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HeroFromBavaria -> troubles with network play (2/18/2010 9:14:37 PM)

Hi everybody,

after having played several PBEM games, we tried the network option of 1.040. We were looking for a "blitz chess" experience, but it turned out to be very frustrating instead [:(] After having configured our routers to forward the UDP ports which we designated during network game setup, we were able to connect over the internet and start a game. Synchronization after/during each phase took a long time though. The counter was down on one side by one minute before the other side got updated and both counters were reset again. And this was the very first turn of a Toatal War scenario.

But the worst bug was still to come: The China and Western Allies player coulnd't move tactically and therefore could't attack...

Has anybody had a similiar experience and solved these issues? As WaW wasn't playable at all with the network option and it wouldn't have passed play testing like this, I guess we overlooked one basic requirement (e.g. like another port to be forwarded by our routers).

Looking forward to Your replies!

Lucky1 -> RE: troubles with network play (2/21/2010 1:13:20 AM)

I am pretty sure that the network play has never worked properly and recall having seen some mention that it it has not bee compatible with many of the recent patches....

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