division order menu the options "fallback" and "hold" are confounded: If I give a division the "fallback" order they will perform a "hold" order (and if I want the division to hold they will fallback).

Regarding the mouse scrolling I was wrong. It works. But there is still the problem with the arrow keys.

neil123 -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (4/4/2010 6:40:57 PM)

Hi Frank

Thanks for updating this , really nice to have a resoultion choice. BUT.....I know you cant keep adding new ones, but my laptop seems to have a strange resolution - 1366 * 768. If you could please add some more "widths" to the 768 height (i.e 1280 would help, more would be nicer)

AND if you could do the same to Guns of August as well I would really appreciate it.

Not a big deal if you are to busy, I can play at 1024*768, but you dont get if you dont ask as they say!

And once again thanks for keeping looking after these games and look forward to your next releases




Friedrich -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (4/5/2010 11:59:52 AM)

Please add the command ratings needed for the different battle strategies to the battle strategy screen. In the old version this information was shown. I want to know if a general is able to "defend in depth" effectively for example.

thomasjl -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (4/15/2010 9:11:06 PM)

At 1024x600 on my netbook, some of the buttons on the Orders Panel are hidden behind the bottom blue "frame". That is, the top level of buttons (set retreat point, set urgency, etc.) are above the frame, but if you click "set combat stance", for example, the buttons for the various stances are hidden below/behind the bottom frame. You can still click them if you position your mouse cursor very carefully between the bottom of the frame edge and the bottom edge of the screen, but the buttons are almost impossible to read.

Basically, the order panel is positioned just slightly too low at this resolution. Can this be user configured in some way?


ges -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (4/17/2010 3:01:36 PM)

Thanks for the update. The program now runs on my system 7 machine.


-In some resolutions the east-most hexes are not accessible.
-In all the resolutions, the south-most hexes are only partially visible.
- Almost all the terrain hexes are "broken". There are a few clear hexes. I don't know if this is a problem with the display of the hex type in the upper panel, or if the program is really seeing all of them as broken.

I hope you have the time to take care of the bugs; I'd really like to play CotD.


Friedrich -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (6/12/2010 8:40:03 PM)

Any news on the patch? I am really looking forward to it...

Zorch -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (6/14/2010 1:48:07 AM)

Me, too!

Friedrich -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (8/20/2010 2:49:17 PM)

Nothing new in here... Is there any chance to see the official patch one day?

Anguille -> RE: New 2.22 Beta Patch Available (1/24/2012 3:28:58 PM)

The beta patch is not available anymore...

Will it be official?


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