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Calasian -> SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/4/2010 4:04:22 PM)

Anyone out there playing SPWAW in Windows 7? It runs, but the video is funky - the colors are wrong. The smoke looks like something you would see on a drug trip. The opening screens are the same. Also, some of the notifications either come up very slowly (floating text boxes etc) or not at all.
I have told W7 that the game ran in XP SP2, but that does not seem to help. [&:]

planner 3 -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/4/2010 7:58:42 PM)

Have you tried running it in the Win 95 "compatibilty Mode".

For the slow texts try the Preference screen setups.

As for the colors you may want to search around for info on your video card (if you have one installed) here in the forums.

I do not have Windoze 7 on my setup but others who do will probly be around with better answers soon.  Yes they use win 7.

BY the way......"WELCOME ABOARD".........HTH

For more info http:\\spwaw.com

Calasian -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/5/2010 1:58:19 AM)

Thanks for the info. I tried the XP SP2 compatibility right off, but it didn't help. The game runs but the colors are not right and some of the floating text notifications don't come up right. I have a query in to tech support. I hope there are enough of us left out there that play the game to make it worth their while to come up with an answer!

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planner 3 -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/5/2010 3:14:19 AM)

Did you try my addee for the SPwaw Depot, you'll find a few 1000 SPwaw fans there, we all migrated from here. We are still fans of MATRIX Games but we now have a unique site. SPwaw Depot is the place. trust me you'll like it. Hope to see you there.

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junk2drive -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/5/2010 4:18:46 AM)

It's www.spwaw.com and then click on forums.

Nikademus -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/5/2010 8:22:37 PM)

have you tried virtual XP mode?

rich12545 -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/6/2010 2:48:07 AM)

Similar problem with spww2 and spmbt. They are fine in windows mode. But I don't think spwaw has a windows mode.

Nikademus -> RE: SPWAW & Windows 7 (2/17/2010 5:30:19 PM)


still no luck on the color issue with WAW and Win7. Unfortunately the Virtual XP mode "graphics driver" can't seem to handle the game and gives a DirectDraw error every time. The compatability options in Win7 proper do nothing (as usual....i don't think i've ever had a situation where that feature worked since it was introduced with XP) Game runs....but the screens and colors corrupt.

One suggestion that might be helpful is if one can get WAW to run in a window that would fix the problem but one needs a program to do that. (havn't had a chance to download it yet)

Venividivici10044 -> Hope this thread helps.... (2/17/2010 11:58:10 PM)


Nikademus -> RE: Hope this thread helps.... (2/21/2010 2:04:16 AM)

yes indeed. it worked. no color issues when in a window. nice


sami heimola -> RE: Hope this thread helps.... (6/3/2012 5:45:37 PM)

Hmm that file works generally but why game "freezes" (have to restart PC) if I try to choose artillery goals in artillery menu? Any help?

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