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aztez -> Japanese opponent wanted / CLOSED (2/21/2010 11:52:04 AM)

I'am looking for an japanese opponent.

I was thinking about an game where I would have been the japanese player but not familiar enough of it so decieded againts it.

At the moment I have time for an another PBEM. In most days I can do a turn per day. Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on RL issues.

The setup would be the historical start of december 8th... (I don't have the game loaded so I do not what the scenario number was)

Advanced weather: ON
Allied damage control: ON
Reliable USN torpedoes: ON
Realistic R&R: ON
No unit withdrawals: OFF ( ...or ON either way you want it)
Reinforcement Variability: +/- 60 days
Turn cycle: 2 days

The most important HR would be common sense but few common ones should be enforced:

- NO resource/industry bombings in china.
- PP needed to move troops in or out of china/manchuko. Even if the china falls than you need buy those troops out.
- Other than this... well as said common sense is the best thing to have.

I have been on this board quite a longtime so I would prefer to play againts someone who has been around too. Simply because these PBEM's take time and I would hate throw an game away because opponent just disappeared.

I can guarantee that I will not quit on you so nothing less is expected from you.

Also I would propose that we start this with the current BETA patch. It seems to have quite a few tweaks/fixes implemented. I will make an separate installion of the game for this purpose.

Katsuragi -> RE: Japanese opponent wanted (2/24/2010 12:25:14 AM)

Hello, I would like to take up the challenge.  I have been on these forums for a long time but don't usually post, consequently I forgot my password and my email is nolonger valid.  However, if you want proof that I have been and will not disappear from a game ask kaleun.  He and I have been playing for years and we completed an entire campaign as well as part of another in WITP before we switched to AE.  I have had several other opponents, but they all disappeared on me so I can't get a reference from them.  There are two AARs in the old WITP forums that kaleun posted about our 2 games entitled Shame and Execration or something like that.  Just ask him about Warspite, that's me.  Anyway let me know if you are interested.  All I ask is PDU on and bear with me as all I have ever played is 1 day turns.

aztez -> RE: Japanese opponent wanted / CLOSED (2/25/2010 8:49:31 PM)

Hi! It has been pretty busy week back but that sounds good to me. I do mistakes and believe me two day turns are very balanced.

Another rule I would add is that only invasions on base hexes. The game engine doesn't handle landings outside landings too well.

I will PM you my email address and we can get the show on the road.

I'am easy going and flexible so I doubt we hit any issues we cannot cover if needed. I actually had followed the Kaleun AAR  you mentioned [:)]

I will PM you the details and consider this request CLOSED.

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